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Here comes the sun!

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Around Azeroth, News
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Every time there’s an incoming patch, same thing happens. Seems it’s all people talk about, patch this, patch that. Nerfs and buffs, op and ffs. Cmooon, it’s just a patch! Not next expansion pack. I do try to read if there are any major changes for my class, and I think it’s exciting with new content, like the upcoming heroics. But I don’t know everything that is to know about a patch 4 weeks before it’s released, neither do I usually write about it on the blog. I can do that after it’s live, no?

More of this, please

However, I came over some pictures of a little summer resort on wowhead, seems it will be a new little zone from 4.1. I think it’s too bad that I can’t bring Tribeca to the goblin starter area, it was so pretty there, pools with floating ducks and racing cars and all! I have been wearing wool, scarfs and furry boots from September till now, and I am in desperate need of some sun. I am so pale that I am a danger on the street, risking to make people snowblind! Sadly I don’t think there will be any tanning, ocean breeze or frozen margaritas consumed on beach till end of July. Hopefully there will be several weeks of the classic, lovely Norwegian summer too, meaning 20 degrees in air and -20 ish in water. Yay! Seems the only tropical paradise I will visit for a while is the virtual one. Looks pretty shiny, though!




New Westfall

So I have taken a look on a few changes in game now. There’s really no point in writing about everything here, I am sure there are other websites doing that better than me. However, I’d like to share my first few impressions. Stormwind looks great, and there have been added more flightpaths to Azeroth, less running / riding. Lots of zones are different, and got new quests added to them. I think leveling a new toon will fun again, when you haven’t done everything several times before.


I paid Guilneas a visit, and first thing I saw was heavy raind and sheeps. I love both, so very good. Also ran into a lovely little creature, a fox, and had to get my hunter there to see if it could be tamed. It could! So now I have the sweetest pet ever, it even has a racial ability for playing, so it can dance. Pretty! If anyone have a good petname for it, feel free to call out 😀