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Bring on the tricks kids, I’m eating all the treats myself! Mwahahahaha

Ok, so 4 years trying getting # 4 on my mount list… and no luck again. Argh! I have been doing the Headless Horseman boss every day on all my characters and all I get is brooms, pumpkin heads  and  stupid things to take up bag space. I think it’s time to realise the sad fact that Tribeca will never fly on a horse with yellow feet. Oh well. It could be worse. Like being in a group with people saying “oh it dropped for me AGAIN! 3rd time this week!” Those needs to be smashed under heavy hooves!

Otherwise Halloween has been good. Not that I have done anything differently. That must if so be ignoring the doorbell. If I had candy I’d eat it myself, sorry little monsters. No one knew what Halloween was when I grew up, it came sneaking on Norway somewhere in early millennium. I lost out on years and years of candy, so this is my revenge! What do they do with all this candy anyway? Surely they don’t eat it all, maybe the parents just want them to go begging so they don’t need to buy any candy for a whole year! That, or they munch it themselves. Bet they are.  Do I sound bitter? Well I’d be a lot less bitter if only I could get THAT DAMN HORSE! Anyway, I found the best Halloween song on Spotify, this is the real Halloween spirit:




Posted: May 20, 2010 in Around Azeroth
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Cute, right? We even got the same legs!

I am doing first boss in AQ20 as often as I can nowadays. Since theres never any Robes of Insight in AH, I have to farm to get Vestements of the Shifting Sands , it's the same model only different color. I want it simply for the looks, I think its one of the prettiest dresses in game. On a female that is, can't really see how it would look on a hairy male. Hmm.

So far no lucky with drops, but new opportunity in 3 days. We also stopped by AQ40 and killed some trash to get this little fellow, my own personal battle tank. Too bad I can't use it outside AQ, but at least I got another mount in my stable!