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New Westfall

So I have taken a look on a few changes in game now. There’s really no point in writing about everything here, I am sure there are other websites doing that better than me. However, I’d like to share my first few impressions. Stormwind looks great, and there have been added more flightpaths to Azeroth, less running / riding. Lots of zones are different, and got new quests added to them. I think leveling a new toon will fun again, when you haven’t done everything several times before.


I paid Guilneas a visit, and first thing I saw was heavy raind and sheeps. I love both, so very good. Also ran into a lovely little creature, a fox, and had to get my hunter there to see if it could be tamed. It could! So now I have the sweetest pet ever, it even has a racial ability for playing, so it can dance. Pretty! If anyone have a good petname for it, feel free to call out 😀



Wowhead’s new button

Posted: October 20, 2010 in News, Tips
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I prefer to play around with talents in Wowhead’s talent calculator rather than in game itself. Since I’m not alone on this, Wowhead added a “use in game” button on their calcualtors, meaning you can set your talents and import them straight into game. Very handy, since you can also import specs from Armory into Wowhead. I have spent lots of time reading up on shaman, but since I wasnted to do Horseless Headman on hunter and didn’t have time to dive into the world of theorycrafting, I just copied my mentor Stein’s spec. Very simple!

Just create your build and click “use in-game button”. Copy link. Once back in WoW, open a chat window and paste it. Your talents will now set themselves. Remeber this will not work if you already have learned your talents, only on an empty talent tree.