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It’s Valentines Day, possibly the most overrated day of all. I don’t know what changed, but somewhere around  the year of 2000 Norway was invaded by this day that forces heart-shaped creations upon us. Even in WoW it’s impossible to escape, thanks to Love is in the Air event. I bet most people don’t know the origin of the day, anyway. Which is nothing to be ashamed of, since no one actyally seem to be quite sure who Saint Valentine was, what he did or what actually happened to him. Never the less why it’s a good day to buy tacky, fluffy I-Love-You pillows. Some says he was a priest who conducted marriages, secretly, since marriages were forbidden by an evil emperor who wanted an army of single men.  Some says he was a monk who brought children back to life, while others says he was a roman who refused to abandon his Christian believes and died on February 14th. No matter which version is correct, it’s hard to see why it should be related to chubby, naked angels  firing arrows and stuffed animals holding hearts.

Love is money, friend!

I don’t think I’ve ever been a fan of Valentine’s Day, which is why I will be spending it very neutrally by working late. I have been single for pretty exactly one year, which is a personal record for me ever since I was 20. And I must say, feels pretty good sometimes. At least less pressure. No need to try make another person happy, no grief, tears or misery when that plan fails. I think the only people Valentine’s day are good for, are the newly in love ones. Must be nice to walk hand in hand surrounded by hearts and other symbols of love when you still are in that floating on air / living in a bubble phase, but for other ones.., pretty sucky! If you are alone it’s a huge reminder of the fact that you are unloved. If you have been dumped recently, it’s just cruel. But hey, these ones are the lucky ones! Way better than Valentine’s Day while being in a relationship, and then I mean a relationship which has passed the point where you think all your partner’s flaws are cute and adorable. Everywhere you go, you are encouraged to spend your money on glammy crap that will be forgotten within next year.  The pressure of having a perfect date, if you remembered to book a baby sitter and / or a restaurant table some months in advance, that is.  It’s like you are forced to evaluate your relationship, and if  cheap chocolate or a card saying I love you in neon letters make you feel more miserable than romantic,  you are a cold-hearted freak. While Hallmark is laughing all the way to the bank.

I can’t understand why people are so desperate for dates this evening. Dating comes on the “totally sucks” list (right between pugs and Twilight movies)! In attempt to prevent people from trying such horrible things, I will share my own experiences, as a warning. I (not so)proudly present:

Elise’s Worst Dates (top 3):

Less is more? Not always.

Nr 3: The nudist. Guy who was in my film history class at university, and this was the first time we were going to spend some time alone, and not insanely drunk. Which is a shame I wasn’t, cause he thought it would be a good idea to invite me to the beach, which made me feel uncomfortable enough. When I realised it was a nudist beach, it didn’t really help. Date failed.

Erm, no, I have not read Mein Kempf

Nr 2: The nazi. Result of blind date. Seemed very intelligent and well-educated, which he was. We shared an interest in history, and alarm went off when he said it was a tragedy Germany didn’t win WWII. Turned out he was former leader of an illegal, extreme right organisation. Yikes! Date failed.

Brutally dumped

Nr 1: The Valentine. Yes, this is one of the few times I have celebrated Valentine’s day. At least that was the plan. It was our 3rd date, and he invited me to a restaurant. After ordering, he excused himself and went into the bathroom. After 5 minutes I was worried he might have become sick. After 10 minutes I was scared something had happened to him. After 15 minutes, and after going in there to check on him, I was horribly embarrassed when it turned out he had left me at the restaurant. I had to pay for the (untouched) meals and walk home alone. Got some shitty excuse later. Date failed.

 Writing this will probably only prove that I am bitter, negative and cynical Of course I am, hello have we met?  Haven’t always been, though. I have to admit I have done some seriously silly things when it comes to love. Writing poems, making a love book with pictures and notes, writing I love you in 4783 zillions candles outside someone’s house, kidnapping a person at work and take him on a surprise trip to Rome. Stuff like that. But when those feelings are gone, when you fight more than you make love, when you hurt each other more than you respect each other… it just hurts so much and messes up whole damn life, it’s not worth it. And I have said this to myself so many times, it only lasts till you fall in love again. So better not fall at all. And ignore all those little things that try to convince you to, the vibration in a certain persons voice, the way he laughs, the look in his eyes and the 10 000 butterflies flapping their wings inside your stomach. Best not to think about it all, cause there’sno way that it might end well and give you more laughter than tears. Right…?

No matter what you are doing, wishing you a happy Valentine’s day 😀




Been quite some time since I have written here now, but that happens every now and then. Too much work, too little sleep, too bandaged hand. Yes, bandaged! Was going to make an excellent post about how much I was looking forward to the patch, how fun raiding was and more blah blah that would make me look even more geekish, if that is even possible. But! Then! I pulled a Bambi, fell on the ice and big bada boom, could only use left hand for aaages. I have never been known for great coordination. On my CV: walking into a lamppost and got a concussion, falling off a bike and flew through three gardens, got stuck in a hanger and tore down the whole wardrobe (amazing domino effect!)…just to mention some things over the last years. This time it was the stairs.

Icebear claw

Anyway, I still enjoy Cataclysm. Raiding is going pretty well, we only have Nefarian left in Blackwing Decent, and are on top 10 of the 25man raiding guilds. I still think 10 mans are zzzzzo boring, much more fun with chaotic 25 mans (in fact, give 40 mans back!)! Still a bit sulky at Blizzard for making them almost equal, but what to do. The only 10 man raid I have done so far has been on Al’Akir, which went really well! Check it out:

Anyway, it is still early in the expansion and even though it does feel a bit important to progress fast, I am sure we will have most content on farm soon, so good thing that it’s not all cleared in one night. Have you started Cata raiding yet? What do you think? 🙂

Happy New Year!

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…Is something I am not good at nowadays. At Cata release, I turned nights and days up side down, and it was really hard to get back on track. It doesn’t help that there are so many thoughts running through my mind all the time, like non-stop, sometimes I don’t know if I am dreaming or just awake. Christmas is only 5 days away, and I haven’t prepared a single thing. I hate going out shopping around christmas, screaming kids, pushy people, either very cold outside or way too hot inside shopping centers, and somehow it always seems that Oslos 500 000 inhabitants have decided to visit that exact place that exact day. Oh well. It must be done.

I don’t think I can blame WoW for awkward sleeping tendencies, I remember when I was 16 and spent my first summer home alone, I could stay up til early morning watching tv and then sleep all day. When I went to university, I studied best at nights, and before WoW, when I played Sims2, it was the same. But sadly most people don’t do like me, so I have to be up at daytime to get things done.  I am also very happy at times. And, for other reasons, sad. All in all a strange combination of feelings on top of being tired, or am I just very awake? Who knows 😮

Anyway, what do you do when you can’t sleep and it’s too cold to sit outside and watch the stars? Make a little video thingie about sleep, maybe. 😀

gif animator♥Sadly we don’t match very much, but she is still the most beautiful, fluffy and precious cat in the world ♥


It’s a known fact that some pets look like their owners. Or is it the owners that look like their pets? Anyway, some people take this even into WoW. There are pet collectors, there are armor pet collector, and there is the player Drrum from Stormrage US that combibe those two and match her armor with her pets. I came over this at WoW Insider, and had to go through all the amazing screenshots.

I have a soft spot for shiny looking armor AND for pets, so this some of the most interesting I have seen on a long time. I just had to post some of Drrum’s pictures here, for the whole collection, click here, go go go! You will not regret it 😀


Happy Halloween!

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Monday is considered the worst day of the week, but I usually don’t mind them. Sure, it is hard to get out of bed if you have an early start and the weekend always seem to have gone ny too fast. However, I like to think of it as a new start, always with the intention of being more healthy, reasonable and in general do things better than you did the last week. Not to mention the week before! This usually lasts til lunchtime at Tuesday, but that’s another story.

However, this Monday has been tough. It is my first Monday after one week off, which makes it so much harder. I need a holiday to relax after my holiday! Its 8 o’clock, I’m still at work, it’s dark and cold outside, I need to fill fuel and do grocery shopping on my way home, then do laundry, make some dinner and eat it alone, probably in front of the tv. Sad? Maybe a little bit.

However, seeing the new Cataclysm cinematic trailer made me cheer up a bit, I love those movies. Thank you, Blizz! ♥ Gotta adore the scene where a huge wave is about to hit the goblin statue in Stranglethorn Vale. Very “2012”ish, very interesting for a disaster movie fan like myself. As if this wasn’t enough, there is lava, earthquakes and other crushing nature effects.

Can’t wait til December!

Pink Ribbon Month

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October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month there will be an extra focus to increase people’s awarness of the disease and raise funds for research into its cause, prevention and cure. I have personally worked in a testing lab where main research was devoted to breast cancer, and even though a month is not enough to solve anything, it’s a good opportunity to remind women to be breast aware for earlier detection.

Did you know..

♣ Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women between the ages of 15 and 54, and the second cause of cancer death in women 55 to 74?

♣ The first sign of breast cancer usually shows up on a woman’s mammogram before it can be felt or any other symptoms are present?

♣ Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival?

♣ Oral contraceptives may cause a slight increase in breast cancer risk; however 10 years after discontinuing use of oral contraceptives the risk is the same as for women who never used the pill?

♣ You are never too young to develop breast cancer! Breast Self-Exam should begin by the age of twenty!

Thanks to advanced research more and more women survive breast cancer every year. Support the cause! If you live in Norway: why not send ROSA to 2242 and recive a pink ribbon on your cellphone? It only costs 30 kr.

Deep Forest

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I haven’t posted anything since the Lich King kill, I know. It was like, ok, so he is dead, now what? Well, now we do heroic modes, but not really much to say about it, it’s harder and well…heroic!

Trying to save up some money for Cataclysm (which btw now has an official release date, 7th of December), will need gold to level up 8 different professions. Was fishing in Grizzly Hills the other day, to get mats for Fish Feasts and also try get the Turtle I wrote about here, when it hit me that Grizzly Hills is pretty beautiful, and how nice it would have been to actually wander around there. Which made me feel a bit stupid thinking that, since the forest is 10 minutes away from my house. I spend way too much time in this game, but I guess everyone who play WoW would agree on that at some point. Anyway, I decided to bring Ella and drove til the road stopped and walked into forest from there. We spent 4 hours all together, the air was clear and fresh, the colours so pretty in red, orange and yellow all over.

Not sure how legal this is….

I feel like a real slacker for not doing this more often, whole Oslo is surrounded by forest and beautiful nature, and here I am wishing I would wander the forests of WoW. /Lichslap for me! Definitely going to try do this more often, and it really helps going with a puppy who gets overexcited and extremely happy over seeing a stick, a bush or simply a rock in the path.

Ella found several treasures she wanted to bring home as souvenirs. Some more…random…than others *cough*