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Sunny Days

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Just me
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Happy Easter!

About a year ago I wrote that I this year would be going to TG; The Gathering, but I have realised I feel too old. Also, I like  my comfort and would probably be cranky and tired. Not to mention tickets were a small fortune and sold out before I could locate the site to buy them. Last time I stayed up for a long time with very little sleep was at Cata release, and it took me a while to get back on track. So I am pretty happy about being home for the holidays. My guildies Snapp and Hiassen, also known as Chris my brother and our friend Torje, are there for their 8th year in a row or so. Bringing all kinds of computer stuff, shelves and huge amounts of mineral water. Together with 6000 other gamers!

As for me, I have spent most of the time outside in the sun, trying to find out if the cafés of Oslo are ready for the incoming spring. With the great weather, the sweetest friends and ice-cold Carlsberg looking out on Aker Brygge, it’s looking very promising so far. Oh, and somewhere between Carlsberg 1 and 4 I invited everyone to a bbq, my place on Sunday. Bring hotdogs! How’s your Easter looking?


Deep Forest

Posted: October 4, 2010 in When afk
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I haven’t posted anything since the Lich King kill, I know. It was like, ok, so he is dead, now what? Well, now we do heroic modes, but not really much to say about it, it’s harder and well…heroic!

Trying to save up some money for Cataclysm (which btw now has an official release date, 7th of December), will need gold to level up 8 different professions. Was fishing in Grizzly Hills the other day, to get mats for Fish Feasts and also try get the Turtle I wrote about here, when it hit me that Grizzly Hills is pretty beautiful, and how nice it would have been to actually wander around there. Which made me feel a bit stupid thinking that, since the forest is 10 minutes away from my house. I spend way too much time in this game, but I guess everyone who play WoW would agree on that at some point. Anyway, I decided to bring Ella and drove til the road stopped and walked into forest from there. We spent 4 hours all together, the air was clear and fresh, the colours so pretty in red, orange and yellow all over.

Not sure how legal this is….

I feel like a real slacker for not doing this more often, whole Oslo is surrounded by forest and beautiful nature, and here I am wishing I would wander the forests of WoW. /Lichslap for me! Definitely going to try do this more often, and it really helps going with a puppy who gets overexcited and extremely happy over seeing a stick, a bush or simply a rock in the path.

Ella found several treasures she wanted to bring home as souvenirs. Some more…random…than others *cough*