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I can tell you whats cooking, it is the Pilgrim Event, started Sunday, means you have a week before it ends. What is it about? “Time to reflect on your journeys and good fortune, share plentiful food, and stories with friends”. In other word, eating loads.

Is it worth doing? Well, yes, if you want What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, you need the achievements. You can also get a title (the Pilgrim) a pet (a turkey that throws itself on bonfires), and some cloth items in case you want a Pilgrim set for you wardrobe. But apart from this, it’s an excellent chance to level your cooking! You can level it from 1 to 300 with minimum efforts, all you need to do is gather up vendor mats from Darnassus, Stormwind and Ironforge (and if you are horde you go to…uhm?), buy a cookbook and start cooking. No searching for low-level fish, recipes or strange meat, 30 min and you are good to go for Northrend cooking. Not a single Vanilla or BS recipe needed. Very handy, easy cakes! Do it, do it now!

The bounty tables outside cities are also kind of nice, you can sit down with friends and pass the food around, or have a food fight even. The Bountiful Feasts made for raid parties make a lovely change from the Fish Feast, which I can’t have one more of, it better be steak when Cataclysm hits.

Very random discovery of table and candle light dinner in the middle of nowhere, aka Burning Steppes. Bit lonely tho *sniff*.

Only thing that can be boring is to catch the turkeys you need for the last 20 points of cooking, they run around in Elwynn Forest and Trisfal Glades, but there are many hunting them and they can be hard to see. I did the Turkinator achievement (kill 40 turkeys with less than 30 seconds between each kill) last year, and was so annoyed because every time I had 39 turkeys and a few seconds left, some guy came running and killed the last one so I had to start from scratch. I’s strongly recommend using this macro for this:

#showtooltip Wild Turkey
/target Wild Turkey
/run SetRaidTarget(“target”, 7)

Just spam it while you run around and you’ll see the turkeys behind trees, bushes etc, will go sooo much faster. Happy Pilgrim Event!

Visit Wowhead’s guide to Pilgrim event here


gif animator♥Sadly we don’t match very much, but she is still the most beautiful, fluffy and precious cat in the world ♥


It’s a known fact that some pets look like their owners. Or is it the owners that look like their pets? Anyway, some people take this even into WoW. There are pet collectors, there are armor pet collector, and there is the player Drrum from Stormrage US that combibe those two and match her armor with her pets. I came over this at WoW Insider, and had to go through all the amazing screenshots.

I have a soft spot for shiny looking armor AND for pets, so this some of the most interesting I have seen on a long time. I just had to post some of Drrum’s pictures here, for the whole collection, click here, go go go! You will not regret it 😀