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I upgraded my address from to just .com. Think you will be redirected automatically, but if not,  this is the new address 🙂


Where do the heroes of Azeroth place their precious little ones when they are out fighting evil monsters? Perhaps at Nagrand Nursery. On the border of Nagrand laughing skull ruins and Zangarmarch you will find a little camp, called “Challe’s home for little tykes”. Not sure what a tyke is, but according to dictionary it can be both “a slang, often offensive, for person from Yorkshire” or “a small child”. So I am guessing last one 😉

This daycare is located high up in mountains, with lots of opportunities to fall off a cliff and straight down into the sea of Zangarmarch. Perfect place to run around for the children!  The sandbox is built up around knuckles from a large beast, and sharp teeth (probably from same creature) make a suspect fence. And Azeroth kids must be really tough since these are their toys:

So seems Blizz are not really good with kids :p On the inside, however, there are several babies in cribs, garded by Challe the troll. A night elf, tauren, troll and orc baby. Oh, soooo cute. If you are a male orc with good genes and sense of humour you know where to find me, cause I am sooo getting an orc baby! Just look at these wonders:


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Some people say all children are cute. Omg, they are so wrong. There are so many kids out there that do not exactly make my ovaries scream for similar ones. Like the Alliance children. They are spooky! They all look like they are cut out from a scene from Oliver Twist or les Misérables. Not to mention you would think they have botox in chins, restylane in lips and waxed eyebrows! So. Not. Cute. Ever tried sites where you can upload pictures of yourself and see how you would like as a cartoon, manga, old, baby etc? Well, if you choose baby, chances are great you will end up looking like those kids.

But thats nothing compared to what makes them really really creepy! In Goldshire there is a leatherworking house, and inside it, on 2nd floor, there are 6 kids standing still, just staring at each other.  And..they are standing in a pentagram! Everyone knows pentagrams are scary stuff. And combined with waxed eyebrow kids…OMG! That is not all, though. It has been confirmed that they occasionally run out of the house, towards 5 different locations around Elwynn forest. And these locations make another pentagram! Also… when they return to house of akwardness early in the morning, you might hear a swosh-swosh sound followed by the words “You will die”. I am sure if you play the soundclip backwards you will get something even more creepier (George is dead?).  Finally: If you stand in the middle of the kids you are 666 yards from the Stormwind / Elwynn forest border. Iiiiiik!

I mentioned I had played a bit in the betaversion of Cataclysm. I got access allready in Alpha (big thanks to sweetest ever Heidi), but could not write or post anything from it. I don’t want to play too much since I want to feel excited when the expansion comes out in [insert random month here]. I stood in line for both Burning Crusade and WotLK, and I will of course do same this time! So if you want to come with me, I will be standing outside Platekompaniet somewhere in middle of Oslo, patiently waiting for my special edition.

Shakespeare inspired

My goblin is a hunter called Ophelia, and hunters get pets from level 1. Which makes sense I think, since thats what hunters is all about. The goblin starting area is lush, thickly-forested and tropial, with swimming pools, beaches and comfortable beds with zebraskin pillows. Sort of like a medium rated hotel somewhere in Phuket. Goblins got two racial abilities, they can jump several yards using a rocketbelt, and also shoot fire missiles from it. I dont think poor Ophelia will ever be beauty queen of Azeroth, but she sure is charming jumping around and climbing vines.

The first quests are easygoing and fun, you run around pick up parts (goblins are as cheap as ever before!), you get to ride a speedcar and get dressed for a poolparty. Arriving there, you need to make sure guests are having a good time, that they are good on food and drinks, or simply get a bucket for those who have had enough. However, the party’s over when evil pirates decide to crahs the party and you need to save your life. From there it is a lot more action going on.

Emily Brontë inspired

Being huge fan of horrormovie genre and have seen many werewolf movies, I was quite excited to try out the Worgens.

The worgen starting zone begins in a flashback. The area Gilneas is besieged by forsakens, and is suffering from a plague. You meet a dissenter, Crowley, who believes that Gilneas being isolated is a mistake and that they should rejoin the Alliance. When the worgen curse comes, you and Crowley lead the defensive, but are pushed and forced back to the city cathedral. There, you realize that the worgens you are fighting are your own friends and neighbours, driven feral. As you realize this, the curse takes you. In other words, less happy-go-lucky stuff  and more suffering and pain in this starting area.

There is a lot of raining going on in Gilneas, make sure to turn weather effects to max. Personally I love it, and my worgen Heathcliff lives up to his name by being a depressed guy who is most likely  to stand in the rain knocking his head into a tree (and if you have no idea what Im talking about, go read Wuthering Heights!). I like him!

I lol’d

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Frøya. Prrr.

My lovely friend Shane sent me a mail that I simply loved. I do love cats, got one of my own that I love more than anything, but still could not help lauhing outload when I saw this:


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Last days of my precious week off. Was planning to do lots, buy new bookshelves, install new lightspots in bedroom (well, find someone who knew how to do it for me!) and of course get incredibly tanned. Result: 0/3. Hmm. Last one is not my fault, sun has been gone whole week. Holiday has been really good in either way though, for several reasons 😉 Sun also came out a bit yesterday, and I went to a barbeque /poolparty at friend’s place. On my way there I found a warehouse sale and made friends with some new boots. My friends at the bbq just got a new blender and had to try it out, I volunteered as testbunny. Hard task, laying on a sunchair being brought cold drinks, but someone needs to do it, right! The party pretty much went straight up hill from that.

Decided to join an ICC 25 raid with noobish hunter alt when I got home, and I have to say dps really scales with amount of alcohol, in a good way! Not to mention it makes raid sooo much more fun. Even got a new sword, and I made a legendary roll for it:

I am leveling a goblin hunter in Cataclysm Beta at the moment, and now that it no longer needs to be kept a secret, Iwill start posting from it. Must say its looking really good, and I cannot wait til the release. I still have not been able to create a female worgen, but I hope it will be available soon. I am still not convinced the new shaman talent tree will work out, I am sad to see so many points disappear, but as long as I can continue spamming chain heal and pretend I do something important, I will be happy 🙂

Random things to do when bored

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Fokanell walks his pug in a leashe around Dalaran every night, wearing Don Carlos’ Famous Hat.  How nice. How random!


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Since there has been almost two months since I wrote something, I am way behind with updates. I can start by telling that he is finally dead, the Lich King.  Was not too hard once we got hang on it, and I really enjoyed the fight. Lots of moving involved, so had to focus really hard not to stand in wrong stuff at wrong time. I died at the end, used reincarnation and some seconds after fight was over.  And had to watch the video all over again, of course.  Feels good to have killed him, and I am not worried if we do it on heroic mode or not, Im not the heroic mode kind to be honest. Better loot yes, but takes away some of the fun at same time. But that is just me.

The ever so cute gnome Elias got whole fight on tape, I am where the chain heals are!

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Oh hai!

Every time I enter my blog I feel horrible for not updating. Specially when I get e-mails and comments about it. So enough is enough, I can no longer blame Photoshop / new computer / wordpress. Allthough, for whats it is worth, I have been struggling with all of them! Got a new computer and the old one is upset and is being difficult by spamming unknown commands when I try to turn it on. Cant find devices, files, enter dos (never again!), you name it. I’ve downloaded everything all over on new one and hopes old one stops being so childish. After all I got 1500 screenshots on it that I would like to keep.

Current design is not finished, and site will look strange for the next following days. Im hoping it will be done before end of the week. Just have some CSS to fight with first.

See you very soon 🙂

Just registered on Blogurat!