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…how incredibly expensive the first epic flying mounts were? Most stuck to the normal flying one for ages, trying to reach the magical 5k, a huge amount of gold for the average player back then. One who chose a non-average way of getting her mount is my sister-in-name Tribeca, a druid on Laughing Skull realm. She had no intentions of spending days of farming or grinding her way to 280 % speed, and decided to, well, mount for a mount, basically!

An Epic Mount! (warcraft players look inside) – w4m – 31 (TriBeCa)
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Date: 2007-04-08, 7:17 PM EDT

WoWHello I need 5000 world of gold for my epic flying mount. In return you can mount me.

You have to have an account on the laughing skull server and I want 5000 gold BEFORE we do anything, we can make the trade at your place since I can’t host. EDIT: Because I am having a lot of dumb guys message me who clearly don’t have the gold make SURE to send a picture of yourself and a screenshot of your character with the 5000g. I will be checking armory profiles, thanks.

I play a level 70 night elf druid and would prefer someone who is into roleplaying (I have a costume!) but honestly anyone will do, as long as you have the gold. I would also be ok with a woman too, as long as you have the gold! Also not adverse to the idea of groups/anal.

Please send a pic and be real and disease/drug free with 5000 gold on the laughing skull server.

Of course this somehow unusual request was linked on wow forums, blogs and websites all over the world, discussing everything from ethics to which guys would reply to this to her hairstyle. You’re not allowed to sell wow gold for real money in game, but I guess it doesn’t say anything about selling gold for sex. I can see the weirdness in it, but hey, people take off their clothes for a lot less than an epic flappy, every night, right?  Tribeca and Tribeca actually share one fact, the fact that they got their superfast mount in less than an hour. While we now know what activity hers involved, I have to admit something, my dark well kept secret, days of confessions has come. What no one knows is that my mount only required a few key presses and a credit card. I did not know back then that the gold bought from goldsellers in most cases come from hacked accounts. I thought the goldsellers just were really organised in farming, and didn’t really see any harm in buying from them. So, on this matter, I am definitely not in any position to judge.

Not that this Tribeca would care if I did! She’d just careface me and fly off. Naked! Shortly after her original post, she posted her follow-up:

Epic Mount sucess story – w4m – 31 (TriBeCa)
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Date: 2007-04-09, 2:25 PM EDT

WoWHi, I’d just like to thank all the jackasses that thought it would be funny to post my picture all over the internet and make 50000 threads about me on wow forums. I got my epic mount in about an hour that was very enjoyable for both parties while all of you idiots probably spent hundreds of hours farming yours or don’t even have them. I won’t be revealing my name or his, but suffice it to say if I find any of you in-game I will be killing you 280% faster. Also my new friend would like to tell you PUNKS to take a hike, PUNKS. I’m planning to meet him again later this week, he’s getting double value for his gold :D .

So talk all the trash you want, I got MY epic flying mount AND I got laid which is more than most of you failures can ever hope for.

Right thing to do or not, she DID get her mount AND what seemed to be a fun time. All I got with my mount was a credit card bill and spam in my email for the next 4 years…Makes me think, using her own words, who’s the real “punk” :p Oh, did I mention I really, really want Ashes of Al’ar? 😀 Not being totally serious here, was she totally out of line for doing this? Are there any items or mounts in game worth going that far for?

Indecent proposal incoming


Tribeca is 4 years old- that’s 148 days played, many chain heals and loads of laughs. That deserves the front of a magazine cover. Happy b-day!