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It might sound stupid, but I have always been really fond of 1st of April, with all of its jokes. When I was a child, practical jokes were my speciality. For my amusement, I have to say. For others, not so much! I had lots of imagination and liked to fool the employees in kindergarten, telling them all kinds of lies just to see if they bought it and how far I could go. Usually pretty far. One time I told them I was actually Russian, and started speaking “Russian” for them, making up words that sounded similar to what I had heard on tv. They had no knowledge of the language and when my mum came to pick me up they said they were very impressed with my bilingual skills. I also told them I was a vegetarian to see if I could get out of the horrible, horrible liver meal, recklessly chopped up and thrown on a plate. I did, and when my mum again came to pick me up, they asked her what food was ok to serve and not. Just to mention something.  And this was before the age of five.

Guess I made my parents embarrassed so there were several serious talks over dinner table about what was ok to joke about and what wasn’t, and the difference between lies and jokes. What I remember very well, was that they said it was ok to make jokes on 1st of April. I was amazed, a whole day where it was ok to lie and fool people?? Like christmas and birthday all in once. And what can I say? I still think it’s fun.

No 1st of April needed to accidentily push your brother into the pool

When I logged into WoW today, people were talking about pandas and crabs. Mmo announced that the next race in game would be pandas. And that next expansion might be called Panda Mania. Blizzard themselves wrote about Crabby, the new dungeon helper, a crab that came with you into dungeons as a guide. Just like the annoying pencil (or was it lightbulb?) who came up in earlier to help in earlier versions of Word documents. Not to mention their new dungeon, the Tomb of Immortal Darkness, which takes place in complete darkness. Sort of World of Warcraft meets Blair Witch Project. With no lights.

Bit confused about the new items from Blizzard store, wings that will work as a mount, and then you just fly up in the air. Seems it’s  a joke, but…I want them! Also, and this one might be real, there will be a dye vendor where you can buy dyes to change the colour of your armor. I like my armor in Burning Crusade, it was blue and gold and red all over and made me shine like a knight! Now I am all dull in nature colours, brown and grey doesn’t make a shammy girl sparkle! Bring on the dye, pleeease?

Were you fooled today? Or even better, did you fool anyone?


Sometimes I ask myself for how long I will play WoW, at least on the same basis as I’m doing now. Only thing I know is that it will probably (and hopefully?) not be forever.  I’m not planning to quit now, I’m having too much fun for that, but when that times comes I was planning on ordering an ego-copy of myself. For memories. Means something I can look at and think “why on earth did I bother spending such amount of time on that game”, but hopefully it will also remind me all the fun I had, and that I actually got several friends out of it. And no, not the pixellated friends who take your alt through Deadmines, but actual, real homo-sapien friends you have dinner and do actual rl-stuff with.

You have maybe heard of, maybe even visited, FigurePrints. Personally I have earlier found it a bit too expensive to actually place an order, but the prices are now reduced (from 170 to 130 Euro).  If you are the proud owner of a toon that you want to see shaped into stone you will also probably want some better gear than those green-of-the-boar leggings which makes your ass look big. This is also FigurePrints conclusion, because lately they have added an option where you either can choose your own gear, updated from Armory, or pick another armor set. Were you a hardcore Vanilla raider, had full t3 set and would like to remember your toon from the glorious days when you had the time of your life before Blizz messed it all up? You got it!

I’m obviously not the only one who is considering purchasing some WoW effects to cheer up my home, there are tons of stuff out there!

How about a shirt for the doggy? Jewelery for your sweetheart? Soap for the bathroom? Or, mana / health energy drinks to get you through those long wip.. uhm I mean raid nights /nod. If nothing else, would be a fun present for a friend who is also trapped into this hobby we call World of Warcraft.

I also found a selection of plush animals, and have to admit I am very attracted to the voidwalker one. And how cute isn’t the baby murlock??

Gimme, please

Monday is considered the worst day of the week, but I usually don’t mind them. Sure, it is hard to get out of bed if you have an early start and the weekend always seem to have gone ny too fast. However, I like to think of it as a new start, always with the intention of being more healthy, reasonable and in general do things better than you did the last week. Not to mention the week before! This usually lasts til lunchtime at Tuesday, but that’s another story.

However, this Monday has been tough. It is my first Monday after one week off, which makes it so much harder. I need a holiday to relax after my holiday! Its 8 o’clock, I’m still at work, it’s dark and cold outside, I need to fill fuel and do grocery shopping on my way home, then do laundry, make some dinner and eat it alone, probably in front of the tv. Sad? Maybe a little bit.

However, seeing the new Cataclysm cinematic trailer made me cheer up a bit, I love those movies. Thank you, Blizz! ♥ Gotta adore the scene where a huge wave is about to hit the goblin statue in Stranglethorn Vale. Very “2012”ish, very interesting for a disaster movie fan like myself. As if this wasn’t enough, there is lava, earthquakes and other crushing nature effects.

Can’t wait til December!