Baby, I like it!

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Around Azeroth
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I wonder how many times I have asked my fellow shamguildies this question : “got any ankh to spare?” Usually the answer is no, because they have the glyph that doesn’t require reagents blah blah blah.  And! Then I get asked why I don’t have the glyph too, always, always, always. Becaaaause I have filled up my minor glyphs with Glyph of Water Shield, Glyph of Water breathing and Glyph of Water walking. I seem to be the only shammy who has those, which I don’t understand! I mean, I could roll a shammy for the waterwalking alone. Who cares if I have to carry loads of ankh around, I can ♥waterwalk♥!

And in Cataclysm Beta I have already got asked twice if I could buff them with waterwalking. See? I bet in Cataclysm the shammies with this glyphs will be the most popular ones! Waterwalking is coming back, it will be the new black, I just know it! :p

It’s not exactly like I travel light anyway. This is what my bags usually look like after cleaning up. After stuffing the bank til it’s full. After sending everything I can to my bank alt.  Meaning this is only the stuff I really need.

Yes, I feel naked if I don’t bring my Piccolo of the flaming fire. What if there’s a really long break and I want people to dance? And what’s a raid without throwing bunny ears on someone?? Spring Flowers must be in bag at all time. Maybe one of the druids start to dance in bearform? Then I want to join in on the fun using Rituals of the New Moon. I need a certain selection of assorted robes if there should be any handsome guys around. And if they don’t fall madly in love when I put on my Vestements of the Shifting Sands, simply put out a Brewfest Pony Keg, beergoogles will do the trick! Some stacks of anhk on top of this is nothing, really.

Any opportunity to post this video, which I can’t get of my head. I know, posting an Enrique Eglesias is considered lame. But I can’t stop liking it, it’s just like the waterwalking! So if someone tells me I have  bad taste in music, or keep qq’ing about me using  the wrong glyphs, I will just say like Rhett Butler; Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! Cause baby, I like it! *sings* Good night from me 🙂

  1. Elise says:

    Hahaha I am just the same! Even though I play a rogue and don’t need things for buffs or two sets of gear, I always find my bags stuffed with (ehhe) 100% necessary stuff!

  2. PP says:

    Interesting blogs like usual. Good reding.

    But maybe you should know maybe you will not be like that catlady if you didn`t dump all the ones who really cared about you…. Just the idea……

  3. Elise says:

    Sounds like someone you dumped that had a crush on you is bitter D:

  4. Kimani says:

    Well the whole dump comment seems to be a bit out of place and not really topic related

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