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I use real Id in game, I knew several people on other realms / factions and it’s nice to be able to say hi or just see what they are up to. Sometimes you notice people haven’t been online for days, weeks, months; people who were usually active players. Nothing unusual with that, most of them just have a break or stop playing, happens every day. That’s what I thought had happened to my “friend” Pokerock, who went from being a lot more online than me to nothing at all. I have to think hard to find out how we started talking, I think we were in the same Icecrown Citadel pug, where he came on his rogue and I brought my hunter alt. A cloak dropped which we both rolled on, I won it and noticed he had a horrible one, so I told him he could have it instead and started talking after that.

He was a very nice player, and I often asked him if he wanted to come do things with our guild, I even suggested he should apply to us. He said he was always temped, but that he was scared to mess up, that someone he knew had been in our guild and didn’t pass his trial, that he prefered doing well among “bad” players than ending up doing bad among better players. And no matter what I said, that he would learn, that he would easily catch up etc, he never gave it a try.

Joel and Tribeca

What’s the point in all this? Well, Joel just stopped coming online. From being online most of the evenings, he just disappeared. I though he had quit the game, and felt sad that he never said goodbye first. After all, we spoke a lot. I also tried writing him an e-mail, no reply. Some days ago I was in a group with someone from his guild (who also happened to be the GM) and out of curiosity I asked him, “so, what happened to Pokerock, did he leave or..?”. The answer I got was nothing what I expected, because it turned out, Pokerock is no longer playing since he is no longer alive.

What happened exactly is not really known, but it seems it was a personal tragedy.

I never met, and would probably never have met, Pokerock in real life. He was “only”an online acquaintance. Still, He was still more than a random player who played a rogue, there was a real person behind the screen. his name was Joel. He lived in southern England, worked in some kind of factory, which he often said he didn’t like. He was single, used to say he didn’t have time to care for anyone else but this plants and flowers, which after what he told me, was a great interest to him. He seemed bright, funny and often made jokes that made me laugh. He was 36. And he will never be 37.

There are many kinds of online relationships, I guess most of them are just like this, talking to some people every now and then, you know a bit of who they are and what they do without ever getting to really know them. Your common interest is the game, and for those who have been playing for some years, there are so many of these people, these online friendships that come and go. But you never think something like that would be the reason why.

E-mail from beyond

Tribeca has a total kill of 352709 creatures. 16068 of these are other players. She has died 6983 times. WoW is a game that is very much about killing things, whether they are boars, players or raid bosses. But the idea of actual death is rarely related to gameplay.  And if / when it happens, chances are you would never find out.

I remember reading something similar on Wow Insider, a player died in the middle of doing a quest and his daughter decided to get in touch with his online friends so they would know what had happened. This didn’t turn out to be an easy task, without any password or knowledge of his game, she was pretty lost. Article also mentions a couple of sites where you can register, add contacts, inform friends or family and, in case of death, they can access your site and send out a written in advance e-mail. Hello, sorry to inform you all that I am now dead..? Sounds very morbid, which is perhaps why one of these sites are called just that; Slightly Morbid.

Serenity Now

On Tuesday of February 28th Illidan lost not only a good mage, but a good person. For those who knew her, Fayejin was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. On Tuesday she suffered from a stroke and passed away later that night.

I’m making this post basically to inform everyone that might have known her. Also tomorrow, at 5:30 server time March, 4th. We will have an in-game memorial for her so that her friends can pay their respects. We will be having it at the Frostfire Hot Springs in Winterspring, because she loved to fish in the game ( she liked the sound of the water, it was calming for her ) and she loved snow.

If you would like to come show your respects please do. Thanks everyone

So girl who plays a mage in game dies. Friends want to have an in-game memorial and announce it on forum. Alliance guild “Serenity Now” picks it up, go there, gank everyone and make a video of it, adding some funky music. Result; huge debates in a shocked wow community. Reactions are many, but different. Taken from original forum thread:

“Congratulations, you have stopped lower than any other guild in MMO history”
“I’m not excusing it, but some of you guys are getting far too worked up over something that happened on the internet”

“Your still assmonkeys in real life and on the interwebs whether you got “honor” points for your actions or not.

Congrats on a new personal low. /golfclap”

“Like comparing a funeral with an rp-dorkathon event in an online video game?”

“Fayejin loved pvp, we thought we were doing a good thing”

Some call them *bleeep*ing *bleep**holes. Some call the funeral people a bunch of nerds for arranging an in-game funeral. Some think Fayejin got honoured, having pvp action in her own funeral. Right or wrong, Serenity Now (who’s still active, btw) will always be remembered as “that” guild.

Alicia’s Poem

I don’t like questing, I think it’s boring, and I almost never read what the quest says. There is one exception though, the quest Alicia’s Poem. It’s just a pick-up and hand-in-to-someone-else quest in Shattrath, and it’s sad, moving and beautiful all at once. The poem itself is actually based on one of my favourite poems, “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep”, but there is a story behind it in WoW. It is a tribute to wow-player Dak Krause aka  who died from leukemia in August 2008. Blizzard named an NPC after him, Caylee Dak, who leads to Alicia in Shattrath, where the poem can be read. It has really touched my heart, and it now makes me think of Joel.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am in a thousand winds that blow,
across Northrend’s bright and shining snow.

I am the gentle showers of rain,
on Westfall’s fields of golden grain.

I am in the morning hush,
of Stranglethorn’s jungle, green and lush.

I am in the drums loud and grand,
the thunderous hooves across Nagrand.

I am the stars warmly gleaming,
over Darnassus softly dreaming.

I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.


We got our first heroic kill (Morchoc) the other night, which felt good. We killed Deathwing a while ago, into the second or third week into Dragonsoul, but haven’t really started heroic modes until now. There is of course a lot of discussion of whether Blizzard made DS too easy, both in guild and in general. I try not to get into that discussion, because to me, it actually doesn’t matter what we do as long as we have fun together. When Cata was released, people complained that it was too hard to start with, now it’s too easy, it’s not possible to keep everyone happy anyway.

I have a friend on realm who is on a very casual guild where they try to raid during weekends, but without doing all the planning and organisation that a raiding guild needs to do. She told me they had heard so much about the level of easiness in DS that her guild thought they would give it a shot and maybe clear the first bosses. Well, they killed Morchoc (10 man, normal mode), but that was after 3,5 hours and with 2 people alive. And although they could not get pass trash on next boss, they were genuinely happy for their guild. We consider Morchoc on normal as an extension of boring trash mobs, so it’s hard to understand that, but that goes both ways. Our guild is not hardcore, but most of us were geared in Firelands Heroic gear, which made us rush through normal modes pretty fast. Gear helps, but it’s not everything, we have raid leaders that do their research (or pretend very well!) and lead us through the fights. My point is that for a casual guild without any real raid leaders, knowledge of tactics and low gear on top of that, Dragonsoul might not seem so faceroll.

The heroic modes aren’t, for sure. And I am ok with that, Dragonsoul is supposed to be the last raid before Pandarien, and we will need something to do before that. Farming for the sake of farming is fun the first weeks, then it gets repetitive and ends up in a bunch of Maelstrom Crystals.

Lootship taken using Far Sight spell

We sometimes still go back to Firelands to help last guildie get her legendary staff, and I can’t say I miss it. We ended on 5/7 heroic and although it would have been great to check off the two last, I never expected it. It’s usually like that in my guild, back in SSC Lady Vashj never died. In Ulduar, we banged our heads at Mimiron hard mode but never got to Algalon. In Wrath, we killed Sindarogosa on heroic, but not Lich King. And that’s ok. I know that if I really wanted that, I need to apply to a more hardcore guild. We have been in realm top 10 or right below most of the time, there was a time where we were crap and suffered at 27th or something like that, but we bounced back. At the end, to me, it’s more important enjoying the people you play with, have a laugh and be social rather than raiding 5 nights a week and always worry about not being good enough. I complete understand the ones who do, but I just wouldn’t have time. Or would want to have time 🙂

Thoughts on Dragonsoul? Heroic modes? Missing Firelands at all?

My Firelands “video” from our time there

I received this in my mail recently, and it made me very aware of how much time I spend in front on the computer, either it’s study, work or hobby related. I remember that the images on left side were the normal way to do things, not that long ago either, and now… well, I do all those things on the pc now. I came over a post on my friend Tom’s blog, and it made me smile. It’s pretty simple, you go outside when wind is strong, sit down (Tom used a chunk of ice, we used plastic bags), pull your jacket up behind you as a seal and let the wind take you forward, preferably down-hill, wiiiiiii! Great fun, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Tom’s version of ice surfing (more hardcore than ours)

I thought I was the only one playing the ice surfing game when I grew up, but maybe it’s a norwegian thing? Because my cousins, Guro and Mari (who has a blog, too!) and I, played this a lot when weather allowed it. I think I spent most of the days outdoor in general, there was not much to do inside, and we were sent out to play and make up our own games. I am actually pretty glad I didn’t have a pc while growing up, cause I was a very happy child.

So what to do, now that things have changed and I have to spend time at pc, whether I’d like to or not? Well, my last years new year’s resolution was to start going to gym, which I did. So this year it will be to continue going there. I think it’s a lot easier actually getting there in spring / summer than winter. Like today, I had to dig my car out of all the snow both before and after class. And it’s dark and cold and the sofa with the warm blanket seems sooo tempting.

Today it was spinning class, which is my absolute favourite of gym classes. The lights are off, the music is loud and even though there are 39 others in the room, it feels like it’s just you and the bike. We use pulse belts around waists, under t-shirt, and can watch our heart rate and percentage of max pulse on large monitors, and it’s all about pushing yourself to max. Sweat is dripping, legs are aching, you feel that you can’t go on, but then the trainer or even your own mind says something motivating that makes you gather all those thoughts about quitting, toss them out of the door, and just keep going! Until you exhausted notices class is ending and you can go home, wrap yourself in a robe and just feel great really. Until next time 😀

Anyone else than me spending way too much time sitting down nowadays?

Sometimes it’s fun to re-do raids you completed ages ago, just for fun and social. I always hated Al’Akir because I, just like with Alyzrzor, have a problem moving out of hurricanes. But now that it’s easy mode, I like to go there. I also think Throne of the Four Winds is one of the most beautiful raids in game, just like the instance Vortex Pinnacle. All of out guild videos are to be found on YouTube, thanks to the lovely Elias. My favourite is still the video above, from our first meeting with Al’Akir when he was still one of the hardest bosses to kill. I love how fast we die 😀

Amazing what shadows and highlights in Photoshop can do for a six-pack

But just another blog post. And if you haven’t seen the 300 movie, none of this will make any sense to you. All I can say then is; go see it, do it! Do it now! However, I saw the it (again) the other day. I know, I know, it’s so 2006 ish, but I still love it. I actually saw it three times in cinema! Not to mention I also quite like Nine Inch Nails, who have some music in the movie.  And it has nothing to do with the fact that there half-naked men in it. Nothing…*lick lips*…erm..where was I? Oh right. 300 naked men. I made my own in-game Spartan, and my Leonidas is here wearing:

Head: Bloodscale Helm

Chest: None. Mmm 😉

Waist: Xevozz’s Belt

Legs: Aboriginal Loincloth

Bracers: Wristwraps of the Cutthroat

Cape: Red Riding Hood’s Cloak

Speer: Gargoyle’s Bite

Shield: Black Gold Buckler

But what is a king without his queen? Queen Gorgo is wearing:

Chest: Spring Robes

Boots: Knitted Sandals

Bracers: Vicious Gladiator’s Cuffs of Meditation

Sadly these outfits are not optimal for transmogrification, since they a) lack slots and b) are a mix of leather, plate and cloth. But maybe for roleplaying? For those who are into that?

I am not the only one combining World of Warcraft and Sparta. I found this Machinima video which is a 300 parody, but it’s so nice. “-Our arrows will blot out the sun! -Then we will fight in the shade.” “Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell! ” and of course… who can ever forget “- This is blasphemy! This is madness! – Madness?! This.. is… SPARTA!” Wohoaa, kick down to the pit. Gotta love it 😀


… I would have gone for something colourful and shiny. Isn’t that what plate is all about? Knight in shining armour and all? Anyway. While most people prefer transmogrifying their armor into tier pieces and other exclusive sets, the green items can look just as nice on. I have put down quite a few BoE plate armour sets for warrior, paladin and death knight transmogrification. Since you can’t wear plate before level 40, there are obviously none ower level armour to show. The green armour sets also get fewer and less exciting the higher level you reach, for the simple reason that you don’t enter end-game content with greens. At least you shouldn’t!

29 Green Armour BoE Sets (Click to enlarge):

Itemlevel 40-55:

Above: Warbringer’s Plate. Saltstone Plate. Symbolic Plate. Tyrant’s Plate. Bloodforged Plate

Above: Sunscale Plate. Ornate Mithril Battlegear. Overlord’s Plate. Jade Plate. Revenant Plate

Itemlevel 55-65:

Above: Templar Plate. Emerald Plate. Warleader’s Plate. Glorious Plate. Exalted Plate. Commander’s Plate.

Above: Lofty Plate. Vanguard Plate. Runic Battlegear. Imbued Plate. Thorium Battlegear. Hyperion Plate

Itemlevel 60-105:

Above: Bloodscale Plate. Fel iron Plate. Bogslayer plate. Darkcrest Plate.

Itemlevel 105-160:

Above: Conqueror’s Plate. Bloodfist Plate. Halgrind Plate.

How to get them:

All these armor sets are BoE that drops from random mobs in their respective zone. Meaning an item with an itemlevel of 45 would drop in zones where level 43-50 ish mobs are to be found. This could be a pretty endless project, considering there are several pieces to each set. Running instances would surely increase drop chances since the mobs are elite with better chance of loot, but still no guarantee that your item will drop.

Best way is  frequently looking out on Auction House, there are surprisingly many that sell their BoE’s rather than disenchanting them nowadays, after transmogrification was added to game. Also, there is no need to have a full set, a mix and match with colours and armour would make you more unique and stylish! Imagination is the keyword 😀

Guild Greeting

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Crescent Dawn

2012, Hi!

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A little 2011 Summary

Best purchase: Membership at gym

Worst purchase: Oooh, the shame, a “one piece”!

Stupid moment: Locked myself out and had to slide sideways into open bedroom window. In front of neighbors having giant bbq party.

Most embarrassing moment: Reaching for wallet in liquor shop and raining tampons all over counter and floor

One good night: 22nd of May, my birthday party

I will never go back to: Egypt

I will definitely go back to: Anywhere in France

Best memory: Flying to France only for one night to surprise my dad on his birthday

Worst movie seen: Sucker Punch. Never going to forgive my brother for that.

Best movie seen: Not that many “whoooaw” experiences. But one movie that made me think : Another Earth. And one that made me laugh: Brides Maids.

One sad day: Oslo after 22nd of July

What I need to work on: My rising fear of flying

Thing I regret doing: taking personal bad mood out on people who don’t deserve it

Made me happy in 2011: My family

Drove me crazy in 2011: My family

Thing I have learned the hard way: Think twice before lending friends money

Food I have eaten the most: Sushi

Food I have not had at all: Kebab

Scary moment: When my sister called me from a hotel room, heavily drugged down after accepting a drink from a stranger

Most addicted to: Pepsi Max

What people never understood in 2011: Pepsi tastes better than Coke

Said goodbye to: Mazda

Said hello to: Audi

Almost non-existing in 2011: My love life

Very too existing of 2011: Feeling lonely

I really love: My cat

Expression I used the most: Maybe Baby

Expression I should stop using: Maybe Baby

Worst imitation of 2011: Me as Arnold Schwatrzenegger “do it, do it NAOW!”

And to all the ones I know who were there for me in 2011, I love you so much. You know who you are 🙂