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Ow yes! (approved by Kimani :p)

We killed ugly bugly Lich King some days ago, for mnay it’s probably “yeah big deal, join the club bla bla”, but I had only killed him on 10man before, and it was so nice to have it done before Cataclysm. W had a bad summer in the guild, where people wanted to watch the World Cup (whyyyyy?), going on holidays etc, so first now that summer is gone we managed to get our 25mans back on track. So grats to us! Also going to add the second part of the video we recorded, probably very boring for people who are not in guild, but since some guildies are so nice to visit my blog, I’m posting it anyway. Yay!


I wonder how many times I have asked my fellow shamguildies this question : “got any ankh to spare?” Usually the answer is no, because they have the glyph that doesn’t require reagents blah blah blah.  And! Then I get asked why I don’t have the glyph too, always, always, always. Becaaaause I have filled up my minor glyphs with Glyph of Water Shield, Glyph of Water breathing and Glyph of Water walking. I seem to be the only shammy who has those, which I don’t understand! I mean, I could roll a shammy for the waterwalking alone. Who cares if I have to carry loads of ankh around, I can ♥waterwalk♥!

And in Cataclysm Beta I have already got asked twice if I could buff them with waterwalking. See? I bet in Cataclysm the shammies with this glyphs will be the most popular ones! Waterwalking is coming back, it will be the new black, I just know it! :p

It’s not exactly like I travel light anyway. This is what my bags usually look like after cleaning up. After stuffing the bank til it’s full. After sending everything I can to my bank alt.  Meaning this is only the stuff I really need.

Yes, I feel naked if I don’t bring my Piccolo of the flaming fire. What if there’s a really long break and I want people to dance? And what’s a raid without throwing bunny ears on someone?? Spring Flowers must be in bag at all time. Maybe one of the druids start to dance in bearform? Then I want to join in on the fun using Rituals of the New Moon. I need a certain selection of assorted robes if there should be any handsome guys around. And if they don’t fall madly in love when I put on my Vestements of the Shifting Sands, simply put out a Brewfest Pony Keg, beergoogles will do the trick! Some stacks of anhk on top of this is nothing, really.

Any opportunity to post this video, which I can’t get of my head. I know, posting an Enrique Eglesias is considered lame. But I can’t stop liking it, it’s just like the waterwalking! So if someone tells me I have  bad taste in music, or keep qq’ing about me using  the wrong glyphs, I will just say like Rhett Butler; Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! Cause baby, I like it! *sings* Good night from me 🙂

What will you be?

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Adding video related to subject, made by the über-sexy Nyhm…*drool*

Lately, I have had the urge to level another alt. I have 3 level 80’s, which is more than enough for me, but when I see friends leveling characters and seem to have a good time, I want it too. Yes, I am easily affected that way. I have a level 30 mage and a 41 druid, and decided one of them should have the honour playing with me for a while. Thing is, I do want to level a character in Cataclysm also, I have to see the new changes to the world. And I would really like a paladin, but at the same time I want a worgen, and worgens can’t be paladins…so should I now level a paladin and wait to level a worgen mage / druid for Cataclysm?  Then again, I need to level the death knight, not to mention I really want a shadow priest!

This is how I keep thinking, and I can’t make up my mind, so I end up confused and do nothing. However, I have deciced it is time to level the druid, after all  I even dedicated a post to droods! So the sexy Miss Moonkin Honeyfrost is going out shaking her feathers in Azeroth. People say it’s easier leveing as cat, but… owl is cool!  At least til I change my mind again.

When, Cataclysm comes out, will you level a new alt? And if yes, which class? Answer the poll 🙂

Some years ago I read about a realm in WoW where they arranged an in-game speed date event. In case you don’t know what a speed date is, it’s an organized gathering of singles at which the participants meet privately for a few minutes of conversation with a number of potential partners and decide who among those they have met they would like to meet again (whoa! That was one long sentence). I think I remember reading that every member signed up on a list on a website, and paid a certain amount of gold to join. And they were encouraged to dress up. I would definitely join in on something like that if this was arranged on my realm, if nothing else for a laugh. One of my friends actually asked me if I wanted to go on a speed date thing in Oslo (in real life ofc), but I am too cowardish to join. Besides I think it sounds a bit tacky, not to mention stressful. I would be horrible at selling myself, and would I even want to? Probably not. And how depressing if no one put you on their “like-list” (I have no idea how it works, I just guessed)!

I have tried other forms of dating, the “our friends decided we would be a nice match”dating and also people from online dating site. Not to mention all the “normal” dates with people you meet through work, school, clubs etc. Some of them have been good, like the one that ended up in building a huge snowman in a park in the middle of the night. Some have been weird, like the time I managed to get my hand stuck in a bench and none of us could get it out. How I wanted to just sink into the ground! And some have been really bad, like the one where the guy went to the bathroom and never came back, or the date with the guy who turned out to be a well-known nazi leader (google is my best friend)! Maybe I have bad judgement, maybe I have been unlucky or maybe I am just an idiotmagnet. Whatever it is, it’s enough to not make me feel guilty for preferring playing WoW some evenings instead of going out being social.

I wonder if some of those WoW speed daters actually met someone they really liked. One thing is for sure, you don’t need an event like that to get in touch with people in game. I have heard of several people meeting in game and falling in love, in fact my last relationship started more or less like that. We  know how well that ended, but I’m sure that doesn’t mean it can’t happen for others. I found an interesting site with some statistics, all from The Daedalus Project:

We hear a lot of anecdotes of players who met their romantic partners in an MMO, but how prevalent is this? In a recent survey, I asked players about their experiences in a variety of courtship stages to get a general idea about the prevalence of romance in MMOs.

Many players have at one point or another flirted with another player. About 80% of female players and 60% of male players have flirted with another player:

About 50% of female players and 22% of male players have developed romantic feelings for another player:

About 40% of female players and 15% of male players have told another player about their romantic feelings for them:

And finally, about 29% of female players and 8% of male players have physically dated someone who they first met in-game:

Seems the females are the most active ones on this subject, and I guess I am guilty at all points myself. Been there, done that. I suppose meeting someone in WoW is just another way of meeting someone online, which becomes more and more common. At least you know share a hobby this way, let’s just hope feelings are there also in the real world. Not really relevant to me anyway, since my life is so exciting that chances are I will end up  like Donna Anthania, crazy cat woman of Elwynn Forest! Oh noes!

Have you ever met someone in-game, in one way or the other? 🙂

Hey boy, hey girl

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Yesterday I wrote about girls in WoW, and also mentioned how many men play female characters. One of the first posts I wrote on my Norwegian blog was about this, so I translated it and thought I’d re-post it here.

Blizzard claims that World of Warcraft now has passed 10 000 000 players, which is such a huge number that I had to make sure all the zeros got in. This is also a record for a  MMO. But who are all those players? Assuming a large part of them are goldsellers or inactive players, what about the rest of them? Are they old, young, female, male…?
According to a survey there are currently (more or less) 84 % men and 16 % women that play WoW. So perhaps there is a reason why certain players hormones go bananas when they get in (virtual) contact with a female player?

When I started playing WoW (back in the days where I was an innocent hunter wearing a spirit off-hand), I naively thought that the male characters were men, and the female ones women. Of course this is not right, since there are approximately 65 % male characters and 35 % female ones. Which means a bunch of men play a female toon.

Ok, numbertime!
We have 1000 players:
* 840 are male players
* 160 are female players
Among the 840 male ones:
* 193 play a female toon
* 647 play a male toon
Among the 160 female players:
* 5 play a male toon
* 155 play a female toon
In other words:
* About 1 of every second female toon are played by a man
* About 1 of every 100 male toon is played by a woman
It is also more likable that men above 18 years old choose to play a female toon (25 %), than men under the age of 18 (10 %).
It may seem that men find it easier to identify themselves with a female toon than it is for a woman to identify herself with male toons. Personally, all my characters are female. I have never rolled a man. But I do know at least one girl who plays a man, my good friend Astrid. And Syrco wrote that she has a male, feral tauren druid.
Or, for summon it up, I might as well quote my guildie, the wonderful and oh-so-lovely Steve, as he commented this on previous post:
If you are going to have to look at someone’s running arse for hours beyond measure it may as well be a nice arse!

How do you choose your character ? Ever played one of your opposite sex?

About girls and WoW

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I read an interesting post on Syrco’s blog the other day. She wrote about her experiences being a girl in WoW, good and bad ones. I have to admit I don’t really pay much attention to it anymore, I have been in same guild for a long time and think we all have been used to the fact that I am a girl. When I first started playing WoW I thought that the male players were men and the female ones women. I guess I was being very naive, since this is very far away from the truth. In fact, it took me a long time before I met another girl in WoW, it was when I joined my first casual guild in my level 30’s that I met Molly, a woman on 65 years old who I still stay in touch with. Not really the stereotypical wow player, but that’s another story.

Are you a real girl??

There are no girls on the Internet ?I was more surprised when I joined my first raiding guild, I applied on their website with real name and age, and hadn’t even been there for a day before I got several whispers if I could upload  pictures on forum, give them my e-mail or come chat on ventrilo. I don’t have any problem saying no, so it wasn’t really a problem, and I guess I also have to admit that it was fun feeling “popular” up to a certain point.

I have often been whispered “are you a real girl” when talk to strangers in-game, maybe while trading them some mats or asking about a profession (remember the times where you couldn’t just link all profession tab, and getting crafted items took a looong time?). Sometimes, if confirmed, followed by “do you have a bf??”. Now these guy are the ones I really consider to be weirdos. Would they go around in real asking any female the same ? And what do they expect? “No, I don’t have one, but maybe you could be??”. Very likely to happen.

Want more mana? Girl is the way to go!

I have heard several people say “girls can’t play wow”, but since the girls in my first raiding guild were the ones topping damage and healing meters (Solsikke, Jems and Bigmermaid, you rocked!), I know this is not true, and why waste energy or attention on someone claiming this, they are probably just very insecure and childish little boys anyway.And those deserve only /ignore. Or a good lichslap.

And why are there so many guys getting excited when there are girls around in WoW? This seems really desperate, and desperate is not exactly a turn-on. “I’ll take anything as long as it’s female with a pulse?” How…romantic.

This is gchat in Nihilum when they invited a girl…

Oh noes, it’s the drama lama!

Syrco wrote:

Later I applied to a new guild and they wanted to have a chat with me before I got accepted.
They said because I was a girl they would only give me a trial spot if I could promise not make any drama, whine about loot or ask my friends in the guild to stand up for me and defend me. I remember I just thought why the hell should I do any of those things.

This is just stupid og the guild leaders, I have seen so many argues, nerdrages and even /gquits over loot issues, wipes, guild concerns, well pretty much anything, and most of the times it has been only men involved. Men in every ages, all  from 15 to 50. However, I will admit one thing, some girls in wow (as in real?) have a tendency to not get along very well. And sometimes this gets ugly (spare me for the word “catfight”, I beg you :p). I used to level with a girl and thought we went along great. We laughed a lot, did stuff together and could talk about anything. One day, in raid, she and her boyfriend all of a sudden left the guild, and when I whispered her asking why, she said “you know very well why”. Well, I didn’t, but for several weeks later she told everyone that I was trying to steal her boyfriend, she also sent me several “I hate you” mails in-game. Scary! And so not true. I mean, would I date a gnome?

I have also seen girls leaving a guild because they are upset with another girl, refusing to raid or making lots of drama on ventrilo. But this doesn’t mean we are all like that. In the guild I am in now, I like all the females, and I haven’t seen that kind of drama here.I still get feedback when I talk on ventrilo, “aw Elise I can’t dps when you speak, just can’t focus”, “say something on vent so we can hear your voice!” etc, but I know this is for fun and make the same kind of jokes back.

Only one time I have felt discriminated in WoW without being able to just laugh of it. That was the time when a well-respected guild leader told me he would make me officer if it weren’t for the fact that I was female, since they had have a female officer once before and it was a disaster and too much drama. It still makes me sad and even angry, why should the things she said and did have anything to do with me, just because we both happen to be females?

Apart from this I guess I have been very lucky with my time in WoW, haven’t been involved in (too) much drama and made great friends of both genders. Exactly they way it should be! Going to finish this (long) post with a great song. Good night 🙂