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My shaman has collected a few full old school tier sets, but there are other sets to go for too.  Like green sets, green as in quality of armor, not the green colour itself. My favourite colours are red and black, and I really like the combination of them as well. There are 3 mail armor sets I am trying to get now, Ironhide, Engraved and Ebonhold.

All these armor sets are in itemlevel range  50-60, meaning they can drop from any mob in any level 55-60 zone. Now, you can of course run around in Silithus or Winterspring and kill everything you see, but chances are you’ll be far into Panda expansion before you have gathered all the pieces. Auction house would be your best chance of collecting these, it will take some time and luck, but not unbearable. Now, they will probably look very differently on male characters, but most of them play female toons anyway, right? 😀



Posted: December 29, 2011 in Lols
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I lol’d

I had to smile at this, watching the evening news where they talked about elders and eye treatement, seeing this poster in the background. Someone didn’t really notice that the chosen illustration photo was not based on random letters. First I thought “how could they not see that?” but I didn’t know what “OMG” meant some years ago either, and definitely not “PWN3D“. What’s worse –  it’s a word I have used at several occasions! 😮 In my mind I went through other game slangs words and expressions, and I don’t know if it’s due to my fascination for words or simply an extreme level of geekiness, but I can think of all these immediately, and loads of more:

Aggro. Beta. Camping. Dps. End Game. Fail. Gank. Hardcore. Imba. JC (Jewelcrafter). KK /uh, like ok just..not). Lag. Macro. Nerf. Oneshot. Pug. QQ (Supposed to look like crying eyes). Ragequit. Spam. Tank. UI (User Interface). Vent. Wipe. Xp (Experience). Yw (you are welcome). ZOMG (like omg. My favourite <3)!

These abbreviations are also well used in my vocabulary (although not IRL!):

RL = Real Life

BRB = Be Right Back (Often a lie)

AFK = Away From Keyboard

BIO = Bio (going to bathroom, not that we need to know really)

ATM = At The Moment

OMW = On My Way

BTW = By The Way

NVM = Nevermind (often said by sulking people)

TY = Thank You

YW = You’re Welcome

WB = Welcome Back

NP = No Problem (don’t let it happen again)

TYVM = Thank You Very Much

BBL = Be Back Later

LOL = Laugh Out Loud  (But usually not that funny, more smiling instead of laughing)

ROFL = Roll On Floor Laughing (Bit more funny, maybe laughing but not rolling… I hope not, would look very weird)

ROFLMAO = Roll On Floor Laughing My Ass Off (Never happened. Ouch?)

Were these words familiar or simply Greek to you? 😀



I know, I know, I don’t show much Shammylove nowadays. But December is a really stressful month. Too stressful for my taste, I always think that this year, I will be done sorting christmas things long before the day itself approaches, but as late as a few hours ago I was fighting my way through insane amount of people in a shopping center swearing to myself. And the last present was wrapped six minutes ago. Now I opened a really nice bottle of red wine and am wondering if it’s ok to show up at your parents house, Christmas eve, slightly hung over or not? I’ve landed on probably not, so better swap for Pepsi max.

There are so many nice and well made WoW x-mas videos available on YouTube, this one I found several years ago and it’s my favourite. I could sing this melody all year-long (in fact, it’s my “singing in the shower song”, while waiting for hair conditioner to kick in. And yes. I even do the helium voice, but don’t tell anyone!), even though it has…gnomes…urk. But they have a certain charm for Christmas, I must admit. Merry Christmas to everyone 🙂