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Weekend was really good. I haven’t done much else but working, but a tense work situation is slightly changed for the better and, after several weeks of waiting and worrying,  it now feels I can breathe again. So I have done my work with a big smile. And that felt good.

Spent time with my sister and we made the most delicious cakes. At least they looked good, we ate so much dough, frosting and sprinkles while baking that when we were done none of us could eat anything else. When I came home I actually found raspberry frosting on my earlobe. Ew?

Also made the bestest (it is a word!) strawberry daiquiri, after a recipe I learned at my friend’s birthday party last weekend. Might be something everyone knows already, but… I thought I had to go to TGI Friday’s to get a decent daiquiri. I was wrong and hurrah for that 😀 Here is wonderful Annika’s recipe:

Oh and, I still play and enjoy WoW. But right now, I have not much to write about it. I’d rather write about other things at the moment, or both 🙂 However, I read a very nice blog post on Harpy’s today, about Saga’s “worst dressed warlock” competition, where I think Harpy did a great job. My lock is purple and shiny, but I couldn’t compete with the outfits Harpy put together. She has my vote! Hope your weekend was as good as mine 🙂


My granddad once told me that when people asked me what I wanted to be when I was grown up, I could answer “happy” if I didn’t know what. Well, to be honest, I still don’t know what I want to be, apart from happy. However, there are times I am not. Now is such a time. It’s annoying. It’s tiring. And, which is why I am not too concerned, it’s probably just a phase. I feel blue and moody when seasons are changing.  And outside the first signs of spring have arrived. I am not sure what to do with my current work situation. There are some family issues affecting me. All added up; not being a ray of joy and fresh breeze of optimism. However, I  don’t feel like writing about wow. Killing dragons in a pixellated world might not make much sense to the majority of the (real) world. Writing about it probably even less. I am not to bothered about that, what people thing, but it’s hard to find inspiration when the mood is not there.

They say mmo’s is escapism. I believe in that. Escaping from the real world for a little while. Achieve things you can’t achieve here. Talking to people safe behind a screen. At least that’s how it used to work. At some point in wow I wanted to be more involved in guild. So I did that. And then I wanted to be even more involved. So I did that too. And somehow between that and now I ended up as GM of the guild. And on some days, all I want is not to be involved in guild. At all. Decisions in guild, about raid setup, dkp, forum, applications, progress… it all seems meaningless sometimes. And probably a complete waste of time to many others. Again, not a problem to me in its own, but when there are argues and disagreements over these things, over and over again, it is becoming one.

Sometimes I am thinking that oh, how nice wouldn’t it be to just be able to log in to a game and be anonymous, pick some flowers in Elwynn Forest, enjoy the aurora borealis over Grizzly Hills or just hunt for transmog gear all around the world. Group up with a few friends, have a laugh, maybe do raid finder at some point. I guess this is what WoW is all about to a lot of people. But to me, right now, it’s very much about stress, complaints and the pressure of having to push content, get better ranking, maximise skills, progress over anything else. I used to love that. I still somehow do. Just… would like some peace every now and then.

There’s a chance of meeting really great people in WoW. Some of them you may even meet in RL, like I have done, and become real friends. But then there are some that appear to be a friend but turns out not to be. I can be quite naive. Sometimes believing that someone is a friend does nothing else than backfire on you, in the end.

It would be easy enough to escape from. Escape the escapism. By clicking Escape, harr harr… But seriously, I could quit at any point. Sometimes it’s tempting. But it’s not what i want to do, not yet. There are some people who do turn out to be real friends, also. And those few make the whole thing enjoyable, still.

Ever felt you are really fedup but few things make it somehow worth it anyway? Or am I alone in thinking this :S


I received this in my mail recently, and it made me very aware of how much time I spend in front on the computer, either it’s study, work or hobby related. I remember that the images on left side were the normal way to do things, not that long ago either, and now… well, I do all those things on the pc now. I came over a post on my friend Tom’s blog, and it made me smile. It’s pretty simple, you go outside when wind is strong, sit down (Tom used a chunk of ice, we used plastic bags), pull your jacket up behind you as a seal and let the wind take you forward, preferably down-hill, wiiiiiii! Great fun, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Tom’s version of ice surfing (more hardcore than ours)

I thought I was the only one playing the ice surfing game when I grew up, but maybe it’s a norwegian thing? Because my cousins, Guro and Mari (who has a blog, too!) and I, played this a lot when weather allowed it. I think I spent most of the days outdoor in general, there was not much to do inside, and we were sent out to play and make up our own games. I am actually pretty glad I didn’t have a pc while growing up, cause I was a very happy child.

So what to do, now that things have changed and I have to spend time at pc, whether I’d like to or not? Well, my last years new year’s resolution was to start going to gym, which I did. So this year it will be to continue going there. I think it’s a lot easier actually getting there in spring / summer than winter. Like today, I had to dig my car out of all the snow both before and after class. And it’s dark and cold and the sofa with the warm blanket seems sooo tempting.

Today it was spinning class, which is my absolute favourite of gym classes. The lights are off, the music is loud and even though there are 39 others in the room, it feels like it’s just you and the bike. We use pulse belts around waists, under t-shirt, and can watch our heart rate and percentage of max pulse on large monitors, and it’s all about pushing yourself to max. Sweat is dripping, legs are aching, you feel that you can’t go on, but then the trainer or even your own mind says something motivating that makes you gather all those thoughts about quitting, toss them out of the door, and just keep going! Until you exhausted notices class is ending and you can go home, wrap yourself in a robe and just feel great really. Until next time 😀

Anyone else than me spending way too much time sitting down nowadays?

It has only been 10 weeks but it feels like more, the incident who remarkably reduced my real-Id activity and made Azeroth a little bit more empty. I am talking about one of my closest WoW friends leaving game, some refer to him as the great hunter Silverhawk, to me he will always be just Tom.

Tom and Epixx

Feels like ages ago the night where our two young paladins ran the down the golden hills of Westfall, our shields reflecting the moonlight, surrounding us in a soft, shimmer glow as we slaughtered everything that was foolish enough to get in our way.

We didn’t make it much further than this, well expected since I always knew Tom’s presence on Bronzebeard was temporary. His hearthstone was set far away, on another realm called Vashj. Some ore, a handful of gems and a stack of linen cloth in my backpack is everything he left behind, but only physically. We may not have faced the greatest adventures together, considering our greatest encounter was a sharp-toothed, furry thief, also knows as Hogger, but there was laughter, fun and most important of all, friendship. Good memories, which no backpack is large enough to carry.

Tom and Tribecius (!)

It is not the first, and probably not the last time I have seen it. It happened with Lord of the Rings, Age of Conan, Aion and now Rift. New games are released, leaving Stormwind’s trade district a little less crowded. For a while. Then it’s usually back to normal, with a few exceptions, those who don’t come back at all. Little did i know Tom was going to be one of these exceptions, swapping Azeroth for Telara, without looking back. I am only one of many who feels his absence, but I follow his adventures on his blog, and he also made a little guest post for me, writing about his Rifting. Enjoy!

So, here I am again writing a guest post at my favorite blog… I am one of those who chose to move from Azeroth to Telara (RIFT) and stay there. I went to Telara with a few of my friends but some of them went back to Azeroth. I guess they missed the place… I on the other hand didn’t.

The only negative thing I can think of changing game scene is the fact that you lose touch with most of your old friends as we kind of stop communicating when you move on. I guess gamers are more acquaintances than friends really. 6 years in WoW and then moving on… feels like you left the family behind in search of a new life. The odds for me going back to Azeroth has gone from high probability to zero in less than 2 months.

I was über bored of World of Warcraft when I heard rumors of Rift and the longing for something new and exciting was more than enough for me to sneak by and check out the beta. 2 hours into beta I preordered RIFT and cancelled my WoW account and I haven’t looked back ever since. I giggle to myself every time I get phishing mails about WoW now… Tho now I get both phishing scam mails from Blizzard and Trion (well, people who think I’m stupid enough to believe they are Blizzard and Trion that is).

So why do I like Rift better than World of Warcraft ? Well, first of all I feel like a total noob again since everything is new and all… you know the feeling you had when you first started out exploring the world of Azeroth and all that. It is a good feeling… Secondly I think the professions in Rift are more exciting as you have the possibility to add stats with augments and change the color of the armor.

The fact that they have more stuff to do in-game than Azeroth is also a huge plus. I have only done 2 dungeons in Rift till now because I’m to busy going for Rift event invasions and looking for artifacts. Artifact hunting is insanely addictive and it’s nothing like the WoW Archaeology where you feel like eating a bullet from all the travelling for nothing. In Rift you actually see the artifacts, they are hidden among rocks, in bushes, on mountain tops etc. Basically it’s like puzzles.. when you have all artifacts of a set you hand it in and get rewarded with a lucky coin, a bag with goodies (sometimes epics) or potions. You can also get books with lore which you can add to your collection.

The rewards you get (like surprises from chests, achievements and artifact bags) are always an item that suits the class you play when you loot it. This means that you’ll never get plate or cloth if you play a rogue. Sure in dungeons it drops randoms as it does in Azeroth and you can be unlucky with drops… but not on the single player scene.

Right now there is a 3 stage event going on in Rift and they had to postpone stage two of the event with a week because the server couldn’t handle 100 people in the same zone fighting the same boss… not really a big surprise. An epic fail event if you will… I personally was a bit disappointed with constant disconnects and stuff but I don’t care. I still love the game (which is new so you have to forgive the few flaws the game has as it will be even more awesome in time). Trion is way better at hot fixes and updates and service than Blizzard is. The servers are down in shorter periods and the updates are not set to one day of the week. They added new content less than a month after release… now that was unexpected.

I still don’t have a clue why some of the people would go back to boring Azeroth after trying out a day or two in Telara. I guess the main reason is they miss the people back in Azeroth. Personally I’d rather have fun in Telara than be bored shitless in Azeroth, friends or no friends. I wish I had 4 more friends playing tho so that I could get to see some dungeons.. but for now I’m more than happy to be an artifact/Rift hunter.

Sunny Days

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Happy Easter!

About a year ago I wrote that I this year would be going to TG; The Gathering, but I have realised I feel too old. Also, I like  my comfort and would probably be cranky and tired. Not to mention tickets were a small fortune and sold out before I could locate the site to buy them. Last time I stayed up for a long time with very little sleep was at Cata release, and it took me a while to get back on track. So I am pretty happy about being home for the holidays. My guildies Snapp and Hiassen, also known as Chris my brother and our friend Torje, are there for their 8th year in a row or so. Bringing all kinds of computer stuff, shelves and huge amounts of mineral water. Together with 6000 other gamers!

As for me, I have spent most of the time outside in the sun, trying to find out if the cafés of Oslo are ready for the incoming spring. With the great weather, the sweetest friends and ice-cold Carlsberg looking out on Aker Brygge, it’s looking very promising so far. Oh, and somewhere between Carlsberg 1 and 4 I invited everyone to a bbq, my place on Sunday. Bring hotdogs! How’s your Easter looking?

I was at a wedding the previous weekend, and I must say its the best wedding i have ever been to. The bride was one of my best friends and we lived at the same dorm in university many years ago. Now we live in different cities, but still keep in touch. The couple seemed so happy together, I couldnt help crying a bit at some point. The whole wedding was filled with laughter, love and happiness, and we stayed up celebrating til sunrise. Dear Stine and Rune, Im so glad I could be there and share this day with you, I love you loads!

Theres only one thing I dont like about weddings, and thats the dancingpart. I hate dancing! I dont do it, never ever. And at weddings you are for some reason supposed to dance. Argh! Had to time my going-out-for-fresh-air very well several times. Reminds me of this video I found at YouTube, they must be the coolest dancing couple ever! Guests expect a long, traditional weddingdance but get something totally different…have a look!