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Today is the World Book Day! I just finished my book Lasso Rundt fra Luna of Agnar Mykle, which is a really great book. I have 5 large boxes of books in my house, but not enough book shelves to have them out. If I ever get a house I want a room where every wall is covered with books! Yes, I know that the word for that is library :p

I learned to read myself at the age of four, and have been reading lots ever since. I worked several years in a bookstore, which made me even more interested in literature. It’s really hard knowing what to tell people who come in and ask; can you recommend a good book? What I like is not necessarily what you like. When people are asked what their favourite book is they tend to answer something like the Great Gatsby, Kafka (seriously? You read the Process and thought “wow this rocks?” or anything of Paulo Coehlo. It’s like people think, “if I say I read Coelho I seem intellectual”. Although some of the  most top-selling books are Harry Potter, the Twilight Saga and the Da Vinci Code,  but no one rarely mentions these. Oh and the Bible. Apparently.

I think reading is good and you should never be embarrassed to tell anyone what your favourites are, doesn’t matter if they are shallow, pink and glossy or have deeper meanings in them.

I tried making a list of my favourites, which was hard, but I made a top 5 and will probably notice I forgot the most important ones right after posting this 🙂

Lars Saabye Christensen- Beatles. Read it first time when I was 10 and have been reading it about every other year since that. About four boys from Oslo and we follow them from the 60’s to the 70’s. It’s funny, smart, wonderful and sad.

Jack London – The call of the wild. ABout the sled dog Jack, everything is seen through his eyes.

Emily Brontë- Wuthering Heights. Well famous for its tragical love story. One of the first adult books I read, and I never get tired of it.

JRR Tolkien- Lord of the Rings. Not much to say really. Magical 🙂

Vladimir Nabokov- Lolita. A man’s obsession for young girls, especially his step-daughter Lolita. Might sound creepy, and of course it is, but… The book is so amazingly good. Movie is all right too 🙂

Do you have a favourite book? Happy Book Day!

It is, or at least it was until 1 minute ago, Earth Day, so I decided to write some more from my trip, where I felt very close to nature. Hurtigruten travels 365 days a year, and the trips during different seasons are nothing like each other. My spring coastal journey was called “The Arctic Awakening” which is exactly what it is. Up in the North the darkness is beginning to let go and will soon be replaced with the midnight sun, which dominates from May 13th to July 31st. You really need to benefit from the sun which after this will be gone for 6 months. And when spring starts to kick in, like it is now, it’s like watching an entire frozen civilization coming alive. The climate, the people, the wildlife. The mountains will their caps decorated with snow all year round, but in the middle of icebergs you see little islands where trees, bushes and branches wake up and force their way up and forth, pushing the intense cold back.

On the third day we crossed the Arctic circle. Tradition says that when you cross that line for the first time you need to be baptized. So we all gathered at deck and had a ceremony where we toasted in- oh yummi!- pure fish oil. If you are not a fan of eating fish this might make you want to throw yourself over board. If you do like the taste of fish you might only want to make funny faces for a few minutes. But hey, once we were vikings right? Tourists may find it terrible, but Norwegians stay tough. *tries to convince herself*

After Arctic Circle we went into Temperate Zone, and it was like turning off a switch. Goodbye icebergs, hello mountains. Farewell white, welcome green. We simply went from winter to spring, with nothing left from the Arctic than wonderful memories, hopefully captured on film. And of course with the taste of  fresh fish oil.

Traveling alone is nice. You get to plan your own day and do exactly what you want to do, whenever you want to do it. I love it. And I didn’t feel lonely for a second on the trip. While sailing through nature so powerful and breathtaking like this, you sort of feel small and, well, just happy and most of all honoured to be there to witness it all. However, during meals there are reserved tables, meaning you will eat your lunch and dinner at the same table each night. At “my” table I was so lucky to end up sitting next to some wonderful people, a Norwegian couple in their 60’s and a Swedish daughter and father, where the father is close to 90 years old. My new friend! Conversation never ran dry, and the food… oh the food was simply wonderful. Norwegian local specialties, fresh from ocean or forest. Mmm.

Although the boat has wireless internet on board, it’s slow and uploading pictures takes about same time as a full walk around deck. But by all means. In the middle of the nowhere, at sea. I wouldn’t even expect to get wi-fi what so ever. The ship arranges several excursions, slightly more on the northbound route than the south one, because we arrived quite a few ports late at night. I signed up to snowmobile trip in the middle of the night, where we would get training in driving one before we’d drive into the white desert and hunt for northern lights and wildlife. Extremely exciting I think, but they called me the night before it was due to tell me that bad weather and potential landslides made it too dangerous to drive. Weather is to be respected at all times. So I had no choice but to go back to bed, after taking off the 4 layers of clothes I was wearing. Speaking of clothes, they were all frequently used (often all at once!) till we crosses the arctic circle. After that I could leave some of them in cabin, and by the time I reached Bergen I was back to normal citywear. I quite enjoyed wandering in the cities up North dresses like ready landing on moon. Traveling on Hurtigruten is not about looking hot, as long as you are not cold everything goes. Fashion did not seem to exist there, and I loved it.

An excursion that was not cancelled was eagle safari, a fishing boat came to pick us up and we went near icebergs and rocks to look for eagles. Sea eagle is Northern Europe’s largest bird of prey, with wings that spread out can be more than 2 meters. Gliding above your head, well aware of its majestic position, combining grace and strength. It chases annoying seagulls away before diving the sea, like a rocket, catches a fish and flies away to consume its newly caught lunch. To me, she (because the ones we saw were females), symbolises freedom. And to witness her was magical.

That’s it for now :)Happy Earth Day!


Weekend was really good. I haven’t done much else but working, but a tense work situation is slightly changed for the better and, after several weeks of waiting and worrying,  it now feels I can breathe again. So I have done my work with a big smile. And that felt good.

Spent time with my sister and we made the most delicious cakes. At least they looked good, we ate so much dough, frosting and sprinkles while baking that when we were done none of us could eat anything else. When I came home I actually found raspberry frosting on my earlobe. Ew?

Also made the bestest (it is a word!) strawberry daiquiri, after a recipe I learned at my friend’s birthday party last weekend. Might be something everyone knows already, but… I thought I had to go to TGI Friday’s to get a decent daiquiri. I was wrong and hurrah for that 😀 Here is wonderful Annika’s recipe:

Oh and, I still play and enjoy WoW. But right now, I have not much to write about it. I’d rather write about other things at the moment, or both 🙂 However, I read a very nice blog post on Harpy’s today, about Saga’s “worst dressed warlock” competition, where I think Harpy did a great job. My lock is purple and shiny, but I couldn’t compete with the outfits Harpy put together. She has my vote! Hope your weekend was as good as mine 🙂

Our guild was realm first to get I’m on a boat (25 player). ANd that is the only World of Warcraft referance I will do for some time. I thought about that because it is exactly what I am right now, on a boat I mean.

I have been to 34 countries in my life, but seen very little of my own country. So I figured Easter holiday was a good time to change that. And all I can think of now really is; why haven’t I done this before? My trip strted at home where I flew from Oslo to Kirkenes, which is right on the Russian border. For the record I really hate flying, something that’s become worse and worse for the last few years. And no, serving statistics about how much dangerous it is to get into a car does absolutely nothing, rien, nada for me. It’s like telling someone who’s scared of snakes that he should be scared of hippos instead, since they are a lot more dangerous. Or telling them hey, more people die from being hit by cocoanuts rather than snakes bites you know. Yeah I’m sure that information will make them all zen next time they see a snake.

I have this little book that’s supposed you to feel better, and author keeps saying you should tell cabin crew that you are scared of flying. Never done that before, but this time I did, went into plane, said hello to the smiling air steward   and mumbled something like, “eehhh oh and by the way, I’m scared of flying”. Felt like an idiot, but she didn’t seem to think I was and was extremely professional and friendly Thank you, Norwegian Airlines. A few minutes into the flight she came to my seat where I sat with tears in my eyes, squeezing my coffee mug, asking if I would like to come into the cockpit to meet the captain. I felt a bit silly, last time someone offered me to see the cockpit I had milk teeth and pigtails. However, I think it was really nice being introduced to the pilots who were funny, sweet and really reassuring. When people ask me why I am scared of flying, and what exactly it is that I am scared of.. well I can only say afraid of plane going down I guess. It has happened to people I know, another reason why the whole car statistic thing doesn’t do it for me. Turbulence freaks me out, and when that happens it’s like someone grabs my heart from inside, twists it, tears it apart and throw the pieces further down my stomach. Anyone who is going to fly with me needs a lot of patience, but on the other side, will be fully rewarded once we are safe down on the ground. Which we were, this time also.

After the two hours of me biting my lip we arrived Kirkenes, airport was about size as an average diningroom. Good for me, could instantly pick up my suitcase and found Kirkenes’ only taxi, driven by an x-oslo inhabitant who moved here some years ago and fell in love with the light / lack of light, the people and the nature. The city is right on the Russian border and 400 km above the arctic circle.  I got the grand tour from the car, we saw the snow hotel, Andersgrotta, an underground bunker from WWII frequently used at that time since Kirkenes is second after Malta on having the largest number of bomb attacks in Europe, with more than 1,000 alarms and 320 air attacks. Not many houses are left from that time.

Near Kirkenes three different time zones meet, and I was hopelessly confused to see my usually ever-so-trustworthy Iphone going bananas, switch time back and forth, making me have to look at my actual wrist watch!

The ship I am on is called Hurtigruten which translated means the  fast route.  The official English name is The Norwegian Coastal Express and is a fleet consistant of  ships, 11 have routes in Norway while the newest ship, MS Fram, sails in Greenland and Antarctica. Hurtigruten sails from Bergen in west to Kirkenes in the north, a roundtrip Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen takes 11 days. One ship leave Bergen everyday, and visits 34 ports on its up way up to Kirkenes, same on the southbound route, which is the route I am currently on.

Hurtigruten started sailing in 1893 and was mainly sailing mail and cargo and could reduce a letters travel time from 3 weeks in summer and five months (!) in winter down to seven days. The fleet expanded quickly, and in the early 80’s the company started focusing also on tourism and upgraded ships to be larger and more comfortable. All together 70 ship has been in use for Hurtigruten. The ship I am on is called Finnmarken and was built in 2002. She can carry up t 1000 passengers, has a gym, several saloons and an outdoor pool area with a heated swimming pool and two jacuzzies.

I was happy to get upgraded to upper cabin deck when I checked in, I have lots of space and a nice starboard view. People asked me if I was going to get seasick, where I laughed and was like “please! I’m like Neptune!” Well. Two hours after leaving Kirkenes we came into rough, open sea and Neptune had to kneel for the toilet. Yuck. But after that I have been fine and I now know why they call it “World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage.” It really is.

My granddad once told me that when people asked me what I wanted to be when I was grown up, I could answer “happy” if I didn’t know what. Well, to be honest, I still don’t know what I want to be, apart from happy. However, there are times I am not. Now is such a time. It’s annoying. It’s tiring. And, which is why I am not too concerned, it’s probably just a phase. I feel blue and moody when seasons are changing.  And outside the first signs of spring have arrived. I am not sure what to do with my current work situation. There are some family issues affecting me. All added up; not being a ray of joy and fresh breeze of optimism. However, I  don’t feel like writing about wow. Killing dragons in a pixellated world might not make much sense to the majority of the (real) world. Writing about it probably even less. I am not to bothered about that, what people thing, but it’s hard to find inspiration when the mood is not there.

They say mmo’s is escapism. I believe in that. Escaping from the real world for a little while. Achieve things you can’t achieve here. Talking to people safe behind a screen. At least that’s how it used to work. At some point in wow I wanted to be more involved in guild. So I did that. And then I wanted to be even more involved. So I did that too. And somehow between that and now I ended up as GM of the guild. And on some days, all I want is not to be involved in guild. At all. Decisions in guild, about raid setup, dkp, forum, applications, progress… it all seems meaningless sometimes. And probably a complete waste of time to many others. Again, not a problem to me in its own, but when there are argues and disagreements over these things, over and over again, it is becoming one.

Sometimes I am thinking that oh, how nice wouldn’t it be to just be able to log in to a game and be anonymous, pick some flowers in Elwynn Forest, enjoy the aurora borealis over Grizzly Hills or just hunt for transmog gear all around the world. Group up with a few friends, have a laugh, maybe do raid finder at some point. I guess this is what WoW is all about to a lot of people. But to me, right now, it’s very much about stress, complaints and the pressure of having to push content, get better ranking, maximise skills, progress over anything else. I used to love that. I still somehow do. Just… would like some peace every now and then.

There’s a chance of meeting really great people in WoW. Some of them you may even meet in RL, like I have done, and become real friends. But then there are some that appear to be a friend but turns out not to be. I can be quite naive. Sometimes believing that someone is a friend does nothing else than backfire on you, in the end.

It would be easy enough to escape from. Escape the escapism. By clicking Escape, harr harr… But seriously, I could quit at any point. Sometimes it’s tempting. But it’s not what i want to do, not yet. There are some people who do turn out to be real friends, also. And those few make the whole thing enjoyable, still.

Ever felt you are really fedup but few things make it somehow worth it anyway? Or am I alone in thinking this :S


I received this in my mail recently, and it made me very aware of how much time I spend in front on the computer, either it’s study, work or hobby related. I remember that the images on left side were the normal way to do things, not that long ago either, and now… well, I do all those things on the pc now. I came over a post on my friend Tom’s blog, and it made me smile. It’s pretty simple, you go outside when wind is strong, sit down (Tom used a chunk of ice, we used plastic bags), pull your jacket up behind you as a seal and let the wind take you forward, preferably down-hill, wiiiiiii! Great fun, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Tom’s version of ice surfing (more hardcore than ours)

I thought I was the only one playing the ice surfing game when I grew up, but maybe it’s a norwegian thing? Because my cousins, Guro and Mari (who has a blog, too!) and I, played this a lot when weather allowed it. I think I spent most of the days outdoor in general, there was not much to do inside, and we were sent out to play and make up our own games. I am actually pretty glad I didn’t have a pc while growing up, cause I was a very happy child.

So what to do, now that things have changed and I have to spend time at pc, whether I’d like to or not? Well, my last years new year’s resolution was to start going to gym, which I did. So this year it will be to continue going there. I think it’s a lot easier actually getting there in spring / summer than winter. Like today, I had to dig my car out of all the snow both before and after class. And it’s dark and cold and the sofa with the warm blanket seems sooo tempting.

Today it was spinning class, which is my absolute favourite of gym classes. The lights are off, the music is loud and even though there are 39 others in the room, it feels like it’s just you and the bike. We use pulse belts around waists, under t-shirt, and can watch our heart rate and percentage of max pulse on large monitors, and it’s all about pushing yourself to max. Sweat is dripping, legs are aching, you feel that you can’t go on, but then the trainer or even your own mind says something motivating that makes you gather all those thoughts about quitting, toss them out of the door, and just keep going! Until you exhausted notices class is ending and you can go home, wrap yourself in a robe and just feel great really. Until next time 😀

Anyone else than me spending way too much time sitting down nowadays?

2012, Hi!

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A little 2011 Summary

Best purchase: Membership at gym

Worst purchase: Oooh, the shame, a “one piece”!

Stupid moment: Locked myself out and had to slide sideways into open bedroom window. In front of neighbors having giant bbq party.

Most embarrassing moment: Reaching for wallet in liquor shop and raining tampons all over counter and floor

One good night: 22nd of May, my birthday party

I will never go back to: Egypt

I will definitely go back to: Anywhere in France

Best memory: Flying to France only for one night to surprise my dad on his birthday

Worst movie seen: Sucker Punch. Never going to forgive my brother for that.

Best movie seen: Not that many “whoooaw” experiences. But one movie that made me think : Another Earth. And one that made me laugh: Brides Maids.

One sad day: Oslo after 22nd of July

What I need to work on: My rising fear of flying

Thing I regret doing: taking personal bad mood out on people who don’t deserve it

Made me happy in 2011: My family

Drove me crazy in 2011: My family

Thing I have learned the hard way: Think twice before lending friends money

Food I have eaten the most: Sushi

Food I have not had at all: Kebab

Scary moment: When my sister called me from a hotel room, heavily drugged down after accepting a drink from a stranger

Most addicted to: Pepsi Max

What people never understood in 2011: Pepsi tastes better than Coke

Said goodbye to: Mazda

Said hello to: Audi

Almost non-existing in 2011: My love life

Very too existing of 2011: Feeling lonely

I really love: My cat

Expression I used the most: Maybe Baby

Expression I should stop using: Maybe Baby

Worst imitation of 2011: Me as Arnold Schwatrzenegger “do it, do it NAOW!”

And to all the ones I know who were there for me in 2011, I love you so much. You know who you are 🙂


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Still here…sort of!

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Me 🙂

I’m really not good at keeping my blog updated. My friend Tom keeps telling me I should do like him, make a personal blog instead, or in addition. But I don’t see what I would write on there, the things I could write about are too boring and the things I would want to write about, well I am scared they would be a bit too personal. Not that it really matters, not like half the world is reading this anyway 😉 But I DO like to write on this blog, and not always about epics or monsters.

I enjoy wow at the moment, I deleted my 40-ish druid just to start over again, and I really like being a cat. It’s still the melee thing that is complicated, I’m struggling with facing the right way while using my abilities. Would like some kind of “stick” ability so I just followed it automatically and could focus on rotation instead. Yes, I know that sounds like maximum laziness, but I am telling you; I NEED it!

Our raids…hmm, not so much to say about it, or I simply don’t feel like it. We have 4/7 heroic Firelands now and I enjoy raiding. I have gone from clicking ALL my spells to keybind about half. It’s good progress for me I think. And there are still so many great people who make the game fun and interesting. Some of them just makes me smile all the time.  My real life seems to look more and more like a routine, with studies in the mornings and either wow, gym or work in evening. While trying to see be social once or twice a week by going out for dinner, movie or coffee with friends or family. It’s not very exciting. But could be a lot worse.

I saw a thing at Revive & Rejuvenate, called IntPiPMo, where you are supposed to post 50 screenshots over 30 days (in November). I think I have 3000 screenshots, so I wish I had seen it earlier. I am bit lost for words nowadays it seems, so would have been nice.

Apart from that, it’s already end of November, and  I wonder what happened to September and October. Yesterday someone at work told me I looked like what we call a Lykketroll (Happy Troll?) in Norwegian, which made me realise it is really time for a haircut. Usually I keep my hair cut in different lengths and use hair straightener with several products to keep it out of trouble, but lately it has become very happy, long and fluffy and I think I look like Tom Hanks in Cast Away! But at least I have been doing my own version of Movember 🙂