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Random things to do when bored

Posted: July 21, 2010 in When bored
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Fokanell walks his pug in a leashe around Dalaran every night, wearing Don Carlos’ Famous Hat.  How nice. How random!


Every now and then I read about people who see the portrait of Jesus in some bread, pancake or tortillas. If that had happened to me, I would probably think “hm, how odd” to myself and continue eating. But people apparanlty sell those stuff and make a lot of money. And… today something similar happened to me! Was not quite as religious as Jesus, I must say, it was of course a World of Warcraft experience.

I spilt water while feeding my cat, and the water, together with some catfood created a picture of a..whelp! Ok, so I might had a few drinks too much, but Im going to post it anyway. You see the little baby whelp in here? 😀 Maybe I can sell this on e-bay and make a lot of money too! /nod. Offers are welcome! Ok, time to go to bed now I think…hic!

Hugs for all!


Posted: May 10, 2010 in Lols
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My wonderful friend Simon keeps “wc-ing” me, meaning he sends me tells meant for someone else. I keep doing the same, to him, to other friends, and in guildchat. So far it has been mostly innocent stuff (well, apart from the time I wrote somehing terribly kinky in raidchat, but that was in Norwegian and I was the only Scandinavian there, pheew). But what if, or should I say when, I do a real blunder and write something that is not supposed to be read? Do I make up a bad excuse, do I pretend nothing happened or do I just appoligize? Allthoug last option would be aqward also.

Maybe I shouldnt write stuff that cant be read by anyone in the firts place? Yes. Maybe. But thats not going to happen. Im female, and gossiping and drama stuff appeals to me. Sorry  but it does, cant help it. Hopefully it wont be anything like this, which really made me lol:

Have you ever made a smiliar mistake? Share it!