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I wonder how many times I have asked my fellow shamguildies this question : “got any ankh to spare?” Usually the answer is no, because they have the glyph that doesn’t require reagents blah blah blah.  And! Then I get asked why I don’t have the glyph too, always, always, always. Becaaaause I have filled up my minor glyphs with Glyph of Water Shield, Glyph of Water breathing and Glyph of Water walking. I seem to be the only shammy who has those, which I don’t understand! I mean, I could roll a shammy for the waterwalking alone. Who cares if I have to carry loads of ankh around, I can ♥waterwalk♥!

And in Cataclysm Beta I have already got asked twice if I could buff them with waterwalking. See? I bet in Cataclysm the shammies with this glyphs will be the most popular ones! Waterwalking is coming back, it will be the new black, I just know it! :p

It’s not exactly like I travel light anyway. This is what my bags usually look like after cleaning up. After stuffing the bank til it’s full. After sending everything I can to my bank alt.  Meaning this is only the stuff I really need.

Yes, I feel naked if I don’t bring my Piccolo of the flaming fire. What if there’s a really long break and I want people to dance? And what’s a raid without throwing bunny ears on someone?? Spring Flowers must be in bag at all time. Maybe one of the druids start to dance in bearform? Then I want to join in on the fun using Rituals of the New Moon. I need a certain selection of assorted robes if there should be any handsome guys around. And if they don’t fall madly in love when I put on my Vestements of the Shifting Sands, simply put out a Brewfest Pony Keg, beergoogles will do the trick! Some stacks of anhk on top of this is nothing, really.

Any opportunity to post this video, which I can’t get of my head. I know, posting an Enrique Eglesias is considered lame. But I can’t stop liking it, it’s just like the waterwalking! So if someone tells me I have  bad taste in music, or keep qq’ing about me using  the wrong glyphs, I will just say like Rhett Butler; Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! Cause baby, I like it! *sings* Good night from me 🙂


I read about a game on Lunaire's blog. It started on Anea's blog. Post a screenshot and choose lyrics to go with it. It can make sense, not make sense, be funny, strange, sad, beautiful, silly…well, anything. The sky is the limit! Well, at least your own imagination. Oh and size of screenshot folder. Mine is huge, so I had to pick a few. Couldn't do just one, no no. If you have a screenshot with some lyrics, pass it on 🙂 Either here, or on your own blog, website, whereever!

Smile- Michael Jackson

Nightswimming – REM

I am the Walrus – The Beatles

And the good old Rick Astley- Never gonna give you up!

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