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I use real Id in game, I knew several people on other realms / factions and it’s nice to be able to say hi or just see what they are up to. Sometimes you notice people haven’t been online for days, weeks, months; people who were usually active players. Nothing unusual with that, most of them just have a break or stop playing, happens every day. That’s what I thought had happened to my “friend” Pokerock, who went from being a lot more online than me to nothing at all. I have to think hard to find out how we started talking, I think we were in the same Icecrown Citadel pug, where he came on his rogue and I brought my hunter alt. A cloak dropped which we both rolled on, I won it and noticed he had a horrible one, so I told him he could have it instead and started talking after that.

He was a very nice player, and I often asked him if he wanted to come do things with our guild, I even suggested he should apply to us. He said he was always temped, but that he was scared to mess up, that someone he knew had been in our guild and didn’t pass his trial, that he prefered doing well among “bad” players than ending up doing bad among better players. And no matter what I said, that he would learn, that he would easily catch up etc, he never gave it a try.

Joel and Tribeca

What’s the point in all this? Well, Joel just stopped coming online. From being online most of the evenings, he just disappeared. I though he had quit the game, and felt sad that he never said goodbye first. After all, we spoke a lot. I also tried writing him an e-mail, no reply. Some days ago I was in a group with someone from his guild (who also happened to be the GM) and out of curiosity I asked him, “so, what happened to Pokerock, did he leave or..?”. The answer I got was nothing what I expected, because it turned out, Pokerock is no longer playing since he is no longer alive.

What happened exactly is not really known, but it seems it was a personal tragedy.

I never met, and would probably never have met, Pokerock in real life. He was “only”an online acquaintance. Still, He was still more than a random player who played a rogue, there was a real person behind the screen. his name was Joel. He lived in southern England, worked in some kind of factory, which he often said he didn’t like. He was single, used to say he didn’t have time to care for anyone else but this plants and flowers, which after what he told me, was a great interest to him. He seemed bright, funny and often made jokes that made me laugh. He was 36. And he will never be 37.

There are many kinds of online relationships, I guess most of them are just like this, talking to some people every now and then, you know a bit of who they are and what they do without ever getting to really know them. Your common interest is the game, and for those who have been playing for some years, there are so many of these people, these online friendships that come and go. But you never think something like that would be the reason why.

E-mail from beyond

Tribeca has a total kill of 352709 creatures. 16068 of these are other players. She has died 6983 times. WoW is a game that is very much about killing things, whether they are boars, players or raid bosses. But the idea of actual death is rarely related to gameplay.  And if / when it happens, chances are you would never find out.

I remember reading something similar on Wow Insider, a player died in the middle of doing a quest and his daughter decided to get in touch with his online friends so they would know what had happened. This didn’t turn out to be an easy task, without any password or knowledge of his game, she was pretty lost. Article also mentions a couple of sites where you can register, add contacts, inform friends or family and, in case of death, they can access your site and send out a written in advance e-mail. Hello, sorry to inform you all that I am now dead..? Sounds very morbid, which is perhaps why one of these sites are called just that; Slightly Morbid.

Serenity Now

On Tuesday of February 28th Illidan lost not only a good mage, but a good person. For those who knew her, Fayejin was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. On Tuesday she suffered from a stroke and passed away later that night.

I’m making this post basically to inform everyone that might have known her. Also tomorrow, at 5:30 server time March, 4th. We will have an in-game memorial for her so that her friends can pay their respects. We will be having it at the Frostfire Hot Springs in Winterspring, because she loved to fish in the game ( she liked the sound of the water, it was calming for her ) and she loved snow.

If you would like to come show your respects please do. Thanks everyone

So girl who plays a mage in game dies. Friends want to have an in-game memorial and announce it on forum. Alliance guild “Serenity Now” picks it up, go there, gank everyone and make a video of it, adding some funky music. Result; huge debates in a shocked wow community. Reactions are many, but different. Taken from original forum thread:

“Congratulations, you have stopped lower than any other guild in MMO history”
“I’m not excusing it, but some of you guys are getting far too worked up over something that happened on the internet”

“Your still assmonkeys in real life and on the interwebs whether you got “honor” points for your actions or not.

Congrats on a new personal low. /golfclap”

“Like comparing a funeral with an rp-dorkathon event in an online video game?”

“Fayejin loved pvp, we thought we were doing a good thing”

Some call them *bleeep*ing *bleep**holes. Some call the funeral people a bunch of nerds for arranging an in-game funeral. Some think Fayejin got honoured, having pvp action in her own funeral. Right or wrong, Serenity Now (who’s still active, btw) will always be remembered as “that” guild.

Alicia’s Poem

I don’t like questing, I think it’s boring, and I almost never read what the quest says. There is one exception though, the quest Alicia’s Poem. It’s just a pick-up and hand-in-to-someone-else quest in Shattrath, and it’s sad, moving and beautiful all at once. The poem itself is actually based on one of my favourite poems, “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep”, but there is a story behind it in WoW. It is a tribute to wow-player Dak Krause aka  who died from leukemia in August 2008. Blizzard named an NPC after him, Caylee Dak, who leads to Alicia in Shattrath, where the poem can be read. It has really touched my heart, and it now makes me think of Joel.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am in a thousand winds that blow,
across Northrend’s bright and shining snow.

I am the gentle showers of rain,
on Westfall’s fields of golden grain.

I am in the morning hush,
of Stranglethorn’s jungle, green and lush.

I am in the drums loud and grand,
the thunderous hooves across Nagrand.

I am the stars warmly gleaming,
over Darnassus softly dreaming.

I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.


Easter is over, and I think I, by forcing myself to the gym, have burned all of my beers and most of my Easter eggs. Unfortunately it seems that several guildies think we still are in holiday mode. Right before the easter week, we had about 30 sign ups for raid nights, now it’s hard to gather 25. Very annoying, very frustrating. We have cleared all content on normal 25man now, it’s time for further progress in heroic modes. Some people probably sense the incoming wipe nights with its high repair bills and frustration, which makes me very disappointed. Raiding is not supposed to be easy all the time, and the ones who are just in for a free ride, well… They should find somewhere else to play, really.

Now that steam is out, for the last month I have been kinda bored in-game. Apart from raids I almost haven’t been online at all. Then, in all my boredom I made a worgen mage just in lack of something better to do, which I actually found really fun! I did a few levels in battlegrounds and the evil part of me enjoyed annoying people by sheeping them, let them think they got me before slowing them down with all kinds of frost spells and then arcaning them back to the dark side, so hard that they jus twant to run back and hide deep into Undercity! Mwahaa! Wicked me shows no mercy. Anyway,  this led me to the idea of getting some pvp heirlooms, so I started to run some battlegrounds on Tribeca just for this purpose. Only somewhere, somehow, I started having so much fun in pvp that I decided to buy gear for myself instead. Even more fun since quite a few of our guildies are also into smashing hordies, and together we have been rather unstoppable. Well. At least on one occation.  In either way, it certainly gave me a new hunger for gaming.

I also quite enjoyed the Noblegarden event, I did all the world events the first year they were available, so it didn’t feel that repetitive anymore. I was only going to pick up a few eggs so I could have two spring flowers for making a, *cough* cheerleader outfit. Forgot resto shammies can’t dual wield, so that was a waste. Then I thought it was be nice if my hunter could have a spring circlet every girl should have at least one of them in her wardrobe, and then I felt bad for the lock who didn’t even have an egg basket! Before I knew it I was the most efficient egg hunter in Goldshire, totally in control of all the egg spawn points, rushing around picking them up faster than lighting, causing egg aggro all over.  Now all my girls can parade around town in bunny outfits. Attention freak as I am.

My super cool friend Heidi once (when I wanted to buy a shaman hoodie!) said I should embrace my inner geek. So I am. This time by purchasing the new remote chat that works with Iphone. Meaning I can now join guild chat from phone, without actually being online.  I am almost as attached to my Iphone (I really use it for everything!) as I am to game, so a combo of these is powerful and a bit dangerous. My boss has already told me to put it down and reminded me I am not paid to play. Party pooper! Should I take him seriously and try cut down on my  freshly renewed interest for game and all that comes with it? Probably not. Going to follow wise Heidi’s advice instead  😀

…before Cataclysm, my great friend Simon got his Shadowmourne 😀 Grats!

Simon is one of the guildies I feel I know the best, sometimes it feels like we come from different planets, but most of the time we have lame conversations about random topics:

Simon is also the one who made me aware of a great video, about fury warriors in pvp. Very sarcastic, kinda funny. Recommended 😀 You just can’t deny the numbers!


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Theres a madman loose @ Bronzebeard. He's called Pillock. He might seem like your friendly neighbourhood druid, but dont let him fool you. He's not! He spends his days and nights terrorizing other people in Wintergrasp. He has a game made by a macro or whatever it is, called Kick Roulette. The randomly chosen ones get kicked from the raid, which is annoying. The rest of raid has to live with spamming of ready checks, non-stop markings over head and constant sharing of irrelevant quests. I dont know how many times this guy has been reported, I have reported him myself, but nothing has ever happened. Apparantly, exploring whats under Stormwind and / or buying gold is far more serious. Thanks, Blizz 😉

Anyway. First I wondered how the heck he always ended up being leader? Because thats the only way he has the power to do these things. My ever-so-lovely- friend Simon found out that he's using a macro for it, you need to be in Wintergrasp queue (and best of all also be in Wintergrasp) before it starts, and some seconds before start you spam the macro. Ever since I found out this, I have been using it and since I of course am way quicker than the old fart Pillock, I have become leader. I must say it did feel good to say “Oh hai Pillock! Time to say goodbye now!“, followed by a /remove. People certainly seemed happy about it, after weeks of frustration, never got so many /cheers, /thanks or /hugs in whispers afterwards.

For those who have a similiar clowns on your server or just want to feel the power of leading Wintergrasp raid, the macro is:

/script BattlefieldMgrEntryInviteResponse(1,1);

I might seem really serious now, but I assure you, Im not. Not really. It's just a game, and even though I love Wintergrasp, its not the end of the world. However, I have been wondering why he is doing this, I mean, how fun can it be, raid after raid? I asked him about this today, and he actually answered me in a nice way and told me its sort of like an experiement. He likes to see how incredibly mad people get when they get kicked, he has recieved threaths, curses, all kinds of insults from racial ones to penis size, and the f-word spelled in every possible way. He is screenshotting it all, so “if he gets down (by being banned), he will be taking them with him”. Hmm so far it seems noone will.

I have to admit nerdrage can be pretty entertaining. And I see the point with this being an experiement, also. But I do think its a bit too much. I guess I will continue using the macro to make sure I can be the one in charge. Until next time we meet; goodbye, Pillock!