Posted: September 22, 2010 in News, Raidtime!
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Ow yes! (approved by Kimani :p)

We killed ugly bugly Lich King some days ago, for mnay it’s probably “yeah big deal, join the club bla bla”, but I had only killed him on 10man before, and it was so nice to have it done before Cataclysm. W had a bad summer in the guild, where people wanted to watch the World Cup (whyyyyy?), going on holidays etc, so first now that summer is gone we managed to get our 25mans back on track. So grats to us! Also going to add the second part of the video we recorded, probably very boring for people who are not in guild, but since some guildies are so nice to visit my blog, I’m posting it anyway. Yay!

  1. Björn says:

    Grattis Elise!!!
    I will always feel happy for you when you down the baddies, hurra för dig!

  2. Syrco says:

    Grats! Nice kill 😀

  3. Hugo says:

    gz Elise

    It was a nice kill and a well deserved one…


  4. Kimani says:

    picture approved by me xD

    such great honor

    ty Elise


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