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My shaman has collected a few full old school tier sets, but there are other sets to go for too.  Like green sets, green as in quality of armor, not the green colour itself. My favourite colours are red and black, and I really like the combination of them as well. There are 3 mail armor sets I am trying to get now, Ironhide, Engraved and Ebonhold.

All these armor sets are in itemlevel range  50-60, meaning they can drop from any mob in any level 55-60 zone. Now, you can of course run around in Silithus or Winterspring and kill everything you see, but chances are you’ll be far into Panda expansion before you have gathered all the pieces. Auction house would be your best chance of collecting these, it will take some time and luck, but not unbearable. Now, they will probably look very differently on male characters, but most of them play female toons anyway, right? 😀


…the Halloween event! Even though I got the hallowed title yeaaaars ago, I’m still excited. Well at least a little bit. You see, the Headless Horseman’s mount happens to be on my Mount Wish List (#4, to be more exact), and I am 100 % certain I will be a genuinely happier person with this mount. World will seem brighter, sun will shine, I will stop spending money on stuff I don’t need and will go to bed earlier. For sure. /Nod.

Torje showing off

At least this year, just like recent events, you can use the dungeon finder for it and you get a goodie bag once a day. If there’s no mount there, good luck next day, no need to keep trying. Of course half of Bronzebeard don’t know this so they keep queuing and queuing for nothing but lousy rings and go bananas when they get the “you’ve entered too many instances” thing.

I didn’t even see it drop last year, or the year before that. The only time it dropped was when I declined an invite because I was busy eating noodles! Argh. Still blaming my brother who didn’t want to wait. I am glad it went to Torje though, he has used it well afterwards.

Last year the excitement quickly turned into pure annoyance, I did the damn thing at least 30 times. Each day. For two weeks. That’s 420 times, and we all know Scarlet Monastery graveyard is NOT 420- worthy. Actually went a bit loco at that time now that I think about it, cause I caught myself shouting “Heres my body fit and pure! Now your blackened souls I’ll cure!” while showering. To myself. Out load. That’s what he yells, the headless horseman. Or was is horseless headman? We have two weeks to find out, starting now. For those else who want it ( who doesn’t want a horse with flaming feet anyway??), good luck!

I promised my friend, Tribeca, to write a little guide on how to make gold in World of Warcraft. Personally I live to farm ’cause it’s the part of WoW I like the most. So far I’ve spendt about 300k gold on my main character from running gdkp runs (gold runs where you raid and bid on items that drops). I’ve also spendt about 150k gold on my main alt. I have about 90k gold on me at the moment and I’ve never bought gold from gold sellers because I hate them immensely.

The key to making gold in WoW is choosing the right professions or having a lot of alts so that you cover all professions (like me).

But if you only have one character you still can make a lot of gold. The main skill you should have is mining in my opinion. Northrend mats does not sell all that well but Old school mats go for nice prices. If you consentrate your mining in Outland you can make a lot on selling ore and bars. I’ve made a lot of gold on selling khorium bars (as they are used in mounts and quests) and fel steel bars. But fel iron and adamantite sells at good prices as well. You get more gold back from your time spendt farming in Outland than you ever will in northrend (well, maybe after Cataclysm that will change). Motes of fire sells at like 5-10g a piece and you get loads of those from farming fel iron. On my server one Khorium bar sells for 50-80g a piece… and if you’re lucky you can sell stacks of fel iron ore and adamantite ore at 60-80g pr stack. Another cool thing about mining is that Un’goro is filled with thorium and you can pretty much fill up a 32 slot mining back with stacks of it withing 1-2 hours of farming.

Tom ♥

If you are a jewelcrafter together with your mining skill you can do like 2 hours of farming ores that you sell on AH then 2 hours of farming ore that you melt and put on AH and then 2 hours of farming ore you prospect and put on AH. Then you have really covered your bases. You see the new trend in WoW the last 6 months has been that players have dropped their gathering skills and only have crafting skills and therefore have to buy the mats from AH. I have made close to a million gold this last year just from selling mats on AH. These days I even make 10k a week from 4-6 hours farming pr week (as I’ve mostly played Starcraft after it came out). A hot tip for you jewel crafters is farm adamantite, prospect it and sell mercurial adamantite at 60g a piece or sell 4 adamantite powder at the same price. It sells very well. Also prospecting Classic and TBC mats earns you shitloads of gold from AH. Don’t waste your time in Northrend (would be my tip to any profession).

If you are a blacksmither you should really have all enchanting rods on AH every day as I make about 5k a week just on selling those. The other things you should make as a blacksmith is eternal beltbuckles and the melee pvp gear (lvl 78) as it sell very well, on my server each peace of the pvp set goes for 80-100g a piece.

If you are a engineer you can make money as well. My main income on my engineer is the pets which sells for about 120-250g each and the Khorium powercores that sells for 350g each. Sometimes I also sell adamantite frames for 60g a piece but the power cores is my most steady income. If my engineer was one of my raiding chars I’d probably make a lot on selling arrows (from ICC) as well.

If you are a skinner you make most of your gold on selling rugged leather and knothide leather. If you farm in ZG you can really get a lot of rugged (it’s my favorite farming spot for my skinner). I didn’t really think leather sold until I started putting it up 3 months back and now my skinner is one of my richest characters. Rugged leather can go for up to 100g stack if you’re lucky. Knothide the same… Even the lower types of leather has a great earning potential these days.

If you really want to make gold you should stear clear of professions like Inscription as glyphs barely sells (I put up 300 glyphs a few weeks back and I sold 4).

Another way to make money is to grind instances. Deadmines is one of my favorites as 1 run can earn you like 500g. Selling the pets you get from there, the defias set and wool. Guess you have an advantage if you’ve got an engineer as you can use mailbox and a greater plus on top of that having the argent gruntling from tournament giving you yet another mailbox.

Anyway… These are my favorite ways of making gold and I’ve made a lot from it. You can take it a step further and try owning the market on AH by buying up a lot and repricing it (a friend of mine makes like 50k a week just from buying and selling on AH).

Ahh… I forgot to mention enchanting. The enchanting patterns dropping in Molten core (healing power and spellpower, 29 sp and 30 sp, sells for 400g if you put scrolls on AH). Actually the 22 int and 22 spi also sells for 300g each on AH but you have to farm revered or exalted with Thorium brotherhood to get them.. that’s easy.