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Guild Greeting

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Around Azeroth
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Crescent Dawn


Sometimes I am a Sad Panda

I love my family, but…sometimes they drive me crazy! While Tribeca never got the Headless Horseman mount (sob!), I have bought myself my own mount, a new car. Today I have been driving my dad here and there most of the day, picking him up after an operation and helping him do groceries since obviously the medications made him struggle  to see the difference between tomato and lime. To avoid potential disasters in kitchen I came to rescue. Any average nice person with a driving licence would be happy to do the same.

Mine. Just mine. NOT a taxi!

So when I got home after dark, all I really wanted to do was to deal with the invasion going on in my kitchen. You see, I have, oh the horror, banana flies! I left a banana in my gym bag and kinda forgot about it. And when I opened it a cloud of horrible little creatures flew up and stormed perfectly synchronised into the kitchen, starting nomnoming on everything! Disgusting. Google tells me all I need to do is put out some wine and they will drown in it. Hello? First they eat my banana, then occupy my kitchen and on top of that I’m supposed to serve them wine? Forget it! A similar-to-Martha Stuart lady on a random website tells me vinegar will do the same. So I have now placed little cups of  that smelly stuff all over kitchen, waiting for them to suffer and die, die die! So far…. 2 dead. 89679 to go!

I was just about to put on an overall combined with bee keeper mask and go get the fire extinguisher, to see how banana monsters enjoyed large amounts of CO2 sprayed onto their tiny bodies, when my phone started acting aggressive, ringing over and over again, making me abort the progress and answer.My little sister. Calling me while putting on large amounts of blue mascara.

“Can you drive me to Grünerløkka (=very cool place for very cool people in Oslo, obviously not for me!) in 10 min?”
“No, sorry”
“Why? What are you doing?” Definitely not going to answer that, even family must think I have something better to do than play Lord of the Flies on a Saturday night.
“Just… relaxing, I have been out driving all day. I don’t want to go out again. And you live 200 meters away from the bus stop!”
“Fine!!! I knew you wouldn’t do it, bye!”

Then, 5 seconds after my mum calls, trying to make me feel bad by telling me how many girls being attacked in the streets of Oslo lately and that couldn’t I do my little sister this favour? I was on the edge of saying fine, ok I’ll do it but then my evil side kicked in and told me to stop being nice for once. And told them there is no bloody taxi sign on my car, neither a “available 24/7” sign above my head. Just because  I live alone and don’t have any plans does NOT make me a pusover. Have fun taking the bus, byeeee! And it felt good but also made me a bit sad. So, while considering going back to the flies who were probably lol’ing and showing me the finger in the kitchen, I saw a mail ticking in from one of my guildies. It was the sweetest screenshot ever, and only said “for you”. Totally made all angry and sad thoughts go away and made me smile from ear to ear. Going to have a glass of  cold white wine and relax for rest of the evening. And I won’t feel bad for a millisecond!

/Gasp! It’s the Drama Lama!

WoW is supposed to be fun and social. Maybe somehow boring or frustrated at certain times. It might seem like a big waste of time every now and then. But it should definitely not make you upset, down, crazy or sad. It should absolutely not give you a little hint of stomach ache every time you log in. Or headaches after you logged off.  And yet, over the last weeks, this is exactly what WoW has been like to me. Not all the time, but a lot more than acceptable. Makes you not want to play, and definitely not blogging about playing.

I love my guild. But it has its up and downs. When I joined here, without being involved in any decision-making or planning what so ever, I had no idea how much politics running a guild involves. I learned fast, and have been used to it for quite some time now. But not like last week. Before raids, during raids, after raids, in whispers, in guild chat, in party chats, on forum, all over!, this  constant static of tension, a background noise of dissatisfaction, moaning and anger. Without going into too many details; our guild has been a 25man raiding guild since beginning of Burning Crusade. I’ll never forgive Blizzard for coming up with the brilliant idea of equalizing 10 and 25 mans on loot and lockouts, it sure killed a lot of 25man guilds. I guess we thought we were pretty safe, but something happened during summer, with less sign ups, less progress, and all of a sudden we find ourselves better functioning as a 10man raiding guild. Which of course is upsetting quite a few. And there are the one who think it’s pretty ok, and who would prefer sticking to it.  But no matter what is done, it’s impossible to keep whole guild happy, which this week culminated in a huge debate, several personal attacks, a rage quit and some seriously heavy forum abuse. Whoa!

Fantasizing about simpler games

I guess when this happens in a guild, it makes you wonder why you can be bothered still doing this. Most people have enough with keeping their real lives sorted, work, family, school, everything. WoW is supposed to be, like I said, fun, somewhere to escape to make time pass, to relax, to get away. Not spending time arguing or trying to sort other people’s arguments. I can be pretty emotional, but trying my best to keep it out of guild. You know that kinda failed when you end up with a sticky “M” key caused by tears in keyboard.

I  could just quit, of course. After this week’s events, I don’t think anyone would have been surprised. But I still want to see the end game boss of the expansion. I still enjoy the game,  maybe it’s because I don’t have anything better to do, but then so be it. I don’t want to quit yet.  Am I am in denyal? Would it be commone sense to leave or move on?  When IS it time, really? Would  I even notice?  Tonight we had for the first time in a while a raid without other concerns that actually getting a boss down. No complaining, no questioning the guild’s direction, no politics. Just pure raiding.  It was sooo nice, like how air can feel fresh and clean after a big storm. I had fun. I had a laugh. I enjoyed the game.  I am sure bad weather will show up again, but I hope I have the same great bunch to stack up under an umbrella with when that time comes. Like I said, I still really love my guild. Even if it makes me go emoooo every now and then 🙂


/facepalm or /hug ?