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Sunny Days

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Just me
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Happy Easter!

About a year ago I wrote that I this year would be going to TG; The Gathering, but I have realised I feel too old. Also, I like  my comfort and would probably be cranky and tired. Not to mention tickets were a small fortune and sold out before I could locate the site to buy them. Last time I stayed up for a long time with very little sleep was at Cata release, and it took me a while to get back on track. So I am pretty happy about being home for the holidays. My guildies Snapp and Hiassen, also known as Chris my brother and our friend Torje, are there for their 8th year in a row or so. Bringing all kinds of computer stuff, shelves and huge amounts of mineral water. Together with 6000 other gamers!

As for me, I have spent most of the time outside in the sun, trying to find out if the cafés of Oslo are ready for the incoming spring. With the great weather, the sweetest friends and ice-cold Carlsberg looking out on Aker Brygge, it’s looking very promising so far. Oh, and somewhere between Carlsberg 1 and 4 I invited everyone to a bbq, my place on Sunday. Bring hotdogs! How’s your Easter looking?


Day 8 in Blog Challenge is things you don’t know about me. 10 of them, even! Since a picture says more than thousands word, I found pictures and a few words, in a mix of WoW related things and…well, just me things. Here we go!

Here comes the sun!

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Every time there’s an incoming patch, same thing happens. Seems it’s all people talk about, patch this, patch that. Nerfs and buffs, op and ffs. Cmooon, it’s just a patch! Not next expansion pack. I do try to read if there are any major changes for my class, and I think it’s exciting with new content, like the upcoming heroics. But I don’t know everything that is to know about a patch 4 weeks before it’s released, neither do I usually write about it on the blog. I can do that after it’s live, no?

More of this, please

However, I came over some pictures of a little summer resort on wowhead, seems it will be a new little zone from 4.1. I think it’s too bad that I can’t bring Tribeca to the goblin starter area, it was so pretty there, pools with floating ducks and racing cars and all! I have been wearing wool, scarfs and furry boots from September till now, and I am in desperate need of some sun. I am so pale that I am a danger on the street, risking to make people snowblind! Sadly I don’t think there will be any tanning, ocean breeze or frozen margaritas consumed on beach till end of July. Hopefully there will be several weeks of the classic, lovely Norwegian summer too, meaning 20 degrees in air and -20 ish in water. Yay! Seems the only tropical paradise I will visit for a while is the virtual one. Looks pretty shiny, though!



 Chez Moi

Day 6-Your desk. Picture and / or description.

My desk is not really a desk. I have a real desk upstairs, but there’s no window there, light is bad and internet connection comes and goes. So I have my little entertainment station in corner of my livingroom, using a table as desk. Most of the colours in my appartement are, just like the clothes in my wardrobe, a mix of white, grey and black.

I don’t have an office chair, but I do have the softest sheepskin in the world, not to mention furry, fluffy pillows.  I also like to keep fresh flowers on desk, smells good and look pretty. I try to keep as little as possible on the desk as too many things lying around give visual noise to me. The wow authenticator is allowed, though.

When I play I like to sit on one of my legs, leaning forward, meaning every time I get up I have no feeling in leg and need to jump around moaning. If I am watching movies or series, I like to lean back with legs up on desk, slacker style.

I like my little shinies, especially my World of Warcraft wireless headset., my G19 keyboard and Roccat mouse. I like how I can change the lighting and colours on all of them, and how I see everything even if I have no lights turned on. I also like how it’s possible to have “gaming gadgets” without it looking too geeky or masculine.

I really like my little corner, good thing, since I spend so much time there 🙂

WP 5k!

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Just me
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WHAT IT IS: A 5k run/walk (approximately 3.1 miles). You can run, walk, or skip. It’s up to you. There’s no time limit and there’s just one requirement: that you participate! [ You can do it inside or outside, on a treadmill or on a track, or even do a swim or a bike ride instead of running/walking – just get moving!]

WordPress (this blog platform) invites bloggers to join in on their 5 kilometers run. When I first read about this, I thought “oh noes! I am so not running, I hate running!”. Which I do. In gym classes in early years of school, I didn’t mind jumping, throwing things, hitting stuff or playing ball. But when it came to running I was totally lost, not to mention totally sucked. I am sure people could beat me running backwards, or even by crawling (backwards!). After a knee injury many years ago, running is not only not a preference but also something that can be quite painful.

There are many assumptions and judgements about World of Warcraft, most come from ignorance. One of them is that gamers, and not only the WoW ones, never go outside or move, pretty much like the “guy with no life” from the South Park episode. I have yet to meet someone like him, and have the impression that the players I have met, or speak to in game are active, lovely people with very normal lives.

On the other hand I have to admit that I have spent more hours than I dare think about on this game, I don’t regret any of them but there have been times I wish I was more active. After new year I, probably like 85% of the population, decided to exercise more and eat healthier.  Well, it’s the 5th of April, and I am keeping up . Not bad?

From running excuses in my head each time there was time for gym (whoaa, that’s some heavy rain! Better not go outside in storm. Hmm, is that a sore throat I feel sneaking up on me? I think it is, better go back to bed!), I now actually look forward to it. So when I read about WordPress’ challenge, I not only wanted in, I wanted to run.

Location was SATS this morning, Robyn was in my ears, blood, sweat and tears (ok, let’s not be too dramatic, only sweat) was spelt and I am now painfully aware of all my body parts. But it was fun, it felt great afterwards and was a little push I needed to get up on the horse, or in this case, the treadmill.

The WP 5k can be done anytime between April 4th – April 10th, and can be done by walking, swimming, cycling, anything! Oh, and 5 kilometers are equal to 3.1 miles btw. I am actually planning to do the same thing tomorrow. Come run with me?

It might sound stupid, but I have always been really fond of 1st of April, with all of its jokes. When I was a child, practical jokes were my speciality. For my amusement, I have to say. For others, not so much! I had lots of imagination and liked to fool the employees in kindergarten, telling them all kinds of lies just to see if they bought it and how far I could go. Usually pretty far. One time I told them I was actually Russian, and started speaking “Russian” for them, making up words that sounded similar to what I had heard on tv. They had no knowledge of the language and when my mum came to pick me up they said they were very impressed with my bilingual skills. I also told them I was a vegetarian to see if I could get out of the horrible, horrible liver meal, recklessly chopped up and thrown on a plate. I did, and when my mum again came to pick me up, they asked her what food was ok to serve and not. Just to mention something.  And this was before the age of five.

Guess I made my parents embarrassed so there were several serious talks over dinner table about what was ok to joke about and what wasn’t, and the difference between lies and jokes. What I remember very well, was that they said it was ok to make jokes on 1st of April. I was amazed, a whole day where it was ok to lie and fool people?? Like christmas and birthday all in once. And what can I say? I still think it’s fun.

No 1st of April needed to accidentily push your brother into the pool

When I logged into WoW today, people were talking about pandas and crabs. Mmo announced that the next race in game would be pandas. And that next expansion might be called Panda Mania. Blizzard themselves wrote about Crabby, the new dungeon helper, a crab that came with you into dungeons as a guide. Just like the annoying pencil (or was it lightbulb?) who came up in earlier to help in earlier versions of Word documents. Not to mention their new dungeon, the Tomb of Immortal Darkness, which takes place in complete darkness. Sort of World of Warcraft meets Blair Witch Project. With no lights.

Bit confused about the new items from Blizzard store, wings that will work as a mount, and then you just fly up in the air. Seems it’s  a joke, but…I want them! Also, and this one might be real, there will be a dye vendor where you can buy dyes to change the colour of your armor. I like my armor in Burning Crusade, it was blue and gold and red all over and made me shine like a knight! Now I am all dull in nature colours, brown and grey doesn’t make a shammy girl sparkle! Bring on the dye, pleeease?

Were you fooled today? Or even better, did you fool anyone?

Liloo swimming in Stormwind lake

I have bags and banks filled up with items I simply need to keep, some for fun, some for handy and some for sentimental reasons. I could make a top 10. At least. But, don’t worry, I wont. For now. If I could only keep one item I would kiss my Piccolo Flute goodbye. I would shard my first epic weapon and wipe my tears on Robe of Insight. All while my Disco Ball would play its last serenade. All this to keep my Hook of the Master Angler, a trinket that turns you into a pirhana!

I was a hunter in my late 30’s and had run out of quests in Strangletorn Vale.  Determined to get to 40, which used to be the magical moment for the very first mount, I killed gorillas. Nothing else. Only gorillas. I killed them all, then looted them and skinned them, and by that time they had all respawned so I went back to killing. Just writing about it makes it hard not to fall asleep. Anyway, it must have been a Sunday since the npc’s announced that the fishing contest had started. I had never heard of this, but decided that I would give the gorillas a break and give it a try. I went from pool to pool and filled my bags with Tastyfish and ran back to Booty Bay, not sure what was going to happen. Well, I won the contest and, slightly confused, I chose the trinket as reward. This was my first trinket ever, and first in row of now many items that are just for fun.

I have tried winning this competition many times later, since I would like the “salty” title on my shaman. Ready in good time, with water walking, fishing outfit and lures, but with no luck. Someone always faster. So must have been very lucky back then. Any items that are special to you in-game?