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New Westfall

So I have taken a look on a few changes in game now. There’s really no point in writing about everything here, I am sure there are other websites doing that better than me. However, I’d like to share my first few impressions. Stormwind looks great, and there have been added more flightpaths to Azeroth, less running / riding. Lots of zones are different, and got new quests added to them. I think leveling a new toon will fun again, when you haven’t done everything several times before.


I paid Guilneas a visit, and first thing I saw was heavy raind and sheeps. I love both, so very good. Also ran into a lovely little creature, a fox, and had to get my hunter there to see if it could be tamed. It could! So now I have the sweetest pet ever, it even has a racial ability for playing, so it can dance. Pretty! If anyone have a good petname for it, feel free to call out 😀



Big Bada Boom

While I’m writing this, the world of Azeroth is changing! When I log back in tomorrow there will be…well, probably too much qq to handle in trade channel, lag and confusion, but also a new world to explore! When I was new in WoW, the think I liked most was exploring a new zone. I wasn’t really into the map function (let’s face it, I’m still not!), so all of a sudden a zine could change from try desert into lush jungle, and I was excited every time it happened. Much of the game I just ran around exploring, killing the creatures I came over, well, if I managed before they killed me, that is.

I have had access to Beta server since the beginning, but I don’t really want to know TOO much about the game in advance, specially not the new areas. It wouldn’t feel fresh that way. So yes, I am excited about tomorrow.

I am a bit surprised though, I thought the cataclysm would occur in, well, Cataclysm. And then the world changes two weeks before. Hm. Can’t deny the fact that it feels a bit like cheating, but I’ll live with it. Apparently, the portals in Dalaran will be gone tomorrow. I said goodbye to the places I like the most. Goodbye,  Purple Parlour where I liked to hide, put on a red dress and look down at the city. Goodbye well, where I used to jump down for quicker access to sewers. And most of all; Goodbye, wall on the stairs outside southern bank (the left wall, never the right one) where I always, always stood before and after raid time. I know I can do all this at later point, but… it felt like the last time anyway.

The last thing I did before server shut down was Warsong Gulch. Then I logged off in Stormwind, not sure what it will be like when I get back in tomorrow.

Furbolg form + baby wolf = Win. Nuff said.

As usual, I do things at the last-minute. There were many things I wanted to do before Cataclysm. Loremaster. Zul Gurub mounts. Classic Dungeonmaster. Winterspring Frostsaber. I didn’t get these things done, but on the other hand I got my wand that turns me into a Furbolg and my dearly beloved Worg pup (also gave it a lovely name ;)). So I am happy! And still excited, but… there are places I will miss.

Nr 1. Always been. Always will be.

Since I haven’t read everything I’ve come over about Cataclysm, I don’t know exactly which zones will change and which ones that will remain. But I paid a last visit to my favourite place in WoW, Winterspring. I love how the snow glows, the stars on the pale sky, the hot springs and the footprints my mount leave in the snow. So, in case you change; Goodbye Winterspring. Anything you are glad you got to do before the changes? Any places you will miss?

I can tell you whats cooking, it is the Pilgrim Event, started Sunday, means you have a week before it ends. What is it about? “Time to reflect on your journeys and good fortune, share plentiful food, and stories with friends”. In other word, eating loads.

Is it worth doing? Well, yes, if you want What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, you need the achievements. You can also get a title (the Pilgrim) a pet (a turkey that throws itself on bonfires), and some cloth items in case you want a Pilgrim set for you wardrobe. But apart from this, it’s an excellent chance to level your cooking! You can level it from 1 to 300 with minimum efforts, all you need to do is gather up vendor mats from Darnassus, Stormwind and Ironforge (and if you are horde you go to…uhm?), buy a cookbook and start cooking. No searching for low-level fish, recipes or strange meat, 30 min and you are good to go for Northrend cooking. Not a single Vanilla or BS recipe needed. Very handy, easy cakes! Do it, do it now!

The bounty tables outside cities are also kind of nice, you can sit down with friends and pass the food around, or have a food fight even. The Bountiful Feasts made for raid parties make a lovely change from the Fish Feast, which I can’t have one more of, it better be steak when Cataclysm hits.

Very random discovery of table and candle light dinner in the middle of nowhere, aka Burning Steppes. Bit lonely tho *sniff*.

Only thing that can be boring is to catch the turkeys you need for the last 20 points of cooking, they run around in Elwynn Forest and Trisfal Glades, but there are many hunting them and they can be hard to see. I did the Turkinator achievement (kill 40 turkeys with less than 30 seconds between each kill) last year, and was so annoyed because every time I had 39 turkeys and a few seconds left, some guy came running and killed the last one so I had to start from scratch. I’s strongly recommend using this macro for this:

#showtooltip Wild Turkey
/target Wild Turkey
/run SetRaidTarget(“target”, 7)

Just spam it while you run around and you’ll see the turkeys behind trees, bushes etc, will go sooo much faster. Happy Pilgrim Event!

Visit Wowhead’s guide to Pilgrim event here

Sometimes I ask myself for how long I will play WoW, at least on the same basis as I’m doing now. Only thing I know is that it will probably (and hopefully?) not be forever.  I’m not planning to quit now, I’m having too much fun for that, but when that times comes I was planning on ordering an ego-copy of myself. For memories. Means something I can look at and think “why on earth did I bother spending such amount of time on that game”, but hopefully it will also remind me all the fun I had, and that I actually got several friends out of it. And no, not the pixellated friends who take your alt through Deadmines, but actual, real homo-sapien friends you have dinner and do actual rl-stuff with.

You have maybe heard of, maybe even visited, FigurePrints. Personally I have earlier found it a bit too expensive to actually place an order, but the prices are now reduced (from 170 to 130 Euro).  If you are the proud owner of a toon that you want to see shaped into stone you will also probably want some better gear than those green-of-the-boar leggings which makes your ass look big. This is also FigurePrints conclusion, because lately they have added an option where you either can choose your own gear, updated from Armory, or pick another armor set. Were you a hardcore Vanilla raider, had full t3 set and would like to remember your toon from the glorious days when you had the time of your life before Blizz messed it all up? You got it!

I’m obviously not the only one who is considering purchasing some WoW effects to cheer up my home, there are tons of stuff out there!

How about a shirt for the doggy? Jewelery for your sweetheart? Soap for the bathroom? Or, mana / health energy drinks to get you through those long wip.. uhm I mean raid nights /nod. If nothing else, would be a fun present for a friend who is also trapped into this hobby we call World of Warcraft.

I also found a selection of plush animals, and have to admit I am very attracted to the voidwalker one. And how cute isn’t the baby murlock??

Gimme, please

Stayin’ Alive

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Ok, so getting Undying title now, after x number of patches since Naxx was new, is maybe not a great achievement, but still great fun. Raids seem hard to put together nowadays, people are fed up with current content and waiting for Cataclysm. I still enjoy all kind of raiding, always have, and as long as we can do something where I can heal I’m in.

I was of course the sissy and freaked out the minute someone dropped below 95 % health, Stoffe had trouble with his newly bought Dubaian alligator, Hugo didn’t have to use ankh for once, Simon showed off with the silly Shadowmourne and Torje did mad stunts that made whole raid panic outload on Vent. A good night 🙂


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Being fan of both Monty Python and World of Warcraft, I just have to love this one 😀 It’s a parody of The Cheese Shop sketch, btw.

New Paths

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Was hanging out in Stormwind again, until I remembered why I don’t do it more often. I got whispers non-stop. Grr!
From a level 12 hunter:
– Hi!!!! Can u plz make glow in wpn!!
-No sorry. I’m not an enchanter.
– Plz glow!!! On wpn!!!!
– …
– Plxz I pay!!!
– Listen…as I told you, I am not an enchanter.
– Ok.
– Ok.
– So can u give the glow??
From a level 34 mage:
– Can you please boost me in SM?
– No, sorry
– But why? I really need help 😦 Please
– I don’t give boosts. Besides it would take forever. Im resto.
– You are rested?
– Hm? No resto. As in restoration.
– Oh. I thought you were a shaman.

And don’t even get me started on trade and general channels! Imbàpally is spamming “Dirge  dirge dirge!”. Someone answers with “your mum” jokes and Lolpwnrogué tops it with writing “anal”. Over and over and over. Sure, the time is 16.00 and its prime time for semi-aggressive kids who just got home from school and get nervously over-excited by reading the word “boob”. The average WoW player is 27 years old. Where are all of those people hiding then?? Are they on the horde side? Statistics say no, the age is nicely balanced between the two factions.

Maybe the problem is my server? Bronzebeard is perhaps an attractive home for the ones who think its cool to act tough behind the screen without getting consequences. And could it be any different on the roleplay servers? I decided to find out, and after some research I chose to pay a visit to the RP server Argent Dawn, a highly populated, respective server that are supposed to be one of the best RP EU servers. The same evening, under the twinkling stars of Elwynn Forest, the warlock Lynn was born.
Don’t ask what this means, I have no clue
My first stop is Goldshire in Elwynn Forest. The first thing I’m noticing is that no one are running, they are walking. A level 49 warrior comfortably  worn in cloth is sitting in the corner of a window while emoting: “Trimack finds his favourite position up on the window sill, trying to look his best. Maybe this day she will pass by and notice him. He will never grow tired of waiting for her.” Who mister Trimack is waiting for I don’t know, and I’m not feeling brave enough in the mastery of roleplaying to ask him either. Around the corner are Trealor and Tralinda standing close to each other. The young Traelor has recently been accepted to the priest profession, but is frustrated with her master. Tralinda is trying to explain to her that the becoming a priest is a long education who leaves deep scars in the soul, but on the long road one will realize that being a priest is to master a piece of art (On Bronzebeard this probably means : leveling priest is boring as hell, but after 80 you will kick ass).

In the grove of the forest near the blacksmith an old man, Elfea is walking restlessly around. He asks if anyone has seen a big Elwynn bear, this creature has eaten his grandfather’s monocle. If anyone were to find it, he would be endlessly grateful, since this was the only thing he had left from a large and honourful kin.

Wow, I think to myself, this really IS different! No spam, no blahblahblah, no…wait a minute…from nowhere he pops up – the gnome rogue Ikìllyou runs up in front of me and yells so loud that if the monocle-eating bear was anywhere near, he in halfway to Westfall now. “WHERE ARE HORDE???!!!” the little green-haired halfling also known as Ikìllyou shouts, and the magic is gone for now.

A visit to Stormwind is also on its right place. How will trade and general channel look like here? Someone is looking for an enchanter. So far it looks pretty much the same. Maybe a bit more quiet, but it’s getting late and its past bedtime for the youngest ones. All of a sudden there are warnings about Stormwind being under attack. But, instead of “OMG horde pwning the king come help ffs”, someone is shouting “Rescue us, killing the dogs o’ Stormwind! Neaten the lines!“. “Lutz of dead ppl in castle lololol” has been replaced with “O’ screams in the chapels, corpses on the floor“. The paladin Detroix is sitting at the fountain of Stormwind, he is wearing fully level 60 epic gear. Even though he is level 80 now, he has no intentions about changing this. He would like to help out on the attack, he says, but its this damn leg you see, keeps dragging him down.

I would like to stay to find out which story lies behind Detroix’s leg, but I get interrupted by Vanessaa who is frustrated about her career. Apparently, being a prostitute doesn’t pay well in these times. Some years ago she could claim any kind of amounts, but she will still do her job for a decent price. An offer Callypto can’t resist, because not long after we are witnessing a very private and intimate affair.
The whole thing finishes with an outdoor party to celebrate that the horde were defeated. Detroix states that he does not want to join in on this, perhaps this reminds the fallen hero of memories, memories that still hurt. Callypto and Vannessaa don’t share this problem and are cheering and dancing naked in the middle of trade district, filled with happiness. I don’t want to seem dull, so guess what? I’m joining. And, for what its worth; I’m having fun!
To start a new character and level it to 80 on a RP server is not an option to me. But the great thing about those servers is that you don’t have to reach 80 to get maximum out of the game, and many people seem to have no rush to become 80 either. Of course there are annoying and immature players here too (WHERE ARE HORDE!!!), but lets face it, they are not so bad after all, and are a part of the game. I had a great time while I was playing on Argent Dawn, and who knows, maybe Lynn will face more adventures in the future. If nothing else, just for a refreshing experience that can be recommended 🙂 

May the Elune be with you (yeah, yeah I suck, I know)!


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As some of you know, this blog used to be in Norwegian. In other words a year of blog posts that don’t make much sense to most of the readers on this blog. I’ve decided to translate them into English and re-post them. Well, not all of them, I doubt anyone would think it was interesting that I killed General Veszax at this point, but you get the point. So if you see a post you’ve already read, it’s not because I’m being too lazy to post something new. Just a bit every now and then 🙂

The translated posts will be posted under the “Vintage” category.

Shooting Stars

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Ever since Ulduar was released, I thought the title Starcaller was one of the prettiest titles in game. I killed Yogg-Saron on both 10 and 15 man when he (it?) was the newest boss in game, and it’s still one of the fights I remember best. We also had a 10 man group going for hardmodes so we could kill Algalon the Observer, who spawns after completing several hard modes. After engaged, you’ll have one hour to kill him before he despawns.

However, the Mimiron hard mode fight was too hard for us at that time, and after pushing the button over and over, our raid leader went into frenzy mode, followed by enrage and /gquit. We were all so fed up with whole place and situation, so when ToC came out few weeks later, we moved on and didn’t look back. Until now, where we thought it would be a good idea to go back, faceroll through the hard modes and put Algalon to his final rest.

Even though it was really not a huge challenge, I loved the fight, I think it’s one of the prettiest bossfights I have been to, shiny (deadly) stars, glows and sparkles all over. I also love how, when the boss is dead and you hand in the quest item he drops, the Dalaran sky lights up for some seconds, and you see the stars above the city. Oh. So. Pretty.




…before Cataclysm, my great friend Simon got his Shadowmourne 😀 Grats!

Simon is one of the guildies I feel I know the best, sometimes it feels like we come from different planets, but most of the time we have lame conversations about random topics:

Simon is also the one who made me aware of a great video, about fury warriors in pvp. Very sarcastic, kinda funny. Recommended 😀 You just can’t deny the numbers!