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There was a shared topic on Blog Azeroth (quite a while ago, but I’m slow), started by Azerothian Life, which was; Show me the Transmog!

I have to say, I have become slighty obsessed with Transmogrification. I love playing with Mogit, atlas loot, dressing room and most of all Wow Model Viewer in attempt of making my character look good-better-best. I am not too fussed about the tier sets, epics are nice but greens are my babies. Auction house is frequently scanned to find pieces I don’t have yet, which atm is not that many- it’s just that when I have a full armor set, the accessories chase begins. Finding the perfect shield is like finding the perfect handbag, and the mace needs to match the shield. Then there’s the problem of shoes, I’m sad to admit not everything looks good with hooves! So all in all… this takes a lot of time, and I’m loving it!

After I was fed up with wearing engraved (as above) and since it’s spring I wanted a bit more light outfit, but still shiny! So I went for gold, kinda like a holy paladin. Quite happy with the result too.

The golden set consists of:

Head- none (could go for Golden Scale Coif if you want a golden hood)

Shoulders – Golden Scale Shoulders, blacksmithing

Chest: Burnished Tunic, AH  (Alternative Golden Scale Cuirass, but I like showing off my blue skin).

Gloves: Ornate Gauntlets from AH

Waist: Ornate Girdle from AH, simply because it almost doesn’t show, I didn’t want any belt to ruin the legs who almost is a belt on its own

Legs: Golden Scale Leggings, blacksmithing

Feet: Tsunami Boots, these boots are made from leatherworking and I use them because they are invisible on me. They simply don’t show.  When wearing long trousers, boots only seemed disturbing for the outfit.

Mace: Rod of the Sun King, drop from Kael’Thas in Tempest Keep, any yellowish mace would do, though.

Shield: Sunward Crest bought with rep from Shattered Sun Quartermaster



My shaman has collected a few full old school tier sets, but there are other sets to go for too.  Like green sets, green as in quality of armor, not the green colour itself. My favourite colours are red and black, and I really like the combination of them as well. There are 3 mail armor sets I am trying to get now, Ironhide, Engraved and Ebonhold.

All these armor sets are in itemlevel range  50-60, meaning they can drop from any mob in any level 55-60 zone. Now, you can of course run around in Silithus or Winterspring and kill everything you see, but chances are you’ll be far into Panda expansion before you have gathered all the pieces. Auction house would be your best chance of collecting these, it will take some time and luck, but not unbearable. Now, they will probably look very differently on male characters, but most of them play female toons anyway, right? 😀

Red circus outfit: Cindercloth vest. Cindercloth pants. Cindercloth gloves. Red mageweave headband. All from tailoring, recipes drops in Burning Steppes and are also often to see in AH.

Fishing outfit: Blue overalls. Bright yellow shirt. Both from tailoring. Random gloves for +2 fishing enchant. Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat from doing daily fishing quest in Dalaran. Jeweled  Fishing Pole, also from fishing quest.

Cheerleader outfit: Green Winter Clothes. Tailoring, but recipe needs to be bought in Ogrimmar, so make it fast if you are Alliance.  As pom-poms: Spring Flowers x 2, obtained by gathering eggs during Noblegarden Event. Remember you must have dual wield to use them both at one time.  Forever Lovely Rose to wear in hair, drop from seasonal boss in Shadowfang Keep during Love is in the Air event.

Mexican outfit: Haliscan jacket and Haliscan Pantaloons from tailoring. Don Carlos Famous Hat, 100 % droprate from Don Carlos himself in Od Hillsbrad Foothills heroic.

Don’t have hooves, in need of shoes? Skip the flip-flops (Knitted Sandals) unless it’s for beach. Stay classy and go with Dress Shoes instead!


Since I read about transmogrification (I don’t even have to look it up anymore!), I have been spending lots of time browsing wowhead and similar sites to look at armor, find out what would look good for the future. Not only for gear that can be transmogrified, but also outfits for different occasions, showing off in Stormwind etc. I guess there’s a hidden role player inside me after all! I love the Outfitter addon, been using it for years now. And yes, I know that Blizz has its own similar version, but I think still think Outfitter is better and better at organising my different gear sets, pvp, resto, elemental…and now also fishing, mexican, cheerleader and, hm…circus outfit?

Next thing I want is a pirate outfit, but I hope it’s doable without getting exalted with those Bloodsailers or whatever they are called :/ Already have the hat, shirt should be easy to get, trousers can’t be too hard, and since no boots look good on me, I might as well skip them. Sometimes I think it’s a real shame that I can’t wear plate too, because then there would be 25 % more armor I could put on. And it’s often the plate that have the shiniest colours not to mention some really nice twists. Cmon, who wouldn’t want to kill an end boss dressed as Princess Leia in her golden bikini? What’s your favourite outfit? 🙂

All pieces from the Glorious plate set (random drop, hard to get, chances are best to find them in AH)

It might sound stupid, but I have always been really fond of 1st of April, with all of its jokes. When I was a child, practical jokes were my speciality. For my amusement, I have to say. For others, not so much! I had lots of imagination and liked to fool the employees in kindergarten, telling them all kinds of lies just to see if they bought it and how far I could go. Usually pretty far. One time I told them I was actually Russian, and started speaking “Russian” for them, making up words that sounded similar to what I had heard on tv. They had no knowledge of the language and when my mum came to pick me up they said they were very impressed with my bilingual skills. I also told them I was a vegetarian to see if I could get out of the horrible, horrible liver meal, recklessly chopped up and thrown on a plate. I did, and when my mum again came to pick me up, they asked her what food was ok to serve and not. Just to mention something.  And this was before the age of five.

Guess I made my parents embarrassed so there were several serious talks over dinner table about what was ok to joke about and what wasn’t, and the difference between lies and jokes. What I remember very well, was that they said it was ok to make jokes on 1st of April. I was amazed, a whole day where it was ok to lie and fool people?? Like christmas and birthday all in once. And what can I say? I still think it’s fun.

No 1st of April needed to accidentily push your brother into the pool

When I logged into WoW today, people were talking about pandas and crabs. Mmo announced that the next race in game would be pandas. And that next expansion might be called Panda Mania. Blizzard themselves wrote about Crabby, the new dungeon helper, a crab that came with you into dungeons as a guide. Just like the annoying pencil (or was it lightbulb?) who came up in earlier to help in earlier versions of Word documents. Not to mention their new dungeon, the Tomb of Immortal Darkness, which takes place in complete darkness. Sort of World of Warcraft meets Blair Witch Project. With no lights.

Bit confused about the new items from Blizzard store, wings that will work as a mount, and then you just fly up in the air. Seems it’s  a joke, but…I want them! Also, and this one might be real, there will be a dye vendor where you can buy dyes to change the colour of your armor. I like my armor in Burning Crusade, it was blue and gold and red all over and made me shine like a knight! Now I am all dull in nature colours, brown and grey doesn’t make a shammy girl sparkle! Bring on the dye, pleeease?

Were you fooled today? Or even better, did you fool anyone?