My Characters 

Tribeca was born right after the release of Burning Crusade, but got stuck at level 35. When a friend wanted a leveling partner, I thought I could start level her again just for fun.  At this time there were also too many hunters in guild, so my main at that time, a hunter, had to pass out on several raids, while we always seemed to lack healers.  I started thinking about making her a healer, and leveled as restoration all the way. I healed my first instance shortly after reaching level 70, got some newbie healing gear and downloaded healbot 5 minutes before entering.

After causing several wipes and x amount number of OOMs, I found healing quite fun and the guild preferred chain heals over feign deaths. She became my official main a couple of months before Wrath, and has stayed healer since then.


Liloo was my first character, my first raider, well pretty much my first everything. She was created pretty much by random, I wanted to try WoW and had no idea how, and the person who got me into it told me I should go for hunter “cause girls liked that and I was really into pets”. Oh well, it worked out great and I had so much fun leveling her.

Liloo was a noob long after level 70, the kind of hunter that is totally lost,  wears gear with spirit (looked great, though!), tries to trap mobs after pulling with serpent sting and using multishot on the mage’s sheep. In other word, not the popular kind. Of course I never realized, because people were too nice to tell me I sucked.  It was first after joining a semi-serious raiding guild that it became tricky. I was told to misdirect, trap, kite and pull and messed up time after time. However, I was determined to learn, and after a while I saw light in end of tunnel, not to mention the top of dpsmeters sometimes.


Lyn was created somewhere between Liloo and Tribeca, leveled fast til 60, was on a break, leveled fast and did same procedure from 70 to 80. She was never meant to be a raider, which probably is a good thing. Warlock must be great to play when you know how to play it. I never did. When people say “mwahah locks are so OP, dot dot fear fear, dead!”, I smile,  nod and pretend I know what on earth they are talking about. This lock certainly don’t do much of that. I blame her hair colour, to be honest.

Then again, blondes have more fun they say, and in this case it might be true. She seems perfectly happy hanging out in Stormwind, making bags, leg armor and enchants for the ones that get to raid.


Anabelle is the youngest of my characters, and is a tank, or is going to be. Someday. Maybe. I wanted a jewelcrafter and leveling a dk seemed like the fastest way to go. Now she is level 72, and the last two levels she hasn’t done much more than the daily jewelcrafting quest. She is in charge of all the gold, but I do have great plans for her future. Someday. Maybe.

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  2. T-beard says:

    Think this page needs to be updated. Honeyfrost isn’t among your char and I know that she’s been pretty active lately:) I do hope Anabelle will be that awsome tank in the next expansion. Or earlier perhaps?

  3. Hnnng says:

    Måå nesten spørre, er dette rp server eller? :p

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