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Some of them obtainable from long time rep farming, , blood, sweat and tears, while others you can get from exploring the map or simply eating loads of candy. No matter what kind of wow player you are, chances are you have quite a few titles already. My first title was “Merrymaker” that came with the Christmas event, not long after WotLK release. I missed out on both Champion of the Naaru and Hand of Adal, mostly due to the fact that I wasn’t aware of them, achievements and titles were fairly new before Wrath times.

Tribeca the Starcaller

I have all the world event achievements now, and even though I was very found of “Love Fool” for a while, it didn’t take long before I devoted my attention to the raid titles that came ticking in. Cool, shiny, wonderful and in many cases very hard to get, being almost without exception linked to an achievement. My favorite title is the one I am wearing still, among about 30 others, Starcaller. I think it’s so pretty, in fact of the titles that reminds me a bit of saga names, appeal to me. Crusader. Shattered Sun. Astral Walker. Must be the spiritual shaman in me, combined with my adoration for paladins and their holy light.

There is, for now, only one title that will bump Starcaller down, and that’s Light of Dawn. As I said, light seems to attract me, and I also think it would be an honour to my guild, Crescent Dawn. So lately I have been trying to join in on Lich King 25 Heroic pugs, with no luck so far. However, I got a whisper today from achievement seeker nr 1 on server, Marty, well-known for arranging successful pugs. He has put Lick King down to rest the heroic way ages ago, but he is after his mount, Invincible. So Friday a handful of chosen players are going back to the frozen throne, hopefully I will return with a new shiny title. Which title do you have? Anyone you would really like to get?

Also want to say thank you to everyone who are participating in the Winged Guardian contest, I will draw a random name from a virtual hat around 19 tonight. So still not to late to enter, and good luck 🙂


A certain person (*stares down*) told me I was a….omg….druid basher! Moi?? I am totally innocent in these crucial accusations, besides I’m a (druid)lover, not a fighter! Ok, so I might have said that a good druid is a dead druid (ahem), that I would love to eat chicken wings and bear flanks from one, grilled on a fire made of life of tree form. Chop, chop! I also might have mentioned that it’s impossible to divide a druid in aquatic shape from an evil gremlin. But that’s all! Besides, everyone who knows me know that I am a class trash talker in general, if it’s not a shammy it simply needs some good old bashing every now and then.

Now that this has been said- I can’t be that mean, cause I actually happen to have a druid myself. Yes, really! And, it doesn’t stop there, I have written a whole blog post about it on my old blog. To make the druids I have insulted more happy, I will re-post it here. Oh, and one more thing, about the gremlins comparison. Look at picture below. I rest my case.

I’ve started a new project Im leveling a druid! The thought that hit me first was- why on earth havent I done this before?? I mean, how fun isn’t it to stroll around in the forest, hit large stuff as a huge bear or simply just shoot out lazer beams in a form that can’t be nothing else than an enormous hybrid of chicken and moose?
I can tank, I can heal, I can pew pew. Whats not to love about a dr00d? Well, about the tanking part, I think I’ll lay low there for a while, so don’t count me in on anything. I was prowling around in Stormwind the other day, when a got a whisper from some random person; “you TANK? Wnna comm STOCKS??” As a matter of fact I happened to have 5 quests in Stockades (the instance under Stormwind City, in case some horde players should feel confused), so I thought “what the heck, why not”, threw myself over to bearform and bought a bunch of elixirs, food and other stash in attempt to improve my not-so-impa health pool.
Our party: A warlock who insisted on getting a summon even though he was located in the middle of SW Trade District (and if anyone should summon, shouldnt it be him btw?). A shammy who couldn’t say for sure if he was caster, melee or healer. We decided he was last option. A silent hunter, a rogue who spammed macros in /partychat, and then me: a deadly nervous, sweaty bear who panicly searched for the taunt spell (it had a claw on! Where the hell is the damn claw icon??).
So. Pugs are pugs. Sometimes it works, sometimes they don’t. I think its safe to place our group into the last category. The rogue was so thrilled to zap, so he went nuts and zapped everything and everyone. Great job, only shame that the ones he zapped were in a differetn room than the rest of us so that when they were not so zapped anymore, they came running in to our room. Yikes! The silent hunter (are there any other kind?) didnt have a pet, and also; he was a melee hunter. The really rare kind. In other words, he didn’t have a gun or a bow, not even as much as a little throw thingie, no, he had two swords who should have been replaced somewhere between westfall and redridge mountains.

The warlock liked to fear, and the ones he feared got so scared that they ran faaar away, and guess what? They came back with friends, and those friends were pissed! The shammy found out that he wasnt a healer after all, something that resulted in “Your skill in wipe has increased to 450”. Grats!

As for me, I wont say that I was the big bear hero who saved us. The taunt button disappeared somewhere between third wipe and the dots on the zapped target, and I managed (several times) to go out of bear form into caster form, which lasted like 3 seconds before I had my nose buried into the cold stone floor.
Did it go well? No. Did I have fun? Hell, YES!
As for the future I still havent decided what spec I will choose, might be balance/feral. No matter what, druid is a superfun class to play, and I hope mine will see the level 80-achivement sooner or later (with my speed, Id say probably later).
And just to add one last great thing about droods: how cool aren’t their dances? Im testing out fraps so I have put together a little video to summon them up.