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… or, in this case, till death do us reroll.

That’s one of the basic rules of the Ironman Challenge. A guildie told me about this, and I couldn’t resist look into it.

People are constantly moaning about WoW becoming too easy, free epics etc – well, no need to worry about that in Ironman. Basically it’s a personal challenge with rules you need to follow while leveling. Breaking the rules will disqualify you, some things people can never find out about, but most things will logged in achievements statistics. Let’s say you use a healing potion (which is not allowed), that can be tracked. Also, real Ironmen don’t cheat, hence the name!

Ground rules for Ironing:

  1. Only White or Grey gear. No Heirlooms of any kind.
  2. No transfer of gear, items, or money from any other character (yours or others).
  3. No gear enhancements, including gems, enchanting, and reforging. Class abilities are allowed (eg. Rogue poisons, Shaman imbues).
  4. No specialization, talent points, or glyphs. No pet talent points.
  5. No professions or secondary skills, except for First Aid.
  6. No potions, flasks, or elixirs except for required quest items.
  7. No food buffs or other external buffs (including buffs from items and other players).
  8. No groups or assistance from other characters, even if not grouped.
  9. No dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, or arenas.
  10. No guilds, except for level 1 guilds created specifically for the Ironman Challenge.
  11. No Refer-A-Friend.
  12. No addons which assist in combat and/or leveling (eg. leveling guides).
  13. THE BIG ONE: No deaths. Character death for any reason disqualifies the character

The following are allowed:

  1. All class abilities, racials, and personal buffs.
  2. All mounts, bags, and non-combat pets.
  3. All quests, including holiday events and dailies (unless prohibited by some other rule, eg. Fishing and Cooking dailies).

Some forums say you are supposed to generate a character randomly also, which I did to start with, using following rules  to create a random character on Earthen Ring RP realm. Still, most people seem to choose the class they prefer. I landed on human warlock, named it Ironically (you don’t have to, but most use the word iron in the name). Must she rest in peace- a group of Defia’s bandits in Elwynn was too much to handle. Even I only made it to level 7, dying and deleting character was no fun. The new me is now a level 13 hunter called Eliron. If I die, I will not start over again, but I am hoping to make it to at least 20, just for the experience. There is also a leaderboard where you can follow the Iron challengers right now there is a level 58 Tauren paladin in lead.

Why not try something different and join the Iron bunch at Earthen Ring? 😀



I use real Id in game, I knew several people on other realms / factions and it’s nice to be able to say hi or just see what they are up to. Sometimes you notice people haven’t been online for days, weeks, months; people who were usually active players. Nothing unusual with that, most of them just have a break or stop playing, happens every day. That’s what I thought had happened to my “friend” Pokerock, who went from being a lot more online than me to nothing at all. I have to think hard to find out how we started talking, I think we were in the same Icecrown Citadel pug, where he came on his rogue and I brought my hunter alt. A cloak dropped which we both rolled on, I won it and noticed he had a horrible one, so I told him he could have it instead and started talking after that.

He was a very nice player, and I often asked him if he wanted to come do things with our guild, I even suggested he should apply to us. He said he was always temped, but that he was scared to mess up, that someone he knew had been in our guild and didn’t pass his trial, that he prefered doing well among “bad” players than ending up doing bad among better players. And no matter what I said, that he would learn, that he would easily catch up etc, he never gave it a try.

Joel and Tribeca

What’s the point in all this? Well, Joel just stopped coming online. From being online most of the evenings, he just disappeared. I though he had quit the game, and felt sad that he never said goodbye first. After all, we spoke a lot. I also tried writing him an e-mail, no reply. Some days ago I was in a group with someone from his guild (who also happened to be the GM) and out of curiosity I asked him, “so, what happened to Pokerock, did he leave or..?”. The answer I got was nothing what I expected, because it turned out, Pokerock is no longer playing since he is no longer alive.

What happened exactly is not really known, but it seems it was a personal tragedy.

I never met, and would probably never have met, Pokerock in real life. He was “only”an online acquaintance. Still, He was still more than a random player who played a rogue, there was a real person behind the screen. his name was Joel. He lived in southern England, worked in some kind of factory, which he often said he didn’t like. He was single, used to say he didn’t have time to care for anyone else but this plants and flowers, which after what he told me, was a great interest to him. He seemed bright, funny and often made jokes that made me laugh. He was 36. And he will never be 37.

There are many kinds of online relationships, I guess most of them are just like this, talking to some people every now and then, you know a bit of who they are and what they do without ever getting to really know them. Your common interest is the game, and for those who have been playing for some years, there are so many of these people, these online friendships that come and go. But you never think something like that would be the reason why.

E-mail from beyond

Tribeca has a total kill of 352709 creatures. 16068 of these are other players. She has died 6983 times. WoW is a game that is very much about killing things, whether they are boars, players or raid bosses. But the idea of actual death is rarely related to gameplay.  And if / when it happens, chances are you would never find out.

I remember reading something similar on Wow Insider, a player died in the middle of doing a quest and his daughter decided to get in touch with his online friends so they would know what had happened. This didn’t turn out to be an easy task, without any password or knowledge of his game, she was pretty lost. Article also mentions a couple of sites where you can register, add contacts, inform friends or family and, in case of death, they can access your site and send out a written in advance e-mail. Hello, sorry to inform you all that I am now dead..? Sounds very morbid, which is perhaps why one of these sites are called just that; Slightly Morbid.

Serenity Now

On Tuesday of February 28th Illidan lost not only a good mage, but a good person. For those who knew her, Fayejin was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. On Tuesday she suffered from a stroke and passed away later that night.

I’m making this post basically to inform everyone that might have known her. Also tomorrow, at 5:30 server time March, 4th. We will have an in-game memorial for her so that her friends can pay their respects. We will be having it at the Frostfire Hot Springs in Winterspring, because she loved to fish in the game ( she liked the sound of the water, it was calming for her ) and she loved snow.

If you would like to come show your respects please do. Thanks everyone

So girl who plays a mage in game dies. Friends want to have an in-game memorial and announce it on forum. Alliance guild “Serenity Now” picks it up, go there, gank everyone and make a video of it, adding some funky music. Result; huge debates in a shocked wow community. Reactions are many, but different. Taken from original forum thread:

“Congratulations, you have stopped lower than any other guild in MMO history”
“I’m not excusing it, but some of you guys are getting far too worked up over something that happened on the internet”

“Your still assmonkeys in real life and on the interwebs whether you got “honor” points for your actions or not.

Congrats on a new personal low. /golfclap”

“Like comparing a funeral with an rp-dorkathon event in an online video game?”

“Fayejin loved pvp, we thought we were doing a good thing”

Some call them *bleeep*ing *bleep**holes. Some call the funeral people a bunch of nerds for arranging an in-game funeral. Some think Fayejin got honoured, having pvp action in her own funeral. Right or wrong, Serenity Now (who’s still active, btw) will always be remembered as “that” guild.

Alicia’s Poem

I don’t like questing, I think it’s boring, and I almost never read what the quest says. There is one exception though, the quest Alicia’s Poem. It’s just a pick-up and hand-in-to-someone-else quest in Shattrath, and it’s sad, moving and beautiful all at once. The poem itself is actually based on one of my favourite poems, “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep”, but there is a story behind it in WoW. It is a tribute to wow-player Dak Krause aka  who died from leukemia in August 2008. Blizzard named an NPC after him, Caylee Dak, who leads to Alicia in Shattrath, where the poem can be read. It has really touched my heart, and it now makes me think of Joel.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am in a thousand winds that blow,
across Northrend’s bright and shining snow.

I am the gentle showers of rain,
on Westfall’s fields of golden grain.

I am in the morning hush,
of Stranglethorn’s jungle, green and lush.

I am in the drums loud and grand,
the thunderous hooves across Nagrand.

I am the stars warmly gleaming,
over Darnassus softly dreaming.

I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.

Sometimes it’s fun to re-do raids you completed ages ago, just for fun and social. I always hated Al’Akir because I, just like with Alyzrzor, have a problem moving out of hurricanes. But now that it’s easy mode, I like to go there. I also think Throne of the Four Winds is one of the most beautiful raids in game, just like the instance Vortex Pinnacle. All of out guild videos are to be found on YouTube, thanks to the lovely Elias. My favourite is still the video above, from our first meeting with Al’Akir when he was still one of the hardest bosses to kill. I love how fast we die 😀

Guild Greeting

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Crescent Dawn

I know, I know, I don’t show much Shammylove nowadays. But December is a really stressful month. Too stressful for my taste, I always think that this year, I will be done sorting christmas things long before the day itself approaches, but as late as a few hours ago I was fighting my way through insane amount of people in a shopping center swearing to myself. And the last present was wrapped six minutes ago. Now I opened a really nice bottle of red wine and am wondering if it’s ok to show up at your parents house, Christmas eve, slightly hung over or not? I’ve landed on probably not, so better swap for Pepsi max.

There are so many nice and well made WoW x-mas videos available on YouTube, this one I found several years ago and it’s my favourite. I could sing this melody all year-long (in fact, it’s my “singing in the shower song”, while waiting for hair conditioner to kick in. And yes. I even do the helium voice, but don’t tell anyone!), even though it has…gnomes…urk. But they have a certain charm for Christmas, I must admit. Merry Christmas to everyone 🙂

Bring on the tricks kids, I’m eating all the treats myself! Mwahahahaha

Ok, so 4 years trying getting # 4 on my mount list… and no luck again. Argh! I have been doing the Headless Horseman boss every day on all my characters and all I get is brooms, pumpkin heads  and  stupid things to take up bag space. I think it’s time to realise the sad fact that Tribeca will never fly on a horse with yellow feet. Oh well. It could be worse. Like being in a group with people saying “oh it dropped for me AGAIN! 3rd time this week!” Those needs to be smashed under heavy hooves!

Otherwise Halloween has been good. Not that I have done anything differently. That must if so be ignoring the doorbell. If I had candy I’d eat it myself, sorry little monsters. No one knew what Halloween was when I grew up, it came sneaking on Norway somewhere in early millennium. I lost out on years and years of candy, so this is my revenge! What do they do with all this candy anyway? Surely they don’t eat it all, maybe the parents just want them to go begging so they don’t need to buy any candy for a whole year! That, or they munch it themselves. Bet they are.  Do I sound bitter? Well I’d be a lot less bitter if only I could get THAT DAMN HORSE! Anyway, I found the best Halloween song on Spotify, this is the real Halloween spirit:


…how incredibly expensive the first epic flying mounts were? Most stuck to the normal flying one for ages, trying to reach the magical 5k, a huge amount of gold for the average player back then. One who chose a non-average way of getting her mount is my sister-in-name Tribeca, a druid on Laughing Skull realm. She had no intentions of spending days of farming or grinding her way to 280 % speed, and decided to, well, mount for a mount, basically!

An Epic Mount! (warcraft players look inside) – w4m – 31 (TriBeCa)
Reply to:
Date: 2007-04-08, 7:17 PM EDT

WoWHello I need 5000 world of gold for my epic flying mount. In return you can mount me.

You have to have an account on the laughing skull server and I want 5000 gold BEFORE we do anything, we can make the trade at your place since I can’t host. EDIT: Because I am having a lot of dumb guys message me who clearly don’t have the gold make SURE to send a picture of yourself and a screenshot of your character with the 5000g. I will be checking armory profiles, thanks.

I play a level 70 night elf druid and would prefer someone who is into roleplaying (I have a costume!) but honestly anyone will do, as long as you have the gold. I would also be ok with a woman too, as long as you have the gold! Also not adverse to the idea of groups/anal.

Please send a pic and be real and disease/drug free with 5000 gold on the laughing skull server.

Of course this somehow unusual request was linked on wow forums, blogs and websites all over the world, discussing everything from ethics to which guys would reply to this to her hairstyle. You’re not allowed to sell wow gold for real money in game, but I guess it doesn’t say anything about selling gold for sex. I can see the weirdness in it, but hey, people take off their clothes for a lot less than an epic flappy, every night, right?  Tribeca and Tribeca actually share one fact, the fact that they got their superfast mount in less than an hour. While we now know what activity hers involved, I have to admit something, my dark well kept secret, days of confessions has come. What no one knows is that my mount only required a few key presses and a credit card. I did not know back then that the gold bought from goldsellers in most cases come from hacked accounts. I thought the goldsellers just were really organised in farming, and didn’t really see any harm in buying from them. So, on this matter, I am definitely not in any position to judge.

Not that this Tribeca would care if I did! She’d just careface me and fly off. Naked! Shortly after her original post, she posted her follow-up:

Epic Mount sucess story – w4m – 31 (TriBeCa)
Reply to:
Date: 2007-04-09, 2:25 PM EDT

WoWHi, I’d just like to thank all the jackasses that thought it would be funny to post my picture all over the internet and make 50000 threads about me on wow forums. I got my epic mount in about an hour that was very enjoyable for both parties while all of you idiots probably spent hundreds of hours farming yours or don’t even have them. I won’t be revealing my name or his, but suffice it to say if I find any of you in-game I will be killing you 280% faster. Also my new friend would like to tell you PUNKS to take a hike, PUNKS. I’m planning to meet him again later this week, he’s getting double value for his gold :D .

So talk all the trash you want, I got MY epic flying mount AND I got laid which is more than most of you failures can ever hope for.

Right thing to do or not, she DID get her mount AND what seemed to be a fun time. All I got with my mount was a credit card bill and spam in my email for the next 4 years…Makes me think, using her own words, who’s the real “punk” :p Oh, did I mention I really, really want Ashes of Al’ar? 😀 Not being totally serious here, was she totally out of line for doing this? Are there any items or mounts in game worth going that far for?

Indecent proposal incoming

Do you remember…

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Raiding with Naked Bug

Shortly after Lich King release, naked bug was introduced  to game. First time I saw it was on the boat to Northrend, when everyone around me all of a sudden were naked (well, as much as game allows you to be). I thought it was a funny thing they did on purpose, like “zomg Northrend, YAY! Let’s get jiggy with it, clothes OFF!”, but it didn’t take long before naked bug was a common expression. And it seemed to last through the whole expansion.

I guess that it was better being alliance than horde, strictly Naked Bug speaking. Very much hair, fur and weird knuckles on horde (naked undead! Uuuhhh!). Much more silky  skin, nice muscles and smooth curves on our side, of course you need to consider the amount of dwarves and gnomes. Size DOES matter. And draeneis, well, everybody loves draeneis, naked or not (and don’t tell me you NEVER been having naughty thoughts about what draeneis in your party can do with its tail!).   There was quite a few threads on WoW forums about the bug (or should we rather call if a buff?), but not really any answers on how to get rid of it. I kinda miss it! Wtb it back for Cata! Do you remember Naked Bug? Did it make you cover your eyes or simply made ya drool? 😀

Auctionhousing with Naked Bug.

Red circus outfit: Cindercloth vest. Cindercloth pants. Cindercloth gloves. Red mageweave headband. All from tailoring, recipes drops in Burning Steppes and are also often to see in AH.

Fishing outfit: Blue overalls. Bright yellow shirt. Both from tailoring. Random gloves for +2 fishing enchant. Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat from doing daily fishing quest in Dalaran. Jeweled  Fishing Pole, also from fishing quest.

Cheerleader outfit: Green Winter Clothes. Tailoring, but recipe needs to be bought in Ogrimmar, so make it fast if you are Alliance.  As pom-poms: Spring Flowers x 2, obtained by gathering eggs during Noblegarden Event. Remember you must have dual wield to use them both at one time.  Forever Lovely Rose to wear in hair, drop from seasonal boss in Shadowfang Keep during Love is in the Air event.

Mexican outfit: Haliscan jacket and Haliscan Pantaloons from tailoring. Don Carlos Famous Hat, 100 % droprate from Don Carlos himself in Od Hillsbrad Foothills heroic.

Don’t have hooves, in need of shoes? Skip the flip-flops (Knitted Sandals) unless it’s for beach. Stay classy and go with Dress Shoes instead!


Since I read about transmogrification (I don’t even have to look it up anymore!), I have been spending lots of time browsing wowhead and similar sites to look at armor, find out what would look good for the future. Not only for gear that can be transmogrified, but also outfits for different occasions, showing off in Stormwind etc. I guess there’s a hidden role player inside me after all! I love the Outfitter addon, been using it for years now. And yes, I know that Blizz has its own similar version, but I think still think Outfitter is better and better at organising my different gear sets, pvp, resto, elemental…and now also fishing, mexican, cheerleader and, hm…circus outfit?

Next thing I want is a pirate outfit, but I hope it’s doable without getting exalted with those Bloodsailers or whatever they are called :/ Already have the hat, shirt should be easy to get, trousers can’t be too hard, and since no boots look good on me, I might as well skip them. Sometimes I think it’s a real shame that I can’t wear plate too, because then there would be 25 % more armor I could put on. And it’s often the plate that have the shiniest colours not to mention some really nice twists. Cmon, who wouldn’t want to kill an end boss dressed as Princess Leia in her golden bikini? What’s your favourite outfit? 🙂

All pieces from the Glorious plate set (random drop, hard to get, chances are best to find them in AH)

Got this link from a guildie, made me lol a lot. Poor little dk’s, awwww.

 Yes. Just yes.

When I first read about patch 4.3 I was a bit depressed, because let’s face it, we haven’t exactly ruled in Firelands, which means our gear will  be so so for the next raid instance and we will struggle even more. But then I read about the word that I will never ever be able to remember or pronounce, Transmogrification, which cheered me up.  There have been endless blue posts, guides and blog posts on them so I think everyone who is a bit more than average interested in WoW already know what it’s about at this point. And perhaps just as excited as I am!

Many years, ago, my main was a clueless hunter. I didn’t know what a tier piece was. I didn’t know what a raid was. I didn’t know anything really, apart from knowing I was the best looking hunter in Azeroth. This is pretty similar to me in real life,  looking back on pictures from my teen years, where I then thought my, erm, somehow original and colourful outfits were the sickness, but now are making me gasp and think “what was I thinking??!”. Pretty much same thing in-game. I wore silver hot pants, a golden breastplate and red / golden boots. Actually all my armor was a mix of these colours, I looked like a mix of a spaceman and a teletubby. With, I must add, a very very slutty twist! I am no longer sure it was that good :s

Everything looks good on shammies. Tier set 1 is ofc no exception

However, there are quite a few outfits out there that are well good-looking. I must admit, being a dress collector and all, I’m a little jealous of the clothies, since they can wear the prettiest dresses and robes when they are raiding, while I need to find the best mail sets. Because from what I have read in the large jungle of posts on trans- uh- mogrification, you can’t wear mail and turn it into a cloth look. Which is sad panda news since I was already fantasising about this “angel meets butterfly meets fairy” outfit, based on leather and cloth, that would look so fabulous on my shammy that raid leader would probably command me back to Stormwind and change it back asap, since everyone would be losing focus on raid /nods.

Still, I will find some nice outfits, and my outfitter addon will be busier than ever from now. The first sets I want to get are the first two tier sets, Earthfury and The Ten Storms. I haven’t been too interested collecting all tier pieces until now, simply because I don’t have the bank space for it. With the incoming void storage this problem will hopefully be solved. No matter how much I clean up and organise, it’s hard for me to keep bags, both actual bags and the bank ones, neater than this:

In my bags I carry my offspec hear and a full set of pvp gear, a collection of items and armor I like to play with when I’m bored and of course the needed potion, reagents and mats. In my bank, pretty much the same, everything I don’t use on a daily basis is sent to bank alt, but there are things I want to keep close for different reasons, mostly sentimental ones. So void storage will be good.

I have been running Molten Core (tier 1 sets) and Blackwing Lair (tier 2 sets) recently, and have about half set of each. I think that I will be less bored with the upcoming transmogrification (seriously, who picked that name??) change, since armor and how it looks on your character have always been one of the things I appreciate the most in this game. Molten Core can definitely be 2 manned by 2 dps’ers, doesn’t hurt if at least one of them is a tank or have the ability to throw some heals. Can probably be soloed my most classes also, at least if you are the lucky owner of some nice gear and / or skills. Blackwing Lair should require at least 3 players, although I think it would work out better with 4+.

It’s pretty fun, fast and easy and apart from tier pieces drops of bosses there are boe blue items, gold, cloth and quite a few valuable items of interest. A very nice thing to do outside raids. I have noticed people are slightly stressed and trying to get all their armor sets before October, when patch 4.3 is expected. I don’t understand this, getting everything ready before it has even started? I’ll be happy if I can put on tier 2 or 2 set at release, but will spend time after hunting for more armor that can make my shammy look even more tasty than now (if that’s even possible).

Fun fun fun! Thanks Blizz 😀