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Sometimes it’s fun to re-do raids you completed ages ago, just for fun and social. I always hated Al’Akir because I, just like with Alyzrzor, have a problem moving out of hurricanes. But now that it’s easy mode, I like to go there. I also think Throne of the Four Winds is one of the most beautiful raids in game, just like the instance Vortex Pinnacle. All of out guild videos are to be found on YouTube, thanks to the lovely Elias. My favourite is still the video above, from our first meeting with Al’Akir when he was still one of the hardest bosses to kill. I love how fast we die 😀



Been quite some time since I have written here now, but that happens every now and then. Too much work, too little sleep, too bandaged hand. Yes, bandaged! Was going to make an excellent post about how much I was looking forward to the patch, how fun raiding was and more blah blah that would make me look even more geekish, if that is even possible. But! Then! I pulled a Bambi, fell on the ice and big bada boom, could only use left hand for aaages. I have never been known for great coordination. On my CV: walking into a lamppost and got a concussion, falling off a bike and flew through three gardens, got stuck in a hanger and tore down the whole wardrobe (amazing domino effect!)…just to mention some things over the last years. This time it was the stairs.

Icebear claw

Anyway, I still enjoy Cataclysm. Raiding is going pretty well, we only have Nefarian left in Blackwing Decent, and are on top 10 of the 25man raiding guilds. I still think 10 mans are zzzzzo boring, much more fun with chaotic 25 mans (in fact, give 40 mans back!)! Still a bit sulky at Blizzard for making them almost equal, but what to do. The only 10 man raid I have done so far has been on Al’Akir, which went really well! Check it out:

Anyway, it is still early in the expansion and even though it does feel a bit important to progress fast, I am sure we will have most content on farm soon, so good thing that it’s not all cleared in one night. Have you started Cata raiding yet? What do you think? 🙂