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It’s Valentines Day, possibly the most overrated day of all. I don’t know what changed, but somewhere around  the year of 2000 Norway was invaded by this day that forces heart-shaped creations upon us. Even in WoW it’s impossible to escape, thanks to Love is in the Air event. I bet most people don’t know the origin of the day, anyway. Which is nothing to be ashamed of, since no one actyally seem to be quite sure who Saint Valentine was, what he did or what actually happened to him. Never the less why it’s a good day to buy tacky, fluffy I-Love-You pillows. Some says he was a priest who conducted marriages, secretly, since marriages were forbidden by an evil emperor who wanted an army of single men.  Some says he was a monk who brought children back to life, while others says he was a roman who refused to abandon his Christian believes and died on February 14th. No matter which version is correct, it’s hard to see why it should be related to chubby, naked angels  firing arrows and stuffed animals holding hearts.

Love is money, friend!

I don’t think I’ve ever been a fan of Valentine’s Day, which is why I will be spending it very neutrally by working late. I have been single for pretty exactly one year, which is a personal record for me ever since I was 20. And I must say, feels pretty good sometimes. At least less pressure. No need to try make another person happy, no grief, tears or misery when that plan fails. I think the only people Valentine’s day are good for, are the newly in love ones. Must be nice to walk hand in hand surrounded by hearts and other symbols of love when you still are in that floating on air / living in a bubble phase, but for other ones.., pretty sucky! If you are alone it’s a huge reminder of the fact that you are unloved. If you have been dumped recently, it’s just cruel. But hey, these ones are the lucky ones! Way better than Valentine’s Day while being in a relationship, and then I mean a relationship which has passed the point where you think all your partner’s flaws are cute and adorable. Everywhere you go, you are encouraged to spend your money on glammy crap that will be forgotten within next year.  The pressure of having a perfect date, if you remembered to book a baby sitter and / or a restaurant table some months in advance, that is.  It’s like you are forced to evaluate your relationship, and if  cheap chocolate or a card saying I love you in neon letters make you feel more miserable than romantic,  you are a cold-hearted freak. While Hallmark is laughing all the way to the bank.

I can’t understand why people are so desperate for dates this evening. Dating comes on the “totally sucks” list (right between pugs and Twilight movies)! In attempt to prevent people from trying such horrible things, I will share my own experiences, as a warning. I (not so)proudly present:

Elise’s Worst Dates (top 3):

Less is more? Not always.

Nr 3: The nudist. Guy who was in my film history class at university, and this was the first time we were going to spend some time alone, and not insanely drunk. Which is a shame I wasn’t, cause he thought it would be a good idea to invite me to the beach, which made me feel uncomfortable enough. When I realised it was a nudist beach, it didn’t really help. Date failed.

Erm, no, I have not read Mein Kempf

Nr 2: The nazi. Result of blind date. Seemed very intelligent and well-educated, which he was. We shared an interest in history, and alarm went off when he said it was a tragedy Germany didn’t win WWII. Turned out he was former leader of an illegal, extreme right organisation. Yikes! Date failed.

Brutally dumped

Nr 1: The Valentine. Yes, this is one of the few times I have celebrated Valentine’s day. At least that was the plan. It was our 3rd date, and he invited me to a restaurant. After ordering, he excused himself and went into the bathroom. After 5 minutes I was worried he might have become sick. After 10 minutes I was scared something had happened to him. After 15 minutes, and after going in there to check on him, I was horribly embarrassed when it turned out he had left me at the restaurant. I had to pay for the (untouched) meals and walk home alone. Got some shitty excuse later. Date failed.

 Writing this will probably only prove that I am bitter, negative and cynical Of course I am, hello have we met?  Haven’t always been, though. I have to admit I have done some seriously silly things when it comes to love. Writing poems, making a love book with pictures and notes, writing I love you in 4783 zillions candles outside someone’s house, kidnapping a person at work and take him on a surprise trip to Rome. Stuff like that. But when those feelings are gone, when you fight more than you make love, when you hurt each other more than you respect each other… it just hurts so much and messes up whole damn life, it’s not worth it. And I have said this to myself so many times, it only lasts till you fall in love again. So better not fall at all. And ignore all those little things that try to convince you to, the vibration in a certain persons voice, the way he laughs, the look in his eyes and the 10 000 butterflies flapping their wings inside your stomach. Best not to think about it all, cause there’sno way that it might end well and give you more laughter than tears. Right…?

No matter what you are doing, wishing you a happy Valentine’s day 😀



A certain person (*stares down*) told me I was a….omg….druid basher! Moi?? I am totally innocent in these crucial accusations, besides I’m a (druid)lover, not a fighter! Ok, so I might have said that a good druid is a dead druid (ahem), that I would love to eat chicken wings and bear flanks from one, grilled on a fire made of life of tree form. Chop, chop! I also might have mentioned that it’s impossible to divide a druid in aquatic shape from an evil gremlin. But that’s all! Besides, everyone who knows me know that I am a class trash talker in general, if it’s not a shammy it simply needs some good old bashing every now and then.

Now that this has been said- I can’t be that mean, cause I actually happen to have a druid myself. Yes, really! And, it doesn’t stop there, I have written a whole blog post about it on my old blog. To make the druids I have insulted more happy, I will re-post it here. Oh, and one more thing, about the gremlins comparison. Look at picture below. I rest my case.

I’ve started a new project Im leveling a druid! The thought that hit me first was- why on earth havent I done this before?? I mean, how fun isn’t it to stroll around in the forest, hit large stuff as a huge bear or simply just shoot out lazer beams in a form that can’t be nothing else than an enormous hybrid of chicken and moose?
I can tank, I can heal, I can pew pew. Whats not to love about a dr00d? Well, about the tanking part, I think I’ll lay low there for a while, so don’t count me in on anything. I was prowling around in Stormwind the other day, when a got a whisper from some random person; “you TANK? Wnna comm STOCKS??” As a matter of fact I happened to have 5 quests in Stockades (the instance under Stormwind City, in case some horde players should feel confused), so I thought “what the heck, why not”, threw myself over to bearform and bought a bunch of elixirs, food and other stash in attempt to improve my not-so-impa health pool.
Our party: A warlock who insisted on getting a summon even though he was located in the middle of SW Trade District (and if anyone should summon, shouldnt it be him btw?). A shammy who couldn’t say for sure if he was caster, melee or healer. We decided he was last option. A silent hunter, a rogue who spammed macros in /partychat, and then me: a deadly nervous, sweaty bear who panicly searched for the taunt spell (it had a claw on! Where the hell is the damn claw icon??).
So. Pugs are pugs. Sometimes it works, sometimes they don’t. I think its safe to place our group into the last category. The rogue was so thrilled to zap, so he went nuts and zapped everything and everyone. Great job, only shame that the ones he zapped were in a differetn room than the rest of us so that when they were not so zapped anymore, they came running in to our room. Yikes! The silent hunter (are there any other kind?) didnt have a pet, and also; he was a melee hunter. The really rare kind. In other words, he didn’t have a gun or a bow, not even as much as a little throw thingie, no, he had two swords who should have been replaced somewhere between westfall and redridge mountains.

The warlock liked to fear, and the ones he feared got so scared that they ran faaar away, and guess what? They came back with friends, and those friends were pissed! The shammy found out that he wasnt a healer after all, something that resulted in “Your skill in wipe has increased to 450”. Grats!

As for me, I wont say that I was the big bear hero who saved us. The taunt button disappeared somewhere between third wipe and the dots on the zapped target, and I managed (several times) to go out of bear form into caster form, which lasted like 3 seconds before I had my nose buried into the cold stone floor.
Did it go well? No. Did I have fun? Hell, YES!
As for the future I still havent decided what spec I will choose, might be balance/feral. No matter what, druid is a superfun class to play, and I hope mine will see the level 80-achivement sooner or later (with my speed, Id say probably later).
And just to add one last great thing about droods: how cool aren’t their dances? Im testing out fraps so I have put together a little video to summon them up.



Been quite some time since I have written here now, but that happens every now and then. Too much work, too little sleep, too bandaged hand. Yes, bandaged! Was going to make an excellent post about how much I was looking forward to the patch, how fun raiding was and more blah blah that would make me look even more geekish, if that is even possible. But! Then! I pulled a Bambi, fell on the ice and big bada boom, could only use left hand for aaages. I have never been known for great coordination. On my CV: walking into a lamppost and got a concussion, falling off a bike and flew through three gardens, got stuck in a hanger and tore down the whole wardrobe (amazing domino effect!)…just to mention some things over the last years. This time it was the stairs.

Icebear claw

Anyway, I still enjoy Cataclysm. Raiding is going pretty well, we only have Nefarian left in Blackwing Decent, and are on top 10 of the 25man raiding guilds. I still think 10 mans are zzzzzo boring, much more fun with chaotic 25 mans (in fact, give 40 mans back!)! Still a bit sulky at Blizzard for making them almost equal, but what to do. The only 10 man raid I have done so far has been on Al’Akir, which went really well! Check it out:

Anyway, it is still early in the expansion and even though it does feel a bit important to progress fast, I am sure we will have most content on farm soon, so good thing that it’s not all cleared in one night. Have you started Cata raiding yet? What do you think? 🙂