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Posted: September 2, 2010 in Around Azeroth
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Yesterday I wrote about girls in WoW, and also mentioned how many men play female characters. One of the first posts I wrote on my Norwegian blog was about this, so I translated it and thought I’d re-post it here.

Blizzard claims that World of Warcraft now has passed 10 000 000 players, which is such a huge number that I had to make sure all the zeros got in. This is also a record for a  MMO. But who are all those players? Assuming a large part of them are goldsellers or inactive players, what about the rest of them? Are they old, young, female, male…?
According to a survey there are currently (more or less) 84 % men and 16 % women that play WoW. So perhaps there is a reason why certain players hormones go bananas when they get in (virtual) contact with a female player?

When I started playing WoW (back in the days where I was an innocent hunter wearing a spirit off-hand), I naively thought that the male characters were men, and the female ones women. Of course this is not right, since there are approximately 65 % male characters and 35 % female ones. Which means a bunch of men play a female toon.

Ok, numbertime!
We have 1000 players:
* 840 are male players
* 160 are female players
Among the 840 male ones:
* 193 play a female toon
* 647 play a male toon
Among the 160 female players:
* 5 play a male toon
* 155 play a female toon
In other words:
* About 1 of every second female toon are played by a man
* About 1 of every 100 male toon is played by a woman
It is also more likable that men above 18 years old choose to play a female toon (25 %), than men under the age of 18 (10 %).
It may seem that men find it easier to identify themselves with a female toon than it is for a woman to identify herself with male toons. Personally, all my characters are female. I have never rolled a man. But I do know at least one girl who plays a man, my good friend Astrid. And Syrco wrote that she has a male, feral tauren druid.
Or, for summon it up, I might as well quote my guildie, the wonderful and oh-so-lovely Steve, as he commented this on previous post:
If you are going to have to look at someone’s running arse for hours beyond measure it may as well be a nice arse!

How do you choose your character ? Ever played one of your opposite sex?

  1. Lil' Timmeh says:

    My main is male ofc… but i also have some female toons. 5 male 3 female to be excact. One should never play the opposite sex too long… you’ll end up collecting stuff for looks *lol* At least I haven’t started wanting shoes yet…

  2. Marcus says:

    Back on my old server, a load of the top ranked PvPers were males playing females. Many of them were Draenei, but not all. My 2s palli was an Irish Farmer, playing a female Draenei. In 3s our s6 rank 1 DK was a female human. He was an unemployed Norweigan, and I saw a great video of him encouraging his mate to hit him when he was drunk, and then getting knocked out – all on youtube. The rank 1 3s warrior last season was a Draenei female and he played for 3 or 4 seasons with a female NELF druid – who, I bet you can guess, was a bloke (albeit a bit of a strange one.)

    I knew many others and most of them were 18-25 year old males – I used to speak to them all the time on Skype and they all seemed quite normal (you know, apart from us all wasting 8 hours a night in arenas). But i never really knew why they all played females although I think it was just because there is a small edge in being smaller and harder to see in arena, plus you see more when your screen is not obscured by a big blue blob.

    It used to scare me a bit at first though I have to admit…

    • Tribeca says:

      Hey Marcus 🙂

      Didn’t know you used to be that into PvP 🙂 Never thought about the fact that female players are smaller. I know a male draenei would cover my whole screen only with his shoulders!

  3. Elise Walla says:

    Ah I remember when you wrote this for the first time 😀

    I just got to thinking that now that I get all your posts on email, I don’t check the site, which means I don’t comment! And I know if I had a blog I would love comments sooo, I’m gonna go comment on every post up until today to catch up haha

    All my toons are still female, I would never want it any other way, I would be totally grossed out by my char! And I thought female toons = female, and male = male before too, so I used to be curious about why everyone said so few girls played WoW when they were everywhere D:

  4. Tribeca says:

    Elise: I can’t beleive you remember this post from the first time 😀 That was one of my first posts ever, you must be the one who has read this blog the longest 🙂 It’s very nice to hear, really.

    Looking forward to the commentspam hehe, always nice to hear from you 🙂

  5. Elise says:

    My commentspam was a bit delayed, but at least I commented a bit now!

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