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Right after 4.0.1 I started to write a “guide”, or maybe more a summon up of the changes to resto shaman in the newest patch. However, I never finished and sort of forgot about it, but I thought I’d post it anyway, better late than never.  Other classes have had many more changes to them than shamans, but there are still some changes worth mentioning, and they will probably be more or less what counts in Cataclysm also.

Talent tree

I have been playing around with the talent tree for a few days now, testing out talents and spells. Wanted to summon up a few things for the resto shaman. Note that lots of the stats and spells are meant for level 85, so at the moment nothing is optimal.

Is now at 31 points at level cap (85).

My choice so far, but absolutely not the only way to go:

Resto spec 4.0.1


Good bye, mp5, welcome spirit– all the lovely mp5 that used to be on your gear is now converted into spirit.

My mana pool is huge! The spellpower on your gear is gone (apart from the caster weapons) and has been converted into intellect. 1 int will give you 18 mana.

New passive Meditation A stat that all healers will have in common. Currently, Spirit increases your mana regeneration both in combat and out of combat, but mp5 is much more efficient for the in combat regeneration. This is because mana regeneration from spirit is drastically reduced in combat. With this spell, a resto shammy will gain precisely half of the combat regen while in combat.

And where did the crit go? With the change in talent tree (no more Thundering Strikes and Tidal Mastery), resto shammies will see their crit % been decreased. New talent Acuity will make up for some of this, with up to 3% more crit on all spells. Since I am still on 25 % crit, I have chosen to wait putting points here til I gain more talent point, but it’s definitely a good place to set your points if you need more crit.


Prime glyphs:

Earthliving Weapon – Increases the effectiveness of your Earthliving weapon’s periodic healing by 20%. (Old: Increases the chance for your Earthliving weapon to trigger by 5%.)

Earth Shield – Increases the healing of your Earth Shield by 20%

Riptide – Increases the duration of your Riptide by 40%.Water Shield – Increases the passive mana regeneration of your Water Shield by 50% (Old: 30% increase)

Water Shield – Increases the passive mana regeneration of your Water Shield by 50% (Old: 30% increase)

Major glyphs:

Chain Heal – Increases healing done by your Chain Heal spell to targets beyond the first by 15%, but decreases the amount received by the initial target by 10%. (Old: Your Chain Heal heals 1 additional target.)

Ghost Wolf – Your Ghost Wolf form grants an additional 10% movement speed.

Healing Stream Totem – Your Healing Stream Totem also increases the Fire, Frost, and Nature resistance of party and raid members within 30 yards by 150. (Old: Your Healing Stream Totem heals for an additional 20%.) Will NOT stack with Blessing of Kings / Mark of the Wild.

Healing Wave – Your Healing Wave also heals you for 20% of the healing effect when you heal someone else.

Minor glyphs:

Water Walking – Your Water Walking spell no longer requires a reagent.

Water Breathing – Your Water Breathing spell no longer requires a reagent.

Renewed Life – Your Reincarnation spell no longer requires a reagent.

Astral Recall – Cooldown of your Astral Recall spell reduced by 7.5 minutes.

Arctic Wolf – Alters the appearance of your Ghost Wolf transformation, causing it to resemble an arctic wolf. Cause blue wolves have more fun.

Healing in general

We got some, we lost some, but the resto shaman is not totally revamped. Changes worth mentioning:

Lesser Healing Wave (LHW) is gone *sniff*. The new Healing Surge (HS) is the “new” LHW, however, it will eat your mana quickly, so don’t rely on using only this.

Healing Wave (HW), way less mana consuming than HS, I use it a lot.

Greater Healing Wave (GHW), gives big heals but also takes a long time to cast, so far mostly used it while healing boss fights like Valithira.

Chainheal (CH) affects 4 targets by default. Then you can glyph it so that it increases the healing done by your CH spell to targets beyond the first by 15%, but decreases the amount received by the initial target by 10%. (Old: Your CH heals 1 additional target.)

Riptide now scales with haste and crit.

Cleanse spirit used to remove poison, disease and (for resto shaman with the talent) curse. Now it removes magic and curse and you can choose a talent to throw in a little heal at the same time.

Tidal Force is gone.

Improved reincarnation from talent tree is gone.

♣ CH is not that powerful as it used to be, but again, we are not level 85 yet. What I do believe, after reading and playing a bit in beta, is that the resto shaman will be better at using more spells. Before we pretty much only used this with LHW, then riptide was added. With the 2 set t10 bonus, riptide is a must since it reduces cast time on your next healing spell. Also, I think HW will be used more, not to mention the new spells that will come with higher level, I think it’s safe to say that a resto  shaman will no longer be all about chain heals.

♣ The ghost wolf form can now be used indoors, and I would recommend moving down enhancement talent tree to make this cast an instant spell at level 85. With the glyph for increased speed while in wolf, it will be a great way to escape fire / aoe / other stuff you are not supposed to stand in while in a raid, and it also means you can have an other enchant that the +speed increase on boots. If you think the ghost wolf form looks dull, go arctic!

♣ When it comes to gear, it will from now wont be worth wearing cloth or leather items, even though they have the stats you want. With Armor Specialization it will be mail gear you’ll want.


Sentry totem is gone. I think I used it once, in a silly attempt to defend goldmine in Arathi Basin.

Cleansing totem GONE. I miss it so much! 😦 Rip!

Mana tide is, imo nerfed. It now increases spirit by 300 for 12 seconds with a 3 min CD. Tp party members, rest of raid members will not benefit.  Fair enough, but doesn’t feel as great as old, lovely mana tide.

Mana spring totem gives mp5, but no more “oooh mine is improved and yours is not, so I’ll use mine, wait, mine is better than Blessing of Wisdom” blah blah blah, mana spring is now same for all resto shamans. Also, no need to constantly, all the time, non-stop keep bugging the paladin for BoW, since this is part of the Might buff.

Healing totem can be glyphed to also increase resistance for raid members.

Totem of the tranquil mind is new and causing party or raid members within 30 yards to lose 30% less casting or channeling time when damaged.


Some changes in stat colours, this site is updated for cross references if you are not sure what all the gems are called.

Spellpower gems are now intellect ones, but went from yellow to red.

Your mp5 gems have been turned into spirit. Still a blue stat.

The gems I use for red, blue and yellow slots are:

Quick King’s Amber (20 haste)

Reckless Ametrine (10 haste, 10 int)

Energized Eye of Zul (10 haste, 10 spirit)

Metagem: Insightful Earthsiege Diamond or Ember Skyflare Diamond

I don’t really care to keep socket bonuses other than the metagem, but my gear is mostly 277/264, and I feel I benefit more from haste than more spell power. However, for lower level gear, it’s a good idea to socket so you get the bonuses (usually +sp). The haste (soft) cap for resto shaman is still supposed to be around 1260, or 38 %.

Relics / totems have lost their special effect, which I think is a bit sad, it was like having an extra trinket. Now it is all about stats, and also got a socket. So the totem you used before is not necessarily the one you want to use now.

Mastery and Reforging

The resto shaman’s Mastery is Deep Healing, which is described like this:

Increases the potency of your direct healing spells by up to 20%, based on the current health level of your target (lower health targets are healed for more).  Each point of Mastery increases direct heals by up to an additional 2.5%.

There is no gear with +mastery on yet, but you can reforge other stats into it. I personally only have 8 mastery atm, and I’m not going to reforge any of my other stats before Cataclysm.  Since boss damage, player stamina, and player healing are all (roughly) where they were before the patch, our Deep Healing isn’t very helpful. Yet! This makes mastery our least valuable stat, and it makes our healing model very similar to what it was before the patch. With new content, abilities and ways of playing I am sure I will, but for now I think the benefits will be minimal.

From interesting shaman article on Wowhead:

Mastery is an important stat, but like spirit, you shouldn’t focus on it solely. Deep Healing is very useful, but the game developers have even said that they will not be designing healing encounters around this ability. Most of the gear that we’ll get through dungeons, questing and various reputation rewards will provide us with more than enough mastery rating. With a lot of our passive crit rating going away with Cataclysm, reforging that into mastery really will not be worth it.

However, just a tip, if you just reached 80 and have some pvp gear in lack of better pve ones, you could reforge some of the crit into better stats, like haste.  Unfortunately you can’t refore recilience. That would be great, though!


Pretty much same old, same old, but someone I know who is not yet level 80 asked me if I could make a list over resto shaman enchants. Of course I can:

Head enchant: Arcanum of Burning Mysteries or Arcanum of Blissful Mending

Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Storm or Greater Inscription of the Crag. If you are an inscriptor, use Master’s Inscription of the Storm.

Cloak: Greater Speed . If tailor: Lightweave Embroidery. If engineer: Springy Arachnoweave

Chest: Powerful Stats

Wrist: Exceptional Intellect or Superior Spellpower. If leatherworker Fur Lining – Spell Power

Gloves: Exceptional Spellpower. If engineer, Hyperspeed Accelerators.

Legs: [Sapphire Spellthread] or Brilliant Spellthread. If tailor, Master’s Spellthread

Feet: Tuskarr’s Vitality

Rings (if enchanter) Greater Spellpower

Weapon: Mighty Spellpower

Shield: Greater Intellect



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I love Karazhan. It was my first raid instance in my first raiding guild. I had just being accepted on a trial,  and was doing dailies out on the island when I got a whisper from one of the officers “hey wanna come Kara? We need one more ranged”. I was horrified, my hands were ice-cold and heart beating. What if I messed up? What if I got kicked from guild for lack of dps? However, I joined and had so much fun, one of the best WoW nights ever. Back then Kara was still pretty hard stuff, so we cleared half place and everyone were really pleased about that. I got two new weapons and my first tier piece. Also, the officer whispered me afterwards and said I had done a great job, I know it might sound ridiculous, but I felt really proud and happy.

Later on, with higher level gear, we arranged “Kara Friday drunk runs”, where we pulled pretty much room by room and cleared the place in some hours, while people got drunker and Vent conversations got funnier. Good times.

No armor allowed, at least none with stats on


Remember how hard this used to hit?

I still try to go there every once in a while, just for the first boss to see if he drops his mount. No luck so far. However, the other day we had a cancelled raid and decided to arrange a Kara nude run, meaning you have to start naked, with no armor or weapons, and you can only equip what drops in there. I have never heard so much excitement over green loot, “oooomg! Leather bracers +10 spirit, GIEF!”, and the epics from the bosses were mostly welcomed. Great fun, and can be recommended on a  raid-free night 😀

Result: gray bracers, green shoes and gloves and epic, shiny mace!


Monday is considered the worst day of the week, but I usually don’t mind them. Sure, it is hard to get out of bed if you have an early start and the weekend always seem to have gone ny too fast. However, I like to think of it as a new start, always with the intention of being more healthy, reasonable and in general do things better than you did the last week. Not to mention the week before! This usually lasts til lunchtime at Tuesday, but that’s another story.

However, this Monday has been tough. It is my first Monday after one week off, which makes it so much harder. I need a holiday to relax after my holiday! Its 8 o’clock, I’m still at work, it’s dark and cold outside, I need to fill fuel and do grocery shopping on my way home, then do laundry, make some dinner and eat it alone, probably in front of the tv. Sad? Maybe a little bit.

However, seeing the new Cataclysm cinematic trailer made me cheer up a bit, I love those movies. Thank you, Blizz! ♥ Gotta adore the scene where a huge wave is about to hit the goblin statue in Stranglethorn Vale. Very “2012”ish, very interesting for a disaster movie fan like myself. As if this wasn’t enough, there is lava, earthquakes and other crushing nature effects.

Can’t wait til December!

I promised my friend, Tribeca, to write a little guide on how to make gold in World of Warcraft. Personally I live to farm ’cause it’s the part of WoW I like the most. So far I’ve spendt about 300k gold on my main character from running gdkp runs (gold runs where you raid and bid on items that drops). I’ve also spendt about 150k gold on my main alt. I have about 90k gold on me at the moment and I’ve never bought gold from gold sellers because I hate them immensely.

The key to making gold in WoW is choosing the right professions or having a lot of alts so that you cover all professions (like me).

But if you only have one character you still can make a lot of gold. The main skill you should have is mining in my opinion. Northrend mats does not sell all that well but Old school mats go for nice prices. If you consentrate your mining in Outland you can make a lot on selling ore and bars. I’ve made a lot of gold on selling khorium bars (as they are used in mounts and quests) and fel steel bars. But fel iron and adamantite sells at good prices as well. You get more gold back from your time spendt farming in Outland than you ever will in northrend (well, maybe after Cataclysm that will change). Motes of fire sells at like 5-10g a piece and you get loads of those from farming fel iron. On my server one Khorium bar sells for 50-80g a piece… and if you’re lucky you can sell stacks of fel iron ore and adamantite ore at 60-80g pr stack. Another cool thing about mining is that Un’goro is filled with thorium and you can pretty much fill up a 32 slot mining back with stacks of it withing 1-2 hours of farming.

Tom ♥

If you are a jewelcrafter together with your mining skill you can do like 2 hours of farming ores that you sell on AH then 2 hours of farming ore that you melt and put on AH and then 2 hours of farming ore you prospect and put on AH. Then you have really covered your bases. You see the new trend in WoW the last 6 months has been that players have dropped their gathering skills and only have crafting skills and therefore have to buy the mats from AH. I have made close to a million gold this last year just from selling mats on AH. These days I even make 10k a week from 4-6 hours farming pr week (as I’ve mostly played Starcraft after it came out). A hot tip for you jewel crafters is farm adamantite, prospect it and sell mercurial adamantite at 60g a piece or sell 4 adamantite powder at the same price. It sells very well. Also prospecting Classic and TBC mats earns you shitloads of gold from AH. Don’t waste your time in Northrend (would be my tip to any profession).

If you are a blacksmither you should really have all enchanting rods on AH every day as I make about 5k a week just on selling those. The other things you should make as a blacksmith is eternal beltbuckles and the melee pvp gear (lvl 78) as it sell very well, on my server each peace of the pvp set goes for 80-100g a piece.

If you are a engineer you can make money as well. My main income on my engineer is the pets which sells for about 120-250g each and the Khorium powercores that sells for 350g each. Sometimes I also sell adamantite frames for 60g a piece but the power cores is my most steady income. If my engineer was one of my raiding chars I’d probably make a lot on selling arrows (from ICC) as well.

If you are a skinner you make most of your gold on selling rugged leather and knothide leather. If you farm in ZG you can really get a lot of rugged (it’s my favorite farming spot for my skinner). I didn’t really think leather sold until I started putting it up 3 months back and now my skinner is one of my richest characters. Rugged leather can go for up to 100g stack if you’re lucky. Knothide the same… Even the lower types of leather has a great earning potential these days.

If you really want to make gold you should stear clear of professions like Inscription as glyphs barely sells (I put up 300 glyphs a few weeks back and I sold 4).

Another way to make money is to grind instances. Deadmines is one of my favorites as 1 run can earn you like 500g. Selling the pets you get from there, the defias set and wool. Guess you have an advantage if you’ve got an engineer as you can use mailbox and a greater plus on top of that having the argent gruntling from tournament giving you yet another mailbox.

Anyway… These are my favorite ways of making gold and I’ve made a lot from it. You can take it a step further and try owning the market on AH by buying up a lot and repricing it (a friend of mine makes like 50k a week just from buying and selling on AH).

Ahh… I forgot to mention enchanting. The enchanting patterns dropping in Molten core (healing power and spellpower, 29 sp and 30 sp, sells for 400g if you put scrolls on AH). Actually the 22 int and 22 spi also sells for 300g each on AH but you have to farm revered or exalted with Thorium brotherhood to get them.. that’s easy.


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Ow yes! (approved by Kimani :p)

We killed ugly bugly Lich King some days ago, for mnay it’s probably “yeah big deal, join the club bla bla”, but I had only killed him on 10man before, and it was so nice to have it done before Cataclysm. W had a bad summer in the guild, where people wanted to watch the World Cup (whyyyyy?), going on holidays etc, so first now that summer is gone we managed to get our 25mans back on track. So grats to us! Also going to add the second part of the video we recorded, probably very boring for people who are not in guild, but since some guildies are so nice to visit my blog, I’m posting it anyway. Yay!

What will you be?

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Adding video related to subject, made by the über-sexy Nyhm…*drool*

Lately, I have had the urge to level another alt. I have 3 level 80’s, which is more than enough for me, but when I see friends leveling characters and seem to have a good time, I want it too. Yes, I am easily affected that way. I have a level 30 mage and a 41 druid, and decided one of them should have the honour playing with me for a while. Thing is, I do want to level a character in Cataclysm also, I have to see the new changes to the world. And I would really like a paladin, but at the same time I want a worgen, and worgens can’t be paladins…so should I now level a paladin and wait to level a worgen mage / druid for Cataclysm?  Then again, I need to level the death knight, not to mention I really want a shadow priest!

This is how I keep thinking, and I can’t make up my mind, so I end up confused and do nothing. However, I have deciced it is time to level the druid, after all  I even dedicated a post to droods! So the sexy Miss Moonkin Honeyfrost is going out shaking her feathers in Azeroth. People say it’s easier leveing as cat, but… owl is cool!  At least til I change my mind again.

When, Cataclysm comes out, will you level a new alt? And if yes, which class? Answer the poll 🙂

Hey boy, hey girl

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Yesterday I wrote about girls in WoW, and also mentioned how many men play female characters. One of the first posts I wrote on my Norwegian blog was about this, so I translated it and thought I’d re-post it here.

Blizzard claims that World of Warcraft now has passed 10 000 000 players, which is such a huge number that I had to make sure all the zeros got in. This is also a record for a  MMO. But who are all those players? Assuming a large part of them are goldsellers or inactive players, what about the rest of them? Are they old, young, female, male…?
According to a survey there are currently (more or less) 84 % men and 16 % women that play WoW. So perhaps there is a reason why certain players hormones go bananas when they get in (virtual) contact with a female player?

When I started playing WoW (back in the days where I was an innocent hunter wearing a spirit off-hand), I naively thought that the male characters were men, and the female ones women. Of course this is not right, since there are approximately 65 % male characters and 35 % female ones. Which means a bunch of men play a female toon.

Ok, numbertime!
We have 1000 players:
* 840 are male players
* 160 are female players
Among the 840 male ones:
* 193 play a female toon
* 647 play a male toon
Among the 160 female players:
* 5 play a male toon
* 155 play a female toon
In other words:
* About 1 of every second female toon are played by a man
* About 1 of every 100 male toon is played by a woman
It is also more likable that men above 18 years old choose to play a female toon (25 %), than men under the age of 18 (10 %).
It may seem that men find it easier to identify themselves with a female toon than it is for a woman to identify herself with male toons. Personally, all my characters are female. I have never rolled a man. But I do know at least one girl who plays a man, my good friend Astrid. And Syrco wrote that she has a male, feral tauren druid.
Or, for summon it up, I might as well quote my guildie, the wonderful and oh-so-lovely Steve, as he commented this on previous post:
If you are going to have to look at someone’s running arse for hours beyond measure it may as well be a nice arse!

How do you choose your character ? Ever played one of your opposite sex?

About girls and WoW

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I read an interesting post on Syrco’s blog the other day. She wrote about her experiences being a girl in WoW, good and bad ones. I have to admit I don’t really pay much attention to it anymore, I have been in same guild for a long time and think we all have been used to the fact that I am a girl. When I first started playing WoW I thought that the male players were men and the female ones women. I guess I was being very naive, since this is very far away from the truth. In fact, it took me a long time before I met another girl in WoW, it was when I joined my first casual guild in my level 30’s that I met Molly, a woman on 65 years old who I still stay in touch with. Not really the stereotypical wow player, but that’s another story.

Are you a real girl??

There are no girls on the Internet ?I was more surprised when I joined my first raiding guild, I applied on their website with real name and age, and hadn’t even been there for a day before I got several whispers if I could upload  pictures on forum, give them my e-mail or come chat on ventrilo. I don’t have any problem saying no, so it wasn’t really a problem, and I guess I also have to admit that it was fun feeling “popular” up to a certain point.

I have often been whispered “are you a real girl” when talk to strangers in-game, maybe while trading them some mats or asking about a profession (remember the times where you couldn’t just link all profession tab, and getting crafted items took a looong time?). Sometimes, if confirmed, followed by “do you have a bf??”. Now these guy are the ones I really consider to be weirdos. Would they go around in real asking any female the same ? And what do they expect? “No, I don’t have one, but maybe you could be??”. Very likely to happen.

Want more mana? Girl is the way to go!

I have heard several people say “girls can’t play wow”, but since the girls in my first raiding guild were the ones topping damage and healing meters (Solsikke, Jems and Bigmermaid, you rocked!), I know this is not true, and why waste energy or attention on someone claiming this, they are probably just very insecure and childish little boys anyway.And those deserve only /ignore. Or a good lichslap.

And why are there so many guys getting excited when there are girls around in WoW? This seems really desperate, and desperate is not exactly a turn-on. “I’ll take anything as long as it’s female with a pulse?” How…romantic.

This is gchat in Nihilum when they invited a girl…

Oh noes, it’s the drama lama!

Syrco wrote:

Later I applied to a new guild and they wanted to have a chat with me before I got accepted.
They said because I was a girl they would only give me a trial spot if I could promise not make any drama, whine about loot or ask my friends in the guild to stand up for me and defend me. I remember I just thought why the hell should I do any of those things.

This is just stupid og the guild leaders, I have seen so many argues, nerdrages and even /gquits over loot issues, wipes, guild concerns, well pretty much anything, and most of the times it has been only men involved. Men in every ages, all  from 15 to 50. However, I will admit one thing, some girls in wow (as in real?) have a tendency to not get along very well. And sometimes this gets ugly (spare me for the word “catfight”, I beg you :p). I used to level with a girl and thought we went along great. We laughed a lot, did stuff together and could talk about anything. One day, in raid, she and her boyfriend all of a sudden left the guild, and when I whispered her asking why, she said “you know very well why”. Well, I didn’t, but for several weeks later she told everyone that I was trying to steal her boyfriend, she also sent me several “I hate you” mails in-game. Scary! And so not true. I mean, would I date a gnome?

I have also seen girls leaving a guild because they are upset with another girl, refusing to raid or making lots of drama on ventrilo. But this doesn’t mean we are all like that. In the guild I am in now, I like all the females, and I haven’t seen that kind of drama here.I still get feedback when I talk on ventrilo, “aw Elise I can’t dps when you speak, just can’t focus”, “say something on vent so we can hear your voice!” etc, but I know this is for fun and make the same kind of jokes back.

Only one time I have felt discriminated in WoW without being able to just laugh of it. That was the time when a well-respected guild leader told me he would make me officer if it weren’t for the fact that I was female, since they had have a female officer once before and it was a disaster and too much drama. It still makes me sad and even angry, why should the things she said and did have anything to do with me, just because we both happen to be females?

Apart from this I guess I have been very lucky with my time in WoW, haven’t been involved in (too) much drama and made great friends of both genders. Exactly they way it should be! Going to finish this (long) post with a great song. Good night 🙂

Healing Rain

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When you live in Norway, people keep talking about the weather the entire summer. When it is raining people shake their head and ask what kind of summer it is we are having? When the sun shines people shake their heads and complain because they have to work, it is too hot to sleep at night, or the garden run dry. The newspapers write about the weather. All. The. Time. How the weather is today, how it will be tomorrow, last year, next week, how it was same day in 1946 compared to now.

Today it has been raining in Oslo. Not some wussy raindrops either, but the sort of rain that makes it impossible to see anything outside a  1 meter radius.  As long as I can remember I have loved rain. The smell, sound and feeling of it. Today I went for a drive in the rain, some heat on, good music on stereo and almost no other cars on the road. Went up to Holmenkollen to get a good view of the city. Ahh, so nice. Was wearing a waterproof jacket with a hood and my dearly beloved Uggs (yes, I know they are known as the ugliest boots in the world, but I dont care, I love them).

Uggs ❤

By the way, did you know that there was no rain in World of Warcraft before a later patch? Yup, Blizzard added snow, rainfall and sandstorms in patch 1.10, which was released sometime in fall ’06. In patch 2.3.2  we got a preview of what we could expect from the at that time upcoming expansion WotLK, because that was when heavy snowstorms were added. One quest I have always loved to do  is The Old Lighthouse one, where you end up killing a boss, Tethyr, by shooting canons at him. When the encounter is about to begin, Theramore goes into a heavy rainstorm, water gets darker with white foam on waves. I love it!

My house!

Rumours say there will lots of lightning and thunder tonight, so I am going to sleep with window open. Looking forward to hearing the sound of the rain, with weather effects turned up to max of course 🙂 Good night!

I mentioned I had played a bit in the betaversion of Cataclysm. I got access allready in Alpha (big thanks to sweetest ever Heidi), but could not write or post anything from it. I don’t want to play too much since I want to feel excited when the expansion comes out in [insert random month here]. I stood in line for both Burning Crusade and WotLK, and I will of course do same this time! So if you want to come with me, I will be standing outside Platekompaniet somewhere in middle of Oslo, patiently waiting for my special edition.

Shakespeare inspired

My goblin is a hunter called Ophelia, and hunters get pets from level 1. Which makes sense I think, since thats what hunters is all about. The goblin starting area is lush, thickly-forested and tropial, with swimming pools, beaches and comfortable beds with zebraskin pillows. Sort of like a medium rated hotel somewhere in Phuket. Goblins got two racial abilities, they can jump several yards using a rocketbelt, and also shoot fire missiles from it. I dont think poor Ophelia will ever be beauty queen of Azeroth, but she sure is charming jumping around and climbing vines.

The first quests are easygoing and fun, you run around pick up parts (goblins are as cheap as ever before!), you get to ride a speedcar and get dressed for a poolparty. Arriving there, you need to make sure guests are having a good time, that they are good on food and drinks, or simply get a bucket for those who have had enough. However, the party’s over when evil pirates decide to crahs the party and you need to save your life. From there it is a lot more action going on.

Emily Brontë inspired

Being huge fan of horrormovie genre and have seen many werewolf movies, I was quite excited to try out the Worgens.

The worgen starting zone begins in a flashback. The area Gilneas is besieged by forsakens, and is suffering from a plague. You meet a dissenter, Crowley, who believes that Gilneas being isolated is a mistake and that they should rejoin the Alliance. When the worgen curse comes, you and Crowley lead the defensive, but are pushed and forced back to the city cathedral. There, you realize that the worgens you are fighting are your own friends and neighbours, driven feral. As you realize this, the curse takes you. In other words, less happy-go-lucky stuff  and more suffering and pain in this starting area.

There is a lot of raining going on in Gilneas, make sure to turn weather effects to max. Personally I love it, and my worgen Heathcliff lives up to his name by being a depressed guy who is most likely  to stand in the rain knocking his head into a tree (and if you have no idea what Im talking about, go read Wuthering Heights!). I like him!