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Sometimes I am a Sad Panda

I love my family, but…sometimes they drive me crazy! While Tribeca never got the Headless Horseman mount (sob!), I have bought myself my own mount, a new car. Today I have been driving my dad here and there most of the day, picking him up after an operation and helping him do groceries since obviously the medications made him struggle  to see the difference between tomato and lime. To avoid potential disasters in kitchen I came to rescue. Any average nice person with a driving licence would be happy to do the same.

Mine. Just mine. NOT a taxi!

So when I got home after dark, all I really wanted to do was to deal with the invasion going on in my kitchen. You see, I have, oh the horror, banana flies! I left a banana in my gym bag and kinda forgot about it. And when I opened it a cloud of horrible little creatures flew up and stormed perfectly synchronised into the kitchen, starting nomnoming on everything! Disgusting. Google tells me all I need to do is put out some wine and they will drown in it. Hello? First they eat my banana, then occupy my kitchen and on top of that I’m supposed to serve them wine? Forget it! A similar-to-Martha Stuart lady on a random website tells me vinegar will do the same. So I have now placed little cups of  that smelly stuff all over kitchen, waiting for them to suffer and die, die die! So far…. 2 dead. 89679 to go!

I was just about to put on an overall combined with bee keeper mask and go get the fire extinguisher, to see how banana monsters enjoyed large amounts of CO2 sprayed onto their tiny bodies, when my phone started acting aggressive, ringing over and over again, making me abort the progress and answer.My little sister. Calling me while putting on large amounts of blue mascara.

“Can you drive me to Grünerløkka (=very cool place for very cool people in Oslo, obviously not for me!) in 10 min?”
“No, sorry”
“Why? What are you doing?” Definitely not going to answer that, even family must think I have something better to do than play Lord of the Flies on a Saturday night.
“Just… relaxing, I have been out driving all day. I don’t want to go out again. And you live 200 meters away from the bus stop!”
“Fine!!! I knew you wouldn’t do it, bye!”

Then, 5 seconds after my mum calls, trying to make me feel bad by telling me how many girls being attacked in the streets of Oslo lately and that couldn’t I do my little sister this favour? I was on the edge of saying fine, ok I’ll do it but then my evil side kicked in and told me to stop being nice for once. And told them there is no bloody taxi sign on my car, neither a “available 24/7” sign above my head. Just because  I live alone and don’t have any plans does NOT make me a pusover. Have fun taking the bus, byeeee! And it felt good but also made me a bit sad. So, while considering going back to the flies who were probably lol’ing and showing me the finger in the kitchen, I saw a mail ticking in from one of my guildies. It was the sweetest screenshot ever, and only said “for you”. Totally made all angry and sad thoughts go away and made me smile from ear to ear. Going to have a glass of  cold white wine and relax for rest of the evening. And I won’t feel bad for a millisecond!


WP 5k!

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Just me
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WHAT IT IS: A 5k run/walk (approximately 3.1 miles). You can run, walk, or skip. It’s up to you. There’s no time limit and there’s just one requirement: that you participate! [ You can do it inside or outside, on a treadmill or on a track, or even do a swim or a bike ride instead of running/walking – just get moving!]

WordPress (this blog platform) invites bloggers to join in on their 5 kilometers run. When I first read about this, I thought “oh noes! I am so not running, I hate running!”. Which I do. In gym classes in early years of school, I didn’t mind jumping, throwing things, hitting stuff or playing ball. But when it came to running I was totally lost, not to mention totally sucked. I am sure people could beat me running backwards, or even by crawling (backwards!). After a knee injury many years ago, running is not only not a preference but also something that can be quite painful.

There are many assumptions and judgements about World of Warcraft, most come from ignorance. One of them is that gamers, and not only the WoW ones, never go outside or move, pretty much like the “guy with no life” from the South Park episode. I have yet to meet someone like him, and have the impression that the players I have met, or speak to in game are active, lovely people with very normal lives.

On the other hand I have to admit that I have spent more hours than I dare think about on this game, I don’t regret any of them but there have been times I wish I was more active. After new year I, probably like 85% of the population, decided to exercise more and eat healthier.  Well, it’s the 5th of April, and I am keeping up . Not bad?

From running excuses in my head each time there was time for gym (whoaa, that’s some heavy rain! Better not go outside in storm. Hmm, is that a sore throat I feel sneaking up on me? I think it is, better go back to bed!), I now actually look forward to it. So when I read about WordPress’ challenge, I not only wanted in, I wanted to run.

Location was SATS this morning, Robyn was in my ears, blood, sweat and tears (ok, let’s not be too dramatic, only sweat) was spelt and I am now painfully aware of all my body parts. But it was fun, it felt great afterwards and was a little push I needed to get up on the horse, or in this case, the treadmill.

The WP 5k can be done anytime between April 4th – April 10th, and can be done by walking, swimming, cycling, anything! Oh, and 5 kilometers are equal to 3.1 miles btw. I am actually planning to do the same thing tomorrow. Come run with me?

First 25 man. Shiny BC times.

This was easy and hard at the same time. Easy because I knew exactly which moment it was, hard because I, as you know, like to add pictures to my blog posts, and in this case that meant digging into the screenshots on my old computer. It has been gathering dust in my storage room for the last nine months, but more important, last time I tried turning it on all I got was a disk crash followed by a blue screen and a loud noise. Made me so frightened that I unplugged the whole thing and ignored it. Untill now.

Determined to rescue my screenshot I managed to run a disk repair from safe mode and fixed everything, go me! Only took me 2 hours, 1 red bull,  7 sneezes (Dust. Loads of it) and 756 webpages googled (I now know what Chkdsk is! How amazing is that!).

I found my 440 Mb of WoW screenshots which are now nicely stored on my new computer. The picture above is taken from my very first 25 man raid. It was March 2008, I had a brand new appartement, computer and a guild, all in one week. My hunter skills were not really very developed, and I have to admit, I had no idea what rl meant when he kept telling me to md. Huh? Finally found it in my spell book and proudly cast it on the shadow priest. Wasn’t asked to do it much after that. I freaked out big-time when I was told to range tank one of the adds on Maulgar fight, luckily my fellow hunter, the lovely Solsikke guided me through it and together we ranged tanked as pros.

Gruul himself was also one-shotted, he even had t4 legs for me. I fell in love with the concept of 25 raiding after this night and have been ever since.

Speaking of memories, on old computer I found loads of things I forgot I had. Music, pictures, documents. Even a file with imported files from the computer I had even before that one, some of them went 10 years back. Was indeed a walk down memory lane, some good, some bad. But in either way they made me feel kinda good. Things might not have gone exactly the way I planned and I haven’t accomplished all the things I thought I would, but I am usually happy and laugh more than I cry. Way more!

Lost and found on old hard drives


I read blogs for the person writing, rather than for the information (though of course information is nice too). But for example, I read several druid blogs despite the fact that I don’t play a druid – I just really enjoy the writing and the person behind the blog


Some time ago I decided to do this “20 days of wow” Challenge, which was a really good idea and initiative I think. However, I kinda failed on following up on that, and now everyone else is done with it and, well… I feel a bit too behind to keep it up. That’s why I was happy when sweet Saga made a new blog challenge. This one is also called 20 days of WoW, how about that! I can just sneak into that one and pretend that was the one I was doing in the first place /nod. Saga’s is a slightly different, though, cause it’s more personal and not only about the game itself, more about the person behind the blog, which I thought was very nice.

The first day of the challenge is called “Introduction“, which I will keep rather short since I, in an outburst of narcissism managed to write half a novel on the “about me” page. Guess I can add, (maybe just to remind myself that I do have some more knowledge than shaman healing), I have a strange mix of education behind me, I have graduated from both a French and a Norwegian college, so my exams papers are a nice mess in two different languages which is always fun explaining when I need to use those papers for anything. I have a university degree in film history where I wrote a big essay on the Coen brothers movies (if I need to watch “Barton Fink” one more time my head will explode), I also have a degree in history where I focused on prostitution in Norway during the 1800’s. Some years of veterinairy studies on top of that with random classes of French, Russian and philosophy makes me…uhm? Not much? For the time being I have a job where I do absolutely none of the above. But I am very happy about it!

I am from Norway, born in Oslo, but  have moved around a lot around, some with family and some alone, some in Norway and some abroad in a few different countries. Which have made me, at least I think so, quite flexible and adaptable. Got the brilliant idea of moving to Sweden some years ago, and for the first time I really missed my country, so feels good to be back. I love the place I am living at now, sort of like a green, lush oasis separated from the center of Oslo, but only 10 minutes away.

I consider myself and my life pretty boring, so when people say they think I am fun to be with, I always feel like turning around to see who the hell they are talking to. Of course I play too much WoW, I guess my own wow blog is one of the few places it’s actually ok to admit that. I still enjoy the content, the raids and all the little random things you can do, but of course the main reason I still play is the social one. I really love my guild and  have met many great people through this game, some have come and gone, some have come and gone and come back, some I have met in real life. I was happy when Blizz added Real-Id, and if for some reasons all my contacts should leave wow the same day, that would be the day I quit playing. Hopefully that wont be the case anytime soon, so looking forward to more play time, not to mention creatingmore or less interesting blog posts about it 😉

Ps. All you different people saying I look weird / tired / different in the picture- ARGH! I’m not wearing make-up, dammit! :p