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Posted: May 20, 2010 in Around Azeroth
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Cute, right? We even got the same legs!

I am doing first boss in AQ20 as often as I can nowadays. Since theres never any Robes of Insight in AH, I have to farm to get Vestements of the Shifting Sands , it's the same model only different color. I want it simply for the looks, I think its one of the prettiest dresses in game. On a female that is, can't really see how it would look on a hairy male. Hmm.

So far no lucky with drops, but new opportunity in 3 days. We also stopped by AQ40 and killed some trash to get this little fellow, my own personal battle tank. Too bad I can't use it outside AQ, but at least I got another mount in my stable!


I was at a wedding the previous weekend, and I must say its the best wedding i have ever been to. The bride was one of my best friends and we lived at the same dorm in university many years ago. Now we live in different cities, but still keep in touch. The couple seemed so happy together, I couldnt help crying a bit at some point. The whole wedding was filled with laughter, love and happiness, and we stayed up celebrating til sunrise. Dear Stine and Rune, Im so glad I could be there and share this day with you, I love you loads!

Theres only one thing I dont like about weddings, and thats the dancingpart. I hate dancing! I dont do it, never ever. And at weddings you are for some reason supposed to dance. Argh! Had to time my going-out-for-fresh-air very well several times. Reminds me of this video I found at YouTube, they must be the coolest dancing couple ever! Guests expect a long, traditional weddingdance but get something totally different…have a look!

Every now and then I read about people who see the portrait of Jesus in some bread, pancake or tortillas. If that had happened to me, I would probably think “hm, how odd” to myself and continue eating. But people apparanlty sell those stuff and make a lot of money. And… today something similar happened to me! Was not quite as religious as Jesus, I must say, it was of course a World of Warcraft experience.

I spilt water while feeding my cat, and the water, together with some catfood created a picture of a..whelp! Ok, so I might had a few drinks too much, but Im going to post it anyway. You see the little baby whelp in here? 😀 Maybe I can sell this on e-bay and make a lot of money too! /nod. Offers are welcome! Ok, time to go to bed now I think…hic!

Hugs for all!

Click to enlarge

Theres a madman loose @ Bronzebeard. He's called Pillock. He might seem like your friendly neighbourhood druid, but dont let him fool you. He's not! He spends his days and nights terrorizing other people in Wintergrasp. He has a game made by a macro or whatever it is, called Kick Roulette. The randomly chosen ones get kicked from the raid, which is annoying. The rest of raid has to live with spamming of ready checks, non-stop markings over head and constant sharing of irrelevant quests. I dont know how many times this guy has been reported, I have reported him myself, but nothing has ever happened. Apparantly, exploring whats under Stormwind and / or buying gold is far more serious. Thanks, Blizz 😉

Anyway. First I wondered how the heck he always ended up being leader? Because thats the only way he has the power to do these things. My ever-so-lovely- friend Simon found out that he's using a macro for it, you need to be in Wintergrasp queue (and best of all also be in Wintergrasp) before it starts, and some seconds before start you spam the macro. Ever since I found out this, I have been using it and since I of course am way quicker than the old fart Pillock, I have become leader. I must say it did feel good to say “Oh hai Pillock! Time to say goodbye now!“, followed by a /remove. People certainly seemed happy about it, after weeks of frustration, never got so many /cheers, /thanks or /hugs in whispers afterwards.

For those who have a similiar clowns on your server or just want to feel the power of leading Wintergrasp raid, the macro is:

/script BattlefieldMgrEntryInviteResponse(1,1);

I might seem really serious now, but I assure you, Im not. Not really. It's just a game, and even though I love Wintergrasp, its not the end of the world. However, I have been wondering why he is doing this, I mean, how fun can it be, raid after raid? I asked him about this today, and he actually answered me in a nice way and told me its sort of like an experiement. He likes to see how incredibly mad people get when they get kicked, he has recieved threaths, curses, all kinds of insults from racial ones to penis size, and the f-word spelled in every possible way. He is screenshotting it all, so “if he gets down (by being banned), he will be taking them with him”. Hmm so far it seems noone will.

I have to admit nerdrage can be pretty entertaining. And I see the point with this being an experiement, also. But I do think its a bit too much. I guess I will continue using the macro to make sure I can be the one in charge. Until next time we meet; goodbye, Pillock!

The female toons in WoW are hot. My night elf has the stunning breasts, my draenei's curves are close to perfection. The belf looks a bit like a 14 year old girl, but it works for her and shes damn sexy in her own arrogant way. My human lock has nice muscles, big purple eyes and long soft brown hair. And her smile, oh her smile can cause a wipe. 

I have earlier written about statistics when it comes to choosing a toon in WoW, and that 25 % of men chooses to play a female toon. My guildie said “If Im going to spend 5 hours a day watching a butt, I might as well make it a nicelooking one.”

Well said. SInce the male ones cant get close to the females on the hot-o-meter. The Blizzard creators probably spent ages forming the women, and put together the men the last 5 minutes before lunch. Argh!

Another player, Natassah, described the male toons like this:

Male human? Gorilla.
Male undead? Sorry, those bones are not appealing, no pun intended.
Male Nelf? Sorry, those glowy eyes look like something hiding under my bed.
Male Tauren? Food is not sexy.
Male Dwarf? Looks like his face was smashed with a brick.
Male Orc? Sorry, a man with an IQ of 7 squared is not sexy.
Male Gnome? If he's that short, he has to be short everywhere.
Male Troll? The hunchback is good for certain things (teehee), but the tusks are distracting.

This seems to be before Draeneis and Blood Elves, but the words “octopus” and “gay” are common descriptions among these. Did you know the male belfs got more muscles added in a patch to look more male? Kinda sad that big muscles is similar to being masculine, but thats another topic.

I decided to make one male of each race and try make it as irresistible as possible using the limited customize tools. Not cute, not cool, just “come here and undress me”-ish. This is the alliance version, I will do horde next time.

First one up is the dwarf. Most of them are male, and they are known to be strong and raw, a really testoseronboost. Sadly, most of them also look ancient. Different preferences of course, but mine is not getting it on with someone who looks partly like my great-great grandfather, partly like Santa Claus. 

And their beards and hair look sorf of sweaty and dirty. Not being a great fan of facial hair, this just doesnt work for me. Size is not that bad so some point for that. All in all, definately not a winner.

2 on hot-o-meter

Second in test is gnome. Can it be done? Can you feel attracted to someone you can carry in your pocket? Well, if you are gnome yourself the answer is probably yes. But for me, as a draenei? Good thing in attempting making a hot gnome is you can skip the facial hair. So he looks pretty young, which is good. And they come with a nice tan and haircuts that have been seen after birth of Christ. Also plus. Natassah said “if hes that short, he has to be short everywhere”. If his body is somehow proportioned this is probably true. But size isnt everything! And his eyes are kinda sexy imo.

Their weapons seem to scale with their lack of size, so they cant even put on a huge weapon to make girls more interested. Oh, you got shadowmourne? Thought it was your mining pick. Symphaty points for this.
A good 4 on hot-o-meter

Human males. Is it true that they are gorillas? Well, their arms sure are gorillaish. But the lack of body hair and fangs make me forget about this. I kinda think they got sexy thighs, and with some better armor than the noobish one this one is wearing, the results are very good.

Their voices are deep and masculine, and skintones are flattering. They seem a bit confused, or very serious, hard to tell the difference. They might not be the most intellectual ones, so if you are looking for someone to discuss the works of Jean Paul Sarte, you might wanna look elsewhere. This test is not about that either, so human male gets…

5 on hot-o-meter

Male draenies are often referred to as octupus, allthough I think they look more like a big, blue ball. Their arms are awful, but this goes for most toons until now. Seems Blizzard got a thing for steroid arms. I really tried making his head look sexier than this, but this result was best I could do. He looks a bit like a moose, but perhaps he can be rescued by the barber.

These guys come withougt tentacles, so no need to think you have an octopus in your bed (Or wherever you prefer). However, I choose to add some since I love being kissed and tickled on my neck, and I thought these might be exciting at that area. Theres also something majestic with the draeneis, I bet they pay at restaurants and hold up doors. The hooves, not that hot tbh. And their dance is very feminine. Still, theres something exciting about them, and rumours say they are very uhm, well equipped.

A very, very strong 4 on hot-o-meter!

Last, but not least…night elf male. “Sorry, those glowy eyes look like something hiding under my bed”, true or false? Hmm, I dont think I would worry too much about that. In fact, I never fancied make nelfs too much, but I think this one became pretty lovable. I chose a dress for him, and he still look good! Makes it more interesting, wonder what he wears underneath it? Must. Find. Out. Male nelfs look kinda silly when they walk imo. Like they just made an angry poo-poo or got shut in the leg. But in this test very little walking is required, and his sexy shoulders and chest makes up for that anyway. He could have a bit chesthair, which I sort of like, but thats prettu much the only thing I dont like about him.

His hair looks clean and seems to smell good,  his (sigh, gorilla)arms are strong and can probably pick you up, carry you away and put you carefully down in a soft field and…well, lets just say I wouldnt mind! In fact, Im going to give male nelf

6 on the hot-o-meter! Wohoo!

All in all: I think I got lower standrads than Natassah, thats for sure. Must say I got a bit excited after this test was done, almost willing to go back and have another look at the dwarf now! Which male do you prefer? Doesnt matter if you are not female in real life, do tell! Wish you all a hot, steamy night in Azeroth!

I read about a game on Lunaire's blog. It started on Anea's blog. Post a screenshot and choose lyrics to go with it. It can make sense, not make sense, be funny, strange, sad, beautiful, silly…well, anything. The sky is the limit! Well, at least your own imagination. Oh and size of screenshot folder. Mine is huge, so I had to pick a few. Couldn't do just one, no no. If you have a screenshot with some lyrics, pass it on 🙂 Either here, or on your own blog, website, whereever!

Smile- Michael Jackson

Nightswimming – REM

I am the Walrus – The Beatles

And the good old Rick Astley- Never gonna give you up!

Other players in Screenshot + Lyrics game:






@quietambition (I lol'd!)


The MurlocHut


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I have done that ultimate geek thing. Again. I have bought a hoodie, not any kind of hoodie, no, a World of Warcraft one.  To wear when I, well play World of Warcraft. I wanted a red one, but no such thing. Seems black is the way to go when you are shopping for WoW clothes. Fair enough. Its got a red shaman print on it, so its all cool bananas.

I cant wear this outside of course, since most of the people I know dont know that I play WoW. They just think Im really into Tetris or something, which is fine with me, they woulndt understand anyway “No I cant meet you tonight because Im going to meet 24 other people through my computer and we are going to kill a pixelated monster together, it takes 4 hours. I think its better they think Im the Tetris one. For now. Anyway, Im looking forward to recieve my hoodie from Jinx, heres a picture of it, what do you think?

Ps. I look a lot hotter in it than this guy ofc /nod


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My wonderful friend Simon keeps “wc-ing” me, meaning he sends me tells meant for someone else. I keep doing the same, to him, to other friends, and in guildchat. So far it has been mostly innocent stuff (well, apart from the time I wrote somehing terribly kinky in raidchat, but that was in Norwegian and I was the only Scandinavian there, pheew). But what if, or should I say when, I do a real blunder and write something that is not supposed to be read? Do I make up a bad excuse, do I pretend nothing happened or do I just appoligize? Allthoug last option would be aqward also.

Maybe I shouldnt write stuff that cant be read by anyone in the firts place? Yes. Maybe. But thats not going to happen. Im female, and gossiping and drama stuff appeals to me. Sorry  but it does, cant help it. Hopefully it wont be anything like this, which really made me lol:

Have you ever made a smiliar mistake? Share it!

Dispell me pleeease

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Woke up looking like this

So the reason for me working so much lately has been other people at work have been sick and I have stepped in for those. I knew it would backfire on me! Cause now I am sick too ARGH! I get unbelievable cranky when I get sick, the worst PMS monster in the world is nothing compared to me. And why is my thermometer showing Fahrenheits?? Wheres the no-fahrenheits button? I dont want to goolgle it everytime dammit.  Enrage!!!

Everything is annoying, not to mention everyone. Well, not the ones who bring me Ben & Jerrys icecream and leave afterwards, but sadly there are not any of those people around! I better stay inside lying on my couch being miserable til my penciline kicks in and chases the mean microbes away. Until then I will watch funny stuff on dvd and drink lots of icecold Pepsi without feeling bad about it 🙂

Stuff to make me lol

Skal, skal ikke?

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Ok, jeg vet jeg har stilt et lignende spørsmål før, men…jeg tar meg friheten til å stille det igjen! Da, som nå, spurte jeg om det hadde vært bedre å blogge på engelsk? Slik at flere kan lese bloggen, mener jeg. Forrige gang opprettet jeg jo en engelsk blogg i tillegg, men det å ha to blogger var ikke noe for meg.

Så spørsmålet er, skal jeg rett og slett begynne å blogge på engelsk fra nå av ? I hæz de anglish skillz I thenk. More or less.

Men vil dere heller lese på norsk? Feedback mottas med takk 🙂

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