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Posted: August 15, 2011 in Just me, News
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Holidays are over, I am home from my trip to Egypt and on Tuesday it’s back to reality. The minute the calendar hit August here in Oslo, temperature dropped drastically also, and has decided to stick around 14 degrees and rain. It smells like fall already, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I need to get my ice scraper ready by September. Means shortly after I will need to get up 20 minutes earlier in the morning, standing outside in -20 trying to dig car out with snow up to knees, getting inside your boots, melting and making you wet while you are swearing  and thinking that you are so moving further south next year.

I am sure I will wish I was back in Egypt when these times come, while I was there I would more than once be willing to trade the 45 degrees for some Norwegian snow. I don’t know what’s the problem with me and Egypt, this is the second time I go there and the second time I get ill. I was sooo careful even, washed my hands after touching, well, anything!, didn’t eat any eggs, salad, raw meat, seafood or dairy products (my dinner was quite boring!), took pills to prevent you from getting ill, used anti septic liquids on hands, didn’t have as much as a drop of tap water, no ice, brushed my teeth in bottle water… Still I ended up 2 full days lying in hotel room, green in face, wishing I could teleport back to Oslo and my own bed. Bah! Oh well! If you want to lose 4 kilo in a week, going to Egypt is obviously the way to go. Did have some good times also of course, even though I didn’t get to do as much diving as I wanted to. Scuba diving is amazing in Egypt, the coral reef is bright and colourful, there are huge fish surrounding you, like being inside an aquarium, if you are lucky you can see sea turtles and more exotic creatures. I never feel so free that I do under water, it’s amazing to be able to move and breathe under water, and you really feel in symbiosis with nature. Diving certificate. recommended!

About WoW, I am back to a “doesn’t really matter that much” phase, not wanting to quit the game but at the same time not very worried about progress, leveling characters or anything. I still raid 3 nights a week, help run the guild and is being very active but it’s the social aspect of game that I enjoy the most. This happens every now and then, lasts for a while then I get more interested and it’s back to normal, so the feeling it not strange to me anymore. There are so many lovely people in this game, some more lovely than others, and these make the game enjoyable even if I don’t do much, really.

With holidays being over I guess it’s time to start update this site a bit more, so…see you soon 🙂


Here comes the sun!

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Around Azeroth, News
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Every time there’s an incoming patch, same thing happens. Seems it’s all people talk about, patch this, patch that. Nerfs and buffs, op and ffs. Cmooon, it’s just a patch! Not next expansion pack. I do try to read if there are any major changes for my class, and I think it’s exciting with new content, like the upcoming heroics. But I don’t know everything that is to know about a patch 4 weeks before it’s released, neither do I usually write about it on the blog. I can do that after it’s live, no?

More of this, please

However, I came over some pictures of a little summer resort on wowhead, seems it will be a new little zone from 4.1. I think it’s too bad that I can’t bring Tribeca to the goblin starter area, it was so pretty there, pools with floating ducks and racing cars and all! I have been wearing wool, scarfs and furry boots from September till now, and I am in desperate need of some sun. I am so pale that I am a danger on the street, risking to make people snowblind! Sadly I don’t think there will be any tanning, ocean breeze or frozen margaritas consumed on beach till end of July. Hopefully there will be several weeks of the classic, lovely Norwegian summer too, meaning 20 degrees in air and -20 ish in water. Yay! Seems the only tropical paradise I will visit for a while is the virtual one. Looks pretty shiny, though!