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Posted: May 6, 2012 in Just me
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Weekend was really good. I haven’t done much else but working, but a tense work situation is slightly changed for the better and, after several weeks of waiting and worrying,  it now feels I can breathe again. So I have done my work with a big smile. And that felt good.

Spent time with my sister and we made the most delicious cakes. At least they looked good, we ate so much dough, frosting and sprinkles while baking that when we were done none of us could eat anything else. When I came home I actually found raspberry frosting on my earlobe. Ew?

Also made the bestest (it is a word!) strawberry daiquiri, after a recipe I learned at my friend’s birthday party last weekend. Might be something everyone knows already, but… I thought I had to go to TGI Friday’s to get a decent daiquiri. I was wrong and hurrah for that 😀 Here is wonderful Annika’s recipe:

Oh and, I still play and enjoy WoW. But right now, I have not much to write about it. I’d rather write about other things at the moment, or both 🙂 However, I read a very nice blog post on Harpy’s today, about Saga’s “worst dressed warlock” competition, where I think Harpy did a great job. My lock is purple and shiny, but I couldn’t compete with the outfits Harpy put together. She has my vote! Hope your weekend was as good as mine 🙂

Monday is considered the worst day of the week, but I usually don’t mind them. Sure, it is hard to get out of bed if you have an early start and the weekend always seem to have gone ny too fast. However, I like to think of it as a new start, always with the intention of being more healthy, reasonable and in general do things better than you did the last week. Not to mention the week before! This usually lasts til lunchtime at Tuesday, but that’s another story.

However, this Monday has been tough. It is my first Monday after one week off, which makes it so much harder. I need a holiday to relax after my holiday! Its 8 o’clock, I’m still at work, it’s dark and cold outside, I need to fill fuel and do grocery shopping on my way home, then do laundry, make some dinner and eat it alone, probably in front of the tv. Sad? Maybe a little bit.

However, seeing the new Cataclysm cinematic trailer made me cheer up a bit, I love those movies. Thank you, Blizz! ♥ Gotta adore the scene where a huge wave is about to hit the goblin statue in Stranglethorn Vale. Very “2012”ish, very interesting for a disaster movie fan like myself. As if this wasn’t enough, there is lava, earthquakes and other crushing nature effects.

Can’t wait til December!

Standing Still

Posted: August 18, 2010 in When afk
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Wild evening. Sitting on bench in Dalaran wearing fishing outfit. Wohoo.

Lately, I have been really bored in WoW. Our raids seem to get cancelled a lot more than they happen. People don’t seem to care anymore. Some months ago lots of people failed on their 2 weeks trial in guild, and there were always more sign ups than raid spots. Now  we recruit people with no experience, gear or, in some cases, skills. I log in to WoW and don’t do much more than check some auctions or just standing in Dalaran chatting to people from friend list. Doing a 10 man raid just makes we want to zzzz, well that pretty much goes for whole if Icecrown, 10 or 25. The new dragon Halion from Ruby Sanctum was exciting the first week, haven’t seen him much since.

The most sad thing is that people are starting to leave not only the guild, but the game itself. And even though you have never really met them, they leave this huge gaps that are hard to fill (This goes especially for you, Mick, if you should read this). Today our up until now GM decided it was time to leave game, which actually made my eyes a bit wet, and I have been feeling down rest of evening. There are still a lot of great people in-game, and I really hope I will see them for a lot longer time.

Yes. I drew it myself, dont mock it 😛

Even though I can be hung on same things for a reeeally long time (I played Tetris every day for 3 years), hanging out in Dalaran doesn’t really give me that much anymore. But still, the thought of quitting WoW has not got to me yet. I am still looking forward to Cataclysm, and I hope that magical feeling will get back. I have been playing for nearly 5 years now, and the game and me have been through quite a lot together, when you think about it:

4 guilds (King’s Elite, the Night Watch, Barry Manilows (!), Crescent Dawn)

2  main characters (#1 deadly hunter, #2 lovely shammy)

4 appartements (slightly nerfed each time, shouldn’t it be other way??)

3 cars (blue Skoda,  old Mazda,  new Mazda)

4  computers (upgraded each time, got that one right at least)

3  jobs (all boring ones, not worth mentioning)

3 studies (still not on right track, and still waiting to practice that Russian)

3 broadbands (Telenor ftw)

2  hair colours (#1 my own, #2 “brown mahogany” which obviously is another word for deep purple?)

2 relationships (#1 good riddance, #2 still hurts like hell sometimes)

1 pet (love of my life)

2 beta keys (love you long time, Blizz)

2 expansions (soon 3!)

I guess WoW is one of the few things in my life that has been constantly the last 5 years, which makes be both a bit sad and freaked out. Seems like my longest relationship ever has been with a bunch of pixels!  On the other hand, I have met some wonderful people through this game, and several of them I have met and got to know in real life also. And quite a few I really hope I will meet in the (nearest) future. So to summon up this somehow messy post, big thanks to you (you know who you are) for making game still enjoyable 🙂 xxx

Dot com

Posted: July 31, 2010 in News
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I upgraded my address from to just .com. Think you will be redirected automatically, but if not,  this is the new address 🙂


Posted: July 25, 2010 in When afk
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Last days of my precious week off. Was planning to do lots, buy new bookshelves, install new lightspots in bedroom (well, find someone who knew how to do it for me!) and of course get incredibly tanned. Result: 0/3. Hmm. Last one is not my fault, sun has been gone whole week. Holiday has been really good in either way though, for several reasons 😉 Sun also came out a bit yesterday, and I went to a barbeque /poolparty at friend’s place. On my way there I found a warehouse sale and made friends with some new boots. My friends at the bbq just got a new blender and had to try it out, I volunteered as testbunny. Hard task, laying on a sunchair being brought cold drinks, but someone needs to do it, right! The party pretty much went straight up hill from that.

Decided to join an ICC 25 raid with noobish hunter alt when I got home, and I have to say dps really scales with amount of alcohol, in a good way! Not to mention it makes raid sooo much more fun. Even got a new sword, and I made a legendary roll for it:

I am leveling a goblin hunter in Cataclysm Beta at the moment, and now that it no longer needs to be kept a secret, Iwill start posting from it. Must say its looking really good, and I cannot wait til the release. I still have not been able to create a female worgen, but I hope it will be available soon. I am still not convinced the new shaman talent tree will work out, I am sad to see so many points disappear, but as long as I can continue spamming chain heal and pretend I do something important, I will be happy 🙂