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A certain person (*stares down*) told me I was a….omg….druid basher! Moi?? I am totally innocent in these crucial accusations, besides I’m a (druid)lover, not a fighter! Ok, so I might have said that a good druid is a dead druid (ahem), that I would love to eat chicken wings and bear flanks from one, grilled on a fire made of life of tree form. Chop, chop! I also might have mentioned that it’s impossible to divide a druid in aquatic shape from an evil gremlin. But that’s all! Besides, everyone who knows me know that I am a class trash talker in general, if it’s not a shammy it simply needs some good old bashing every now and then.

Now that this has been said- I can’t be that mean, cause I actually happen to have a druid myself. Yes, really! And, it doesn’t stop there, I have written a whole blog post about it on my old blog. To make the druids I have insulted more happy, I will re-post it here. Oh, and one more thing, about the gremlins comparison. Look at picture below. I rest my case.

I’ve started a new project Im leveling a druid! The thought that hit me first was- why on earth havent I done this before?? I mean, how fun isn’t it to stroll around in the forest, hit large stuff as a huge bear or simply just shoot out lazer beams in a form that can’t be nothing else than an enormous hybrid of chicken and moose?
I can tank, I can heal, I can pew pew. Whats not to love about a dr00d? Well, about the tanking part, I think I’ll lay low there for a while, so don’t count me in on anything. I was prowling around in Stormwind the other day, when a got a whisper from some random person; “you TANK? Wnna comm STOCKS??” As a matter of fact I happened to have 5 quests in Stockades (the instance under Stormwind City, in case some horde players should feel confused), so I thought “what the heck, why not”, threw myself over to bearform and bought a bunch of elixirs, food and other stash in attempt to improve my not-so-impa health pool.
Our party: A warlock who insisted on getting a summon even though he was located in the middle of SW Trade District (and if anyone should summon, shouldnt it be him btw?). A shammy who couldn’t say for sure if he was caster, melee or healer. We decided he was last option. A silent hunter, a rogue who spammed macros in /partychat, and then me: a deadly nervous, sweaty bear who panicly searched for the taunt spell (it had a claw on! Where the hell is the damn claw icon??).
So. Pugs are pugs. Sometimes it works, sometimes they don’t. I think its safe to place our group into the last category. The rogue was so thrilled to zap, so he went nuts and zapped everything and everyone. Great job, only shame that the ones he zapped were in a differetn room than the rest of us so that when they were not so zapped anymore, they came running in to our room. Yikes! The silent hunter (are there any other kind?) didnt have a pet, and also; he was a melee hunter. The really rare kind. In other words, he didn’t have a gun or a bow, not even as much as a little throw thingie, no, he had two swords who should have been replaced somewhere between westfall and redridge mountains.

The warlock liked to fear, and the ones he feared got so scared that they ran faaar away, and guess what? They came back with friends, and those friends were pissed! The shammy found out that he wasnt a healer after all, something that resulted in “Your skill in wipe has increased to 450”. Grats!

As for me, I wont say that I was the big bear hero who saved us. The taunt button disappeared somewhere between third wipe and the dots on the zapped target, and I managed (several times) to go out of bear form into caster form, which lasted like 3 seconds before I had my nose buried into the cold stone floor.
Did it go well? No. Did I have fun? Hell, YES!
As for the future I still havent decided what spec I will choose, might be balance/feral. No matter what, druid is a superfun class to play, and I hope mine will see the level 80-achivement sooner or later (with my speed, Id say probably later).
And just to add one last great thing about droods: how cool aren’t their dances? Im testing out fraps so I have put together a little video to summon them up.



Sometimes I ask myself for how long I will play WoW, at least on the same basis as I’m doing now. Only thing I know is that it will probably (and hopefully?) not be forever.  I’m not planning to quit now, I’m having too much fun for that, but when that times comes I was planning on ordering an ego-copy of myself. For memories. Means something I can look at and think “why on earth did I bother spending such amount of time on that game”, but hopefully it will also remind me all the fun I had, and that I actually got several friends out of it. And no, not the pixellated friends who take your alt through Deadmines, but actual, real homo-sapien friends you have dinner and do actual rl-stuff with.

You have maybe heard of, maybe even visited, FigurePrints. Personally I have earlier found it a bit too expensive to actually place an order, but the prices are now reduced (from 170 to 130 Euro).  If you are the proud owner of a toon that you want to see shaped into stone you will also probably want some better gear than those green-of-the-boar leggings which makes your ass look big. This is also FigurePrints conclusion, because lately they have added an option where you either can choose your own gear, updated from Armory, or pick another armor set. Were you a hardcore Vanilla raider, had full t3 set and would like to remember your toon from the glorious days when you had the time of your life before Blizz messed it all up? You got it!

I’m obviously not the only one who is considering purchasing some WoW effects to cheer up my home, there are tons of stuff out there!

How about a shirt for the doggy? Jewelery for your sweetheart? Soap for the bathroom? Or, mana / health energy drinks to get you through those long wip.. uhm I mean raid nights /nod. If nothing else, would be a fun present for a friend who is also trapped into this hobby we call World of Warcraft.

I also found a selection of plush animals, and have to admit I am very attracted to the voidwalker one. And how cute isn’t the baby murlock??

Gimme, please

New Paths

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Was hanging out in Stormwind again, until I remembered why I don’t do it more often. I got whispers non-stop. Grr!
From a level 12 hunter:
– Hi!!!! Can u plz make glow in wpn!!
-No sorry. I’m not an enchanter.
– Plz glow!!! On wpn!!!!
– …
– Plxz I pay!!!
– Listen…as I told you, I am not an enchanter.
– Ok.
– Ok.
– So can u give the glow??
From a level 34 mage:
– Can you please boost me in SM?
– No, sorry
– But why? I really need help 😦 Please
– I don’t give boosts. Besides it would take forever. Im resto.
– You are rested?
– Hm? No resto. As in restoration.
– Oh. I thought you were a shaman.

And don’t even get me started on trade and general channels! Imbàpally is spamming “Dirge  dirge dirge!”. Someone answers with “your mum” jokes and Lolpwnrogué tops it with writing “anal”. Over and over and over. Sure, the time is 16.00 and its prime time for semi-aggressive kids who just got home from school and get nervously over-excited by reading the word “boob”. The average WoW player is 27 years old. Where are all of those people hiding then?? Are they on the horde side? Statistics say no, the age is nicely balanced between the two factions.

Maybe the problem is my server? Bronzebeard is perhaps an attractive home for the ones who think its cool to act tough behind the screen without getting consequences. And could it be any different on the roleplay servers? I decided to find out, and after some research I chose to pay a visit to the RP server Argent Dawn, a highly populated, respective server that are supposed to be one of the best RP EU servers. The same evening, under the twinkling stars of Elwynn Forest, the warlock Lynn was born.
Don’t ask what this means, I have no clue
My first stop is Goldshire in Elwynn Forest. The first thing I’m noticing is that no one are running, they are walking. A level 49 warrior comfortably  worn in cloth is sitting in the corner of a window while emoting: “Trimack finds his favourite position up on the window sill, trying to look his best. Maybe this day she will pass by and notice him. He will never grow tired of waiting for her.” Who mister Trimack is waiting for I don’t know, and I’m not feeling brave enough in the mastery of roleplaying to ask him either. Around the corner are Trealor and Tralinda standing close to each other. The young Traelor has recently been accepted to the priest profession, but is frustrated with her master. Tralinda is trying to explain to her that the becoming a priest is a long education who leaves deep scars in the soul, but on the long road one will realize that being a priest is to master a piece of art (On Bronzebeard this probably means : leveling priest is boring as hell, but after 80 you will kick ass).

In the grove of the forest near the blacksmith an old man, Elfea is walking restlessly around. He asks if anyone has seen a big Elwynn bear, this creature has eaten his grandfather’s monocle. If anyone were to find it, he would be endlessly grateful, since this was the only thing he had left from a large and honourful kin.

Wow, I think to myself, this really IS different! No spam, no blahblahblah, no…wait a minute…from nowhere he pops up – the gnome rogue Ikìllyou runs up in front of me and yells so loud that if the monocle-eating bear was anywhere near, he in halfway to Westfall now. “WHERE ARE HORDE???!!!” the little green-haired halfling also known as Ikìllyou shouts, and the magic is gone for now.

A visit to Stormwind is also on its right place. How will trade and general channel look like here? Someone is looking for an enchanter. So far it looks pretty much the same. Maybe a bit more quiet, but it’s getting late and its past bedtime for the youngest ones. All of a sudden there are warnings about Stormwind being under attack. But, instead of “OMG horde pwning the king come help ffs”, someone is shouting “Rescue us, killing the dogs o’ Stormwind! Neaten the lines!“. “Lutz of dead ppl in castle lololol” has been replaced with “O’ screams in the chapels, corpses on the floor“. The paladin Detroix is sitting at the fountain of Stormwind, he is wearing fully level 60 epic gear. Even though he is level 80 now, he has no intentions about changing this. He would like to help out on the attack, he says, but its this damn leg you see, keeps dragging him down.

I would like to stay to find out which story lies behind Detroix’s leg, but I get interrupted by Vanessaa who is frustrated about her career. Apparently, being a prostitute doesn’t pay well in these times. Some years ago she could claim any kind of amounts, but she will still do her job for a decent price. An offer Callypto can’t resist, because not long after we are witnessing a very private and intimate affair.
The whole thing finishes with an outdoor party to celebrate that the horde were defeated. Detroix states that he does not want to join in on this, perhaps this reminds the fallen hero of memories, memories that still hurt. Callypto and Vannessaa don’t share this problem and are cheering and dancing naked in the middle of trade district, filled with happiness. I don’t want to seem dull, so guess what? I’m joining. And, for what its worth; I’m having fun!
To start a new character and level it to 80 on a RP server is not an option to me. But the great thing about those servers is that you don’t have to reach 80 to get maximum out of the game, and many people seem to have no rush to become 80 either. Of course there are annoying and immature players here too (WHERE ARE HORDE!!!), but lets face it, they are not so bad after all, and are a part of the game. I had a great time while I was playing on Argent Dawn, and who knows, maybe Lynn will face more adventures in the future. If nothing else, just for a refreshing experience that can be recommended 🙂 

May the Elune be with you (yeah, yeah I suck, I know)!