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Got this link from a guildie, made me lol a lot. Poor little dk’s, awwww.

 Yes. Just yes.

When I first read about patch 4.3 I was a bit depressed, because let’s face it, we haven’t exactly ruled in Firelands, which means our gear will  be so so for the next raid instance and we will struggle even more. But then I read about the word that I will never ever be able to remember or pronounce, Transmogrification, which cheered me up.  There have been endless blue posts, guides and blog posts on them so I think everyone who is a bit more than average interested in WoW already know what it’s about at this point. And perhaps just as excited as I am!

Many years, ago, my main was a clueless hunter. I didn’t know what a tier piece was. I didn’t know what a raid was. I didn’t know anything really, apart from knowing I was the best looking hunter in Azeroth. This is pretty similar to me in real life,  looking back on pictures from my teen years, where I then thought my, erm, somehow original and colourful outfits were the sickness, but now are making me gasp and think “what was I thinking??!”. Pretty much same thing in-game. I wore silver hot pants, a golden breastplate and red / golden boots. Actually all my armor was a mix of these colours, I looked like a mix of a spaceman and a teletubby. With, I must add, a very very slutty twist! I am no longer sure it was that good :s

Everything looks good on shammies. Tier set 1 is ofc no exception

However, there are quite a few outfits out there that are well good-looking. I must admit, being a dress collector and all, I’m a little jealous of the clothies, since they can wear the prettiest dresses and robes when they are raiding, while I need to find the best mail sets. Because from what I have read in the large jungle of posts on trans- uh- mogrification, you can’t wear mail and turn it into a cloth look. Which is sad panda news since I was already fantasising about this “angel meets butterfly meets fairy” outfit, based on leather and cloth, that would look so fabulous on my shammy that raid leader would probably command me back to Stormwind and change it back asap, since everyone would be losing focus on raid /nods.

Still, I will find some nice outfits, and my outfitter addon will be busier than ever from now. The first sets I want to get are the first two tier sets, Earthfury and The Ten Storms. I haven’t been too interested collecting all tier pieces until now, simply because I don’t have the bank space for it. With the incoming void storage this problem will hopefully be solved. No matter how much I clean up and organise, it’s hard for me to keep bags, both actual bags and the bank ones, neater than this:

In my bags I carry my offspec hear and a full set of pvp gear, a collection of items and armor I like to play with when I’m bored and of course the needed potion, reagents and mats. In my bank, pretty much the same, everything I don’t use on a daily basis is sent to bank alt, but there are things I want to keep close for different reasons, mostly sentimental ones. So void storage will be good.

I have been running Molten Core (tier 1 sets) and Blackwing Lair (tier 2 sets) recently, and have about half set of each. I think that I will be less bored with the upcoming transmogrification (seriously, who picked that name??) change, since armor and how it looks on your character have always been one of the things I appreciate the most in this game. Molten Core can definitely be 2 manned by 2 dps’ers, doesn’t hurt if at least one of them is a tank or have the ability to throw some heals. Can probably be soloed my most classes also, at least if you are the lucky owner of some nice gear and / or skills. Blackwing Lair should require at least 3 players, although I think it would work out better with 4+.

It’s pretty fun, fast and easy and apart from tier pieces drops of bosses there are boe blue items, gold, cloth and quite a few valuable items of interest. A very nice thing to do outside raids. I have noticed people are slightly stressed and trying to get all their armor sets before October, when patch 4.3 is expected. I don’t understand this, getting everything ready before it has even started? I’ll be happy if I can put on tier 2 or 2 set at release, but will spend time after hunting for more armor that can make my shammy look even more tasty than now (if that’s even possible).

Fun fun fun! Thanks Blizz 😀



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Holidays are over, I am home from my trip to Egypt and on Tuesday it’s back to reality. The minute the calendar hit August here in Oslo, temperature dropped drastically also, and has decided to stick around 14 degrees and rain. It smells like fall already, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I need to get my ice scraper ready by September. Means shortly after I will need to get up 20 minutes earlier in the morning, standing outside in -20 trying to dig car out with snow up to knees, getting inside your boots, melting and making you wet while you are swearing  and thinking that you are so moving further south next year.

I am sure I will wish I was back in Egypt when these times come, while I was there I would more than once be willing to trade the 45 degrees for some Norwegian snow. I don’t know what’s the problem with me and Egypt, this is the second time I go there and the second time I get ill. I was sooo careful even, washed my hands after touching, well, anything!, didn’t eat any eggs, salad, raw meat, seafood or dairy products (my dinner was quite boring!), took pills to prevent you from getting ill, used anti septic liquids on hands, didn’t have as much as a drop of tap water, no ice, brushed my teeth in bottle water… Still I ended up 2 full days lying in hotel room, green in face, wishing I could teleport back to Oslo and my own bed. Bah! Oh well! If you want to lose 4 kilo in a week, going to Egypt is obviously the way to go. Did have some good times also of course, even though I didn’t get to do as much diving as I wanted to. Scuba diving is amazing in Egypt, the coral reef is bright and colourful, there are huge fish surrounding you, like being inside an aquarium, if you are lucky you can see sea turtles and more exotic creatures. I never feel so free that I do under water, it’s amazing to be able to move and breathe under water, and you really feel in symbiosis with nature. Diving certificate. recommended!

About WoW, I am back to a “doesn’t really matter that much” phase, not wanting to quit the game but at the same time not very worried about progress, leveling characters or anything. I still raid 3 nights a week, help run the guild and is being very active but it’s the social aspect of game that I enjoy the most. This happens every now and then, lasts for a while then I get more interested and it’s back to normal, so the feeling it not strange to me anymore. There are so many lovely people in this game, some more lovely than others, and these make the game enjoyable even if I don’t do much, really.

With holidays being over I guess it’s time to start update this site a bit more, so…see you soon 🙂


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I know this iste has been terribly neglected all throughout July. Guild times and raid times have been a bit frustrating, progress (well, the lack of it), management, summer times… stuff like that. Seems management issues will change for the better soon, and we have at least killed one more boss in Firlands now. Also, with recent events in Norway, it hasn’t felt right for me to write about killing pixelated monsters really, not because it would be wrong but because my mind has been elsewhere. July has been a month of much rain, grief and sadness.

I welcome August and hoping for better times, both on this site and in general. For starters, I am going on holiday, as we speak I am staring at suitcase wondering how I can manage to cut down  its weight with 4 kilos? I only brought things I really NEED. I think…

Anyway, I am off to Egypt, have a lovely week 🙂

So yesterday patch 4.2, Firelands, was released. Usually, when there has been a patch with new content, I have been really interested in exploring everything with it. This time, hmm, not that much. Have I reached a point of my wow career where I no longer get excited about new things? It didn’t bother me that I would need to be at work most of the day and be one of the last in guild to have a look at Firelands. After logging in, I didn’t feel like rushing to do the quest chain to get a new cloak, start the dailies in Hyjal or gasp at the new boe drops from trash runs. It just didn’t, and still doesn’t, feel…fun.

I am not planning on quitting game. Not really even considered it. I have felt like this before, and it has passed. I know it will pass this time, too. My enjoyment of game time have up and downhills, I only wish that patch day would take me to uphill. Sadly, it didn’t.

Our  25man raiding team have looked better, but also worse. At least we have managed to get some 25man up and running lately, thanks to new recruits, some people coming back from breaks etc. I am an officer in my guild, and sometimes that can suck a lot of fun from the game. I would sometimes like to log on right before raid start, being told where to go and what to do, being giving a flask and food and, lean back and enjoy the raid. Read forum posts that interested me, reply to them if I felt like it, if not move on. While not raiding, just hide on an alt and do my own things. Of course I can do this every now and then, but I also get a lot of questions, about anything, dkp, recruiting, trials, guild bank, guild progress, people in guild not being happy with someone / something, raids, sign ups, forum, things that are usually easily solvable, but things that still take a certain amount of time.

Perhaps I am taking it too serious, I probably am. But, with Firelands and new raid bosses releases, I feel more pressure than joy. We must make sure we kill new bosses within reasonable time. Must not get too far behind. My guild will never be realm first in anything, we are not hardcore, but for a long time after Cataclysm we were among top ten 25man raiding guilds on server, something that got slightly messed up the moment we started doing heroic modes. I am not too worried about that, but at the same time I want us to keep up with similar guilds, maybe get hands of some more good recruit to strengthen team.

Anyway. These are probably the reasons why I have mixed feeling about a new raid. On the other side, killing Magmaw or Halfus was getting just as fun as poking myself in the eye with a pencil. So I am ready for new head banging. I have done a few trash runs in Firelands already, I like how the zone is outdoor. Pretty huge, hostile, lava all over, fiery mobs, well everything to go with its name really. So far, not too much cc needed, but some mobs hit hard and are also very melee unfriendly. Good thing I can stay at range and watch. Sometimes you just need to sacrifice a rogue. Or three!

Boe epics (list over trash drops here) seem to drop at same rate as on trash im BoT, so I can imagine there will be several incidents of ninja qq’ing in trade chat with all the pugs going on trashruns. Oh, the safety of going with a guild. Priceless. Tonight we will have our first try on a boss on 25man mode, and Shannox is our target. Any thoughts on Firlands yet?





I was excited when Blizzard released their first Blizz store mount, the celestial steed. Bit of a Spectral Tiger look, which happens to be on list of most wanted mounts! However, I’ve never felt I could let my self spend$500 and more, which is what it sells for on e-bay and other wow items sites. No matter how  cool it looks like, I can’t say it would be worth half  a monthly rent. I have settled with the celestial steed which is shiny and sparkly, and since it binds to your account, I have been using it on my alt newly dinged 20 alts, since it looks a lot smoother than a bumpy elek, for example.

My list of most wanted mount. More or less up to date.

The new blizz store mount is the Winged Guardian, a flying lion with glowing paws and wings. It has been subject of a lot of qq in trade chat, just like last time. Ok, so you don’t want to spend real money on a mount, that’s fine. But why can’t people let the ones who actually do, just do it and enjoy their lion? It is really worse than buying anything else? Clothes, movies, books? The mount is (and I have now been looking for the Euro symbol for 10 minutes on keyboard, it’s gone!) 20 Euros, not enough reason to cause massive trade spam for imo.

Enough blah blah, how can I win?

I have bought it, and I think it looks really good. It is perhaps not the Ashes of Al’ar, which is my oh-oh-oh-want-so-badly-mount, but you can’t have it all, right? I think the lion love should be shared, and if you are a mount lover and want this one in your collection without paying for it, here’s your chance! Only requirement to win the Winged Guardian is that you are an active wow player and promise to take it out flying once in a while. Simply make a comment below and tell me which mount is your favourite one, either one you already have or the one you (so far) never got. *sniff, Al’ar*. At the end of the week I’ll draw one name and it might be yours 😀

Here comes the sun!

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Every time there’s an incoming patch, same thing happens. Seems it’s all people talk about, patch this, patch that. Nerfs and buffs, op and ffs. Cmooon, it’s just a patch! Not next expansion pack. I do try to read if there are any major changes for my class, and I think it’s exciting with new content, like the upcoming heroics. But I don’t know everything that is to know about a patch 4 weeks before it’s released, neither do I usually write about it on the blog. I can do that after it’s live, no?

More of this, please

However, I came over some pictures of a little summer resort on wowhead, seems it will be a new little zone from 4.1. I think it’s too bad that I can’t bring Tribeca to the goblin starter area, it was so pretty there, pools with floating ducks and racing cars and all! I have been wearing wool, scarfs and furry boots from September till now, and I am in desperate need of some sun. I am so pale that I am a danger on the street, risking to make people snowblind! Sadly I don’t think there will be any tanning, ocean breeze or frozen margaritas consumed on beach till end of July. Hopefully there will be several weeks of the classic, lovely Norwegian summer too, meaning 20 degrees in air and -20 ish in water. Yay! Seems the only tropical paradise I will visit for a while is the virtual one. Looks pretty shiny, though!



Tribeca is 4 years old- that’s 148 days played, many chain heals and loads of laughs. That deserves the front of a magazine cover. Happy b-day!

45 mins to go!

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Ulduar pics by Kostas. Others by me

Cata Night is here! I know I haven’t written for some days, ok, more like weeks, but not much have been going on. Been doing some pvp and some leveling alts. End of WotLK feels good, but also a bit sentimental. When it came out, I was standing in line for 2 hours, outside a small game store in Southern Sweden, completely frozen but so excited. Tonight it’s even more cold, but I’m inside my warm appartement, with the Expansion downloaded days ago, just waiting for midnight to log in.

I am happy with the way WotLK turned out. I joined a nice guild right after Ulduar was released, the same guild I am in now. We have killed all bosses both on 10 and 25 man, did most of the hard modes and acvievements. My goal was to kill LK on 25 man, and so we did, including 9 bosses on heroic mode, which I think is very acceptable. As for Cata, I don’t know what will happen, but I’m hoping to be a part of all end game raiding content, since this is what I enjoy the most of all in game.

I think it’s strange to think about how much my life has changed since the game store finally opened the doors right when the clock turned 12, and I shortly after stood there excited with my copy of  Wrath of the Lich King, eager to get home and start installing. Some of it for worse, most of it for better, but WoW has always been fun, my hobby, and a nice way to escape from real life.

I’m hoping, and believes, that Cata will do the same. See you there =)

Jumping into Cata

Big Bada Boom

While I’m writing this, the world of Azeroth is changing! When I log back in tomorrow there will be…well, probably too much qq to handle in trade channel, lag and confusion, but also a new world to explore! When I was new in WoW, the think I liked most was exploring a new zone. I wasn’t really into the map function (let’s face it, I’m still not!), so all of a sudden a zine could change from try desert into lush jungle, and I was excited every time it happened. Much of the game I just ran around exploring, killing the creatures I came over, well, if I managed before they killed me, that is.

I have had access to Beta server since the beginning, but I don’t really want to know TOO much about the game in advance, specially not the new areas. It wouldn’t feel fresh that way. So yes, I am excited about tomorrow.

I am a bit surprised though, I thought the cataclysm would occur in, well, Cataclysm. And then the world changes two weeks before. Hm. Can’t deny the fact that it feels a bit like cheating, but I’ll live with it. Apparently, the portals in Dalaran will be gone tomorrow. I said goodbye to the places I like the most. Goodbye,  Purple Parlour where I liked to hide, put on a red dress and look down at the city. Goodbye well, where I used to jump down for quicker access to sewers. And most of all; Goodbye, wall on the stairs outside southern bank (the left wall, never the right one) where I always, always stood before and after raid time. I know I can do all this at later point, but… it felt like the last time anyway.

The last thing I did before server shut down was Warsong Gulch. Then I logged off in Stormwind, not sure what it will be like when I get back in tomorrow.

Furbolg form + baby wolf = Win. Nuff said.

As usual, I do things at the last-minute. There were many things I wanted to do before Cataclysm. Loremaster. Zul Gurub mounts. Classic Dungeonmaster. Winterspring Frostsaber. I didn’t get these things done, but on the other hand I got my wand that turns me into a Furbolg and my dearly beloved Worg pup (also gave it a lovely name ;)). So I am happy! And still excited, but… there are places I will miss.

Nr 1. Always been. Always will be.

Since I haven’t read everything I’ve come over about Cataclysm, I don’t know exactly which zones will change and which ones that will remain. But I paid a last visit to my favourite place in WoW, Winterspring. I love how the snow glows, the stars on the pale sky, the hot springs and the footprints my mount leave in the snow. So, in case you change; Goodbye Winterspring. Anything you are glad you got to do before the changes? Any places you will miss?


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As some of you know, this blog used to be in Norwegian. In other words a year of blog posts that don’t make much sense to most of the readers on this blog. I’ve decided to translate them into English and re-post them. Well, not all of them, I doubt anyone would think it was interesting that I killed General Veszax at this point, but you get the point. So if you see a post you’ve already read, it’s not because I’m being too lazy to post something new. Just a bit every now and then 🙂

The translated posts will be posted under the “Vintage” category.