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So Firelands is a bit better now. A bit. It’s in the middle of summer and several people are away, so we have done 2 x 10 rather than one 25man raid. So far we have killed Shannox and done some nice progress on the spider boss. I came home not too long ago and had a hard time aiming key at the keyhole, still fairly drunk if I must admit, so I don’t think I’m going to try to write the name right now. Betty? Oh well, I’ll have plenty of time to think about that with tomorrow’s incoming headache.

I guess I could say something about healing on Shannox. But that doesn’t sound like me. I stood still for the most of the time, shaked my tail looking sexy as hell. If you want to read about tactics and such, Alacran over @ Stand in the Blue Circle is a lot better on that. To me, the fight looked something like this:

I still haven’t found out how I should arrange my haste vs crit vs mastery in 4.2, it doesn’t help that we keep swapping between 10 and 25 mans either, since healing assignments usually look different for these 2 setups. But healing in 4.2 is so far fun. Of course it is, shaman healing is always fun! However, I have realised that it could be a lot better, and I have only myself to blame. When I was a newly born healer many years ago, I was told that healbot was my best option. Perhaps it is. But if I knew a bit more back then, I’d consider my other options and get more used to keybinding. The way it is now, I am very depending on my mouse, since most of my heals are bound to it (razer naga with 12 side buttons).

On a fight like Shannox it’s no problem, but with fights with constant moving I sometimes have a hard time moving fast enough while using spells at the same time. This is even more a problem for me in pvp. Using WASD keys for turning, hmm not so pro. And when I move with mouse, there are certain combinations I can’t use the way I am using healbot at the moment. So. I have bought a shiny. It’s a g13 mini keyboard, with 22 keys for binds, and a little joystick for moving. Haven’t tried it yet, but will do very soon, hoping for nice results.

It’s light outside, birds are up and while neighbours and other mortals are ready to get up, walk their dogs and have breakfast, I will crawl into bed. Toodles!




Posted: July 25, 2010 in When afk
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Last days of my precious week off. Was planning to do lots, buy new bookshelves, install new lightspots in bedroom (well, find someone who knew how to do it for me!) and of course get incredibly tanned. Result: 0/3. Hmm. Last one is not my fault, sun has been gone whole week. Holiday has been really good in either way though, for several reasons 😉 Sun also came out a bit yesterday, and I went to a barbeque /poolparty at friend’s place. On my way there I found a warehouse sale and made friends with some new boots. My friends at the bbq just got a new blender and had to try it out, I volunteered as testbunny. Hard task, laying on a sunchair being brought cold drinks, but someone needs to do it, right! The party pretty much went straight up hill from that.

Decided to join an ICC 25 raid with noobish hunter alt when I got home, and I have to say dps really scales with amount of alcohol, in a good way! Not to mention it makes raid sooo much more fun. Even got a new sword, and I made a legendary roll for it:

I am leveling a goblin hunter in Cataclysm Beta at the moment, and now that it no longer needs to be kept a secret, Iwill start posting from it. Must say its looking really good, and I cannot wait til the release. I still have not been able to create a female worgen, but I hope it will be available soon. I am still not convinced the new shaman talent tree will work out, I am sad to see so many points disappear, but as long as I can continue spamming chain heal and pretend I do something important, I will be happy 🙂

Every now and then I read about people who see the portrait of Jesus in some bread, pancake or tortillas. If that had happened to me, I would probably think “hm, how odd” to myself and continue eating. But people apparanlty sell those stuff and make a lot of money. And… today something similar happened to me! Was not quite as religious as Jesus, I must say, it was of course a World of Warcraft experience.

I spilt water while feeding my cat, and the water, together with some catfood created a picture of a..whelp! Ok, so I might had a few drinks too much, but Im going to post it anyway. You see the little baby whelp in here? 😀 Maybe I can sell this on e-bay and make a lot of money too! /nod. Offers are welcome! Ok, time to go to bed now I think…hic!

Hugs for all!