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Weekend was really good. I haven’t done much else but working, but a tense work situation is slightly changed for the better and, after several weeks of waiting and worrying,  it now feels I can breathe again. So I have done my work with a big smile. And that felt good.

Spent time with my sister and we made the most delicious cakes. At least they looked good, we ate so much dough, frosting and sprinkles while baking that when we were done none of us could eat anything else. When I came home I actually found raspberry frosting on my earlobe. Ew?

Also made the bestest (it is a word!) strawberry daiquiri, after a recipe I learned at my friend’s birthday party last weekend. Might be something everyone knows already, but… I thought I had to go to TGI Friday’s to get a decent daiquiri. I was wrong and hurrah for that 😀 Here is wonderful Annika’s recipe:

Oh and, I still play and enjoy WoW. But right now, I have not much to write about it. I’d rather write about other things at the moment, or both 🙂 However, I read a very nice blog post on Harpy’s today, about Saga’s “worst dressed warlock” competition, where I think Harpy did a great job. My lock is purple and shiny, but I couldn’t compete with the outfits Harpy put together. She has my vote! Hope your weekend was as good as mine 🙂


I received this in my mail recently, and it made me very aware of how much time I spend in front on the computer, either it’s study, work or hobby related. I remember that the images on left side were the normal way to do things, not that long ago either, and now… well, I do all those things on the pc now. I came over a post on my friend Tom’s blog, and it made me smile. It’s pretty simple, you go outside when wind is strong, sit down (Tom used a chunk of ice, we used plastic bags), pull your jacket up behind you as a seal and let the wind take you forward, preferably down-hill, wiiiiiii! Great fun, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Tom’s version of ice surfing (more hardcore than ours)

I thought I was the only one playing the ice surfing game when I grew up, but maybe it’s a norwegian thing? Because my cousins, Guro and Mari (who has a blog, too!) and I, played this a lot when weather allowed it. I think I spent most of the days outdoor in general, there was not much to do inside, and we were sent out to play and make up our own games. I am actually pretty glad I didn’t have a pc while growing up, cause I was a very happy child.

So what to do, now that things have changed and I have to spend time at pc, whether I’d like to or not? Well, my last years new year’s resolution was to start going to gym, which I did. So this year it will be to continue going there. I think it’s a lot easier actually getting there in spring / summer than winter. Like today, I had to dig my car out of all the snow both before and after class. And it’s dark and cold and the sofa with the warm blanket seems sooo tempting.

Today it was spinning class, which is my absolute favourite of gym classes. The lights are off, the music is loud and even though there are 39 others in the room, it feels like it’s just you and the bike. We use pulse belts around waists, under t-shirt, and can watch our heart rate and percentage of max pulse on large monitors, and it’s all about pushing yourself to max. Sweat is dripping, legs are aching, you feel that you can’t go on, but then the trainer or even your own mind says something motivating that makes you gather all those thoughts about quitting, toss them out of the door, and just keep going! Until you exhausted notices class is ending and you can go home, wrap yourself in a robe and just feel great really. Until next time 😀

Anyone else than me spending way too much time sitting down nowadays?

2012, Hi!

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A little 2011 Summary

Best purchase: Membership at gym

Worst purchase: Oooh, the shame, a “one piece”!

Stupid moment: Locked myself out and had to slide sideways into open bedroom window. In front of neighbors having giant bbq party.

Most embarrassing moment: Reaching for wallet in liquor shop and raining tampons all over counter and floor

One good night: 22nd of May, my birthday party

I will never go back to: Egypt

I will definitely go back to: Anywhere in France

Best memory: Flying to France only for one night to surprise my dad on his birthday

Worst movie seen: Sucker Punch. Never going to forgive my brother for that.

Best movie seen: Not that many “whoooaw” experiences. But one movie that made me think : Another Earth. And one that made me laugh: Brides Maids.

One sad day: Oslo after 22nd of July

What I need to work on: My rising fear of flying

Thing I regret doing: taking personal bad mood out on people who don’t deserve it

Made me happy in 2011: My family

Drove me crazy in 2011: My family

Thing I have learned the hard way: Think twice before lending friends money

Food I have eaten the most: Sushi

Food I have not had at all: Kebab

Scary moment: When my sister called me from a hotel room, heavily drugged down after accepting a drink from a stranger

Most addicted to: Pepsi Max

What people never understood in 2011: Pepsi tastes better than Coke

Said goodbye to: Mazda

Said hello to: Audi

Almost non-existing in 2011: My love life

Very too existing of 2011: Feeling lonely

I really love: My cat

Expression I used the most: Maybe Baby

Expression I should stop using: Maybe Baby

Worst imitation of 2011: Me as Arnold Schwatrzenegger “do it, do it NAOW!”

And to all the ones I know who were there for me in 2011, I love you so much. You know who you are 🙂

Sometimes I am a Sad Panda

I love my family, but…sometimes they drive me crazy! While Tribeca never got the Headless Horseman mount (sob!), I have bought myself my own mount, a new car. Today I have been driving my dad here and there most of the day, picking him up after an operation and helping him do groceries since obviously the medications made him struggle  to see the difference between tomato and lime. To avoid potential disasters in kitchen I came to rescue. Any average nice person with a driving licence would be happy to do the same.

Mine. Just mine. NOT a taxi!

So when I got home after dark, all I really wanted to do was to deal with the invasion going on in my kitchen. You see, I have, oh the horror, banana flies! I left a banana in my gym bag and kinda forgot about it. And when I opened it a cloud of horrible little creatures flew up and stormed perfectly synchronised into the kitchen, starting nomnoming on everything! Disgusting. Google tells me all I need to do is put out some wine and they will drown in it. Hello? First they eat my banana, then occupy my kitchen and on top of that I’m supposed to serve them wine? Forget it! A similar-to-Martha Stuart lady on a random website tells me vinegar will do the same. So I have now placed little cups of  that smelly stuff all over kitchen, waiting for them to suffer and die, die die! So far…. 2 dead. 89679 to go!

I was just about to put on an overall combined with bee keeper mask and go get the fire extinguisher, to see how banana monsters enjoyed large amounts of CO2 sprayed onto their tiny bodies, when my phone started acting aggressive, ringing over and over again, making me abort the progress and answer.My little sister. Calling me while putting on large amounts of blue mascara.

“Can you drive me to Grünerløkka (=very cool place for very cool people in Oslo, obviously not for me!) in 10 min?”
“No, sorry”
“Why? What are you doing?” Definitely not going to answer that, even family must think I have something better to do than play Lord of the Flies on a Saturday night.
“Just… relaxing, I have been out driving all day. I don’t want to go out again. And you live 200 meters away from the bus stop!”
“Fine!!! I knew you wouldn’t do it, bye!”

Then, 5 seconds after my mum calls, trying to make me feel bad by telling me how many girls being attacked in the streets of Oslo lately and that couldn’t I do my little sister this favour? I was on the edge of saying fine, ok I’ll do it but then my evil side kicked in and told me to stop being nice for once. And told them there is no bloody taxi sign on my car, neither a “available 24/7” sign above my head. Just because  I live alone and don’t have any plans does NOT make me a pusover. Have fun taking the bus, byeeee! And it felt good but also made me a bit sad. So, while considering going back to the flies who were probably lol’ing and showing me the finger in the kitchen, I saw a mail ticking in from one of my guildies. It was the sweetest screenshot ever, and only said “for you”. Totally made all angry and sad thoughts go away and made me smile from ear to ear. Going to have a glass of  cold white wine and relax for rest of the evening. And I won’t feel bad for a millisecond!

Day 8 in Blog Challenge is things you don’t know about me. 10 of them, even! Since a picture says more than thousands word, I found pictures and a few words, in a mix of WoW related things and…well, just me things. Here we go!

Favourite NPC and why?

Moo. Kaja.

Very tricky one for me, this one. I am not a big fan of questing, so I hardly notice the NPC’s, even less read the actual quest. However, there is one npc that I like more than the others, and that’s because she has a special name. She is a weapon vendor in Ogrimmar and her her name happens to be the name of a person I trust, admire and love so much; my sister. She has been object of my adoration for 20 years and 9 months, which is impressing considering she is only 20 years old. I remember very well the day I was told about the new family member, and even no one at that point knew it was going to be a her, in my mind she was already a she. I used to sing to her before she had developed her ears, telling her about all the things we were going to do when she arrived.

My diary the day she was born

After months of anticipation she was finally born a rainy day in June. She was the prettiest baby ever, with lots of dark hair, big, dark eyes and golden skin. I brought my mum flowers picked from syringa tree in the garden, and still remember the smell of them, the rain and the newborn baby, all at once.

While my brothers and I could fight and argue, she was my living doll to be watched after, I loved changing her diapers, helping out with her baths and play with her. My friends thought she was the most adorable baby sister ever, I couldn’t agree more.

Somewhere, from being a baby, a child and a stubborn teenager she somehow became one of best friends. I feel really close to her, and I don’t think there’s anyone else that got me wrapped around her little finger like her. Even when she mindlessly, at dinner table years ago, burst out with the fact that she saw me smoking outside school and got me in lots of trouble, it was hard to be angry with her. She tends to get into the strangest situations, and even though she sometimes drives me crazy, not to mention she seems to believe I am a personal taxi driver / caterer / bank, I’d gladly do anything for her. We have been on holidays together, shared stories and secrets, and I am so glad that she is…well, that she is just her.

So yes, my favourite npc is the lucky tauren that happens to carry my sister’s name; Kaja.


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I have a new niece, and she is the most beautiful, charming, adorable and irresistable creature ever. At least to me. She is also wild, disobeyed and messy, but that I don’t have to worry about, I leave that to her “mum”, my sister Kaja who got herself a puppy, after asking for one everyday since she learned how to speak 19 years ago.

The little one is called Ella, is 11 weeks old and she is a King Cavalier Charles Spaniel. We met her for the first time when she was 3 weeks old, and she is growing more and more for every day. She is already a stubborn little lady who tries to get it her way, and I can honestly say she has stolen mine, and also the whole family’s heart. Welcome to the world, dear Ella.