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Posted: August 31, 2010 in When afk
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I have a new niece, and she is the most beautiful, charming, adorable and irresistable creature ever. At least to me. She is also wild, disobeyed and messy, but that I don’t have to worry about, I leave that to her “mum”, my sister Kaja who got herself a puppy, after asking for one everyday since she learned how to speak 19 years ago.

The little one is called Ella, is 11 weeks old and she is a King Cavalier Charles Spaniel. We met her for the first time when she was 3 weeks old, and she is growing more and more for every day. She is already a stubborn little lady who tries to get it her way, and I can honestly say she has stolen mine, and also the whole family’s heart. Welcome to the world, dear Ella.


…it’s THE mount. It’s the *drum whirl* rocket mount! Ever since Hugo sweetest started taking me to ICC with style, on the backseat of his rocket mount, I have wanted my own. And now I got one! I love how it moves when I fly straight down, it’s like you just have to say “yeehaw! out load.

Ow yes!

It also scales with your current riding skill, which means 310 % for me AND passenger. So when Cataclysm comes and you need to get your low-level alt somewhere in a rush, I will be the right person to /poke. Hm. Not sure why that is a good thing but…who cares? I have the ROCKET MOUNT! Yay! Oh, I got it from recruiting a friend btw.

Just want to say…

Posted: August 27, 2010 in News
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…that I haven’t stopped blogging or anything! Just been really busy lately. But now it is weekend-time and I will try update a bit more. In meantime, enjoy the really (crappy, I was too tired) work of me as a draenei. See you soon 🙂

Standing Still

Posted: August 18, 2010 in When afk
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Wild evening. Sitting on bench in Dalaran wearing fishing outfit. Wohoo.

Lately, I have been really bored in WoW. Our raids seem to get cancelled a lot more than they happen. People don’t seem to care anymore. Some months ago lots of people failed on their 2 weeks trial in guild, and there were always more sign ups than raid spots. Now  we recruit people with no experience, gear or, in some cases, skills. I log in to WoW and don’t do much more than check some auctions or just standing in Dalaran chatting to people from friend list. Doing a 10 man raid just makes we want to zzzz, well that pretty much goes for whole if Icecrown, 10 or 25. The new dragon Halion from Ruby Sanctum was exciting the first week, haven’t seen him much since.

The most sad thing is that people are starting to leave not only the guild, but the game itself. And even though you have never really met them, they leave this huge gaps that are hard to fill (This goes especially for you, Mick, if you should read this). Today our up until now GM decided it was time to leave game, which actually made my eyes a bit wet, and I have been feeling down rest of evening. There are still a lot of great people in-game, and I really hope I will see them for a lot longer time.

Yes. I drew it myself, dont mock it 😛

Even though I can be hung on same things for a reeeally long time (I played Tetris every day for 3 years), hanging out in Dalaran doesn’t really give me that much anymore. But still, the thought of quitting WoW has not got to me yet. I am still looking forward to Cataclysm, and I hope that magical feeling will get back. I have been playing for nearly 5 years now, and the game and me have been through quite a lot together, when you think about it:

4 guilds (King’s Elite, the Night Watch, Barry Manilows (!), Crescent Dawn)

2  main characters (#1 deadly hunter, #2 lovely shammy)

4 appartements (slightly nerfed each time, shouldn’t it be other way??)

3 cars (blue Skoda,  old Mazda,  new Mazda)

4  computers (upgraded each time, got that one right at least)

3  jobs (all boring ones, not worth mentioning)

3 studies (still not on right track, and still waiting to practice that Russian)

3 broadbands (Telenor ftw)

2  hair colours (#1 my own, #2 “brown mahogany” which obviously is another word for deep purple?)

2 relationships (#1 good riddance, #2 still hurts like hell sometimes)

1 pet (love of my life)

2 beta keys (love you long time, Blizz)

2 expansions (soon 3!)

I guess WoW is one of the few things in my life that has been constantly the last 5 years, which makes be both a bit sad and freaked out. Seems like my longest relationship ever has been with a bunch of pixels!  On the other hand, I have met some wonderful people through this game, and several of them I have met and got to know in real life also. And quite a few I really hope I will meet in the (nearest) future. So to summon up this somehow messy post, big thanks to you (you know who you are) for making game still enjoyable 🙂 xxx

Shark Attack

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Around Azeroth, When bored
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Speilberg created Jaws, Blizzard has Maws. Maws the Shark has (literally!) been my wet dream since I read about him on my wonderful friend Toms’s blog.  Always been fascinated by sharks, and would really like to go down in a shark cage once. He is last part of The Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest chain, and after helping Simon (who was mad enough to go for Loremaster) out in Blackrock Mountain, we finally got to kill him. You need a quest item to make him spawn somewhere in waters of Azhara (would be Assssscccchhhharaaaaaaaaahh!!! pronounced  à la Elise), he used to be quite easy even back in Vanilla, where you could kill him with a team of 15 raid members. We were 4 people and killed him so fast I had to ask people slow down on dps just to be able to make a screenshot. Poor Maws.

A new loremaster is born

Healing Rain

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Around Azeroth
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When you live in Norway, people keep talking about the weather the entire summer. When it is raining people shake their head and ask what kind of summer it is we are having? When the sun shines people shake their heads and complain because they have to work, it is too hot to sleep at night, or the garden run dry. The newspapers write about the weather. All. The. Time. How the weather is today, how it will be tomorrow, last year, next week, how it was same day in 1946 compared to now.

Today it has been raining in Oslo. Not some wussy raindrops either, but the sort of rain that makes it impossible to see anything outside a  1 meter radius.  As long as I can remember I have loved rain. The smell, sound and feeling of it. Today I went for a drive in the rain, some heat on, good music on stereo and almost no other cars on the road. Went up to Holmenkollen to get a good view of the city. Ahh, so nice. Was wearing a waterproof jacket with a hood and my dearly beloved Uggs (yes, I know they are known as the ugliest boots in the world, but I dont care, I love them).

Uggs ❤

By the way, did you know that there was no rain in World of Warcraft before a later patch? Yup, Blizzard added snow, rainfall and sandstorms in patch 1.10, which was released sometime in fall ’06. In patch 2.3.2  we got a preview of what we could expect from the at that time upcoming expansion WotLK, because that was when heavy snowstorms were added. One quest I have always loved to do  is The Old Lighthouse one, where you end up killing a boss, Tethyr, by shooting canons at him. When the encounter is about to begin, Theramore goes into a heavy rainstorm, water gets darker with white foam on waves. I love it!

My house!

Rumours say there will lots of lightning and thunder tonight, so I am going to sleep with window open. Looking forward to hearing the sound of the rain, with weather effects turned up to max of course 🙂 Good night!