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So yesterday patch 4.2, Firelands, was released. Usually, when there has been a patch with new content, I have been really interested in exploring everything with it. This time, hmm, not that much. Have I reached a point of my wow career where I no longer get excited about new things? It didn’t bother me that I would need to be at work most of the day and be one of the last in guild to have a look at Firelands. After logging in, I didn’t feel like rushing to do the quest chain to get a new cloak, start the dailies in Hyjal or gasp at the new boe drops from trash runs. It just didn’t, and still doesn’t, feel…fun.

I am not planning on quitting game. Not really even considered it. I have felt like this before, and it has passed. I know it will pass this time, too. My enjoyment of game time have up and downhills, I only wish that patch day would take me to uphill. Sadly, it didn’t.

Our  25man raiding team have looked better, but also worse. At least we have managed to get some 25man up and running lately, thanks to new recruits, some people coming back from breaks etc. I am an officer in my guild, and sometimes that can suck a lot of fun from the game. I would sometimes like to log on right before raid start, being told where to go and what to do, being giving a flask and food and, lean back and enjoy the raid. Read forum posts that interested me, reply to them if I felt like it, if not move on. While not raiding, just hide on an alt and do my own things. Of course I can do this every now and then, but I also get a lot of questions, about anything, dkp, recruiting, trials, guild bank, guild progress, people in guild not being happy with someone / something, raids, sign ups, forum, things that are usually easily solvable, but things that still take a certain amount of time.

Perhaps I am taking it too serious, I probably am. But, with Firelands and new raid bosses releases, I feel more pressure than joy. We must make sure we kill new bosses within reasonable time. Must not get too far behind. My guild will never be realm first in anything, we are not hardcore, but for a long time after Cataclysm we were among top ten 25man raiding guilds on server, something that got slightly messed up the moment we started doing heroic modes. I am not too worried about that, but at the same time I want us to keep up with similar guilds, maybe get hands of some more good recruit to strengthen team.

Anyway. These are probably the reasons why I have mixed feeling about a new raid. On the other side, killing Magmaw or Halfus was getting just as fun as poking myself in the eye with a pencil. So I am ready for new head banging. I have done a few trash runs in Firelands already, I like how the zone is outdoor. Pretty huge, hostile, lava all over, fiery mobs, well everything to go with its name really. So far, not too much cc needed, but some mobs hit hard and are also very melee unfriendly. Good thing I can stay at range and watch. Sometimes you just need to sacrifice a rogue. Or three!

Boe epics (list over trash drops here) seem to drop at same rate as on trash im BoT, so I can imagine there will be several incidents of ninja qq’ing in trade chat with all the pugs going on trashruns. Oh, the safety of going with a guild. Priceless. Tonight we will have our first try on a boss on 25man mode, and Shannox is our target. Any thoughts on Firlands yet?






Winner of Winged Guardian

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Around Azeroth

…is Shax! As much as I would like to buy everyone a lion, I don’t think my bank account would agree, so for now the lion goes to Shax. I don’t know him, but he mentioned his favourite mount is  the Crusader’s White Warhorse, that is no longer obtainable. Maybe glowing lion will be a decent replacement for now? Hope so.

I chose the comment from Random line picker, so no cheating ofc 🙂

I hope you, Shax, will write to me on and confirm your e-mail so I can send you the code for the mount. Grats and thanks again to all who joined in. ♥


Some of them obtainable from long time rep farming, , blood, sweat and tears, while others you can get from exploring the map or simply eating loads of candy. No matter what kind of wow player you are, chances are you have quite a few titles already. My first title was “Merrymaker” that came with the Christmas event, not long after WotLK release. I missed out on both Champion of the Naaru and Hand of Adal, mostly due to the fact that I wasn’t aware of them, achievements and titles were fairly new before Wrath times.

Tribeca the Starcaller

I have all the world event achievements now, and even though I was very found of “Love Fool” for a while, it didn’t take long before I devoted my attention to the raid titles that came ticking in. Cool, shiny, wonderful and in many cases very hard to get, being almost without exception linked to an achievement. My favorite title is the one I am wearing still, among about 30 others, Starcaller. I think it’s so pretty, in fact of the titles that reminds me a bit of saga names, appeal to me. Crusader. Shattered Sun. Astral Walker. Must be the spiritual shaman in me, combined with my adoration for paladins and their holy light.

There is, for now, only one title that will bump Starcaller down, and that’s Light of Dawn. As I said, light seems to attract me, and I also think it would be an honour to my guild, Crescent Dawn. So lately I have been trying to join in on Lich King 25 Heroic pugs, with no luck so far. However, I got a whisper today from achievement seeker nr 1 on server, Marty, well-known for arranging successful pugs. He has put Lick King down to rest the heroic way ages ago, but he is after his mount, Invincible. So Friday a handful of chosen players are going back to the frozen throne, hopefully I will return with a new shiny title. Which title do you have? Anyone you would really like to get?

Also want to say thank you to everyone who are participating in the Winged Guardian contest, I will draw a random name from a virtual hat around 19 tonight. So still not to late to enter, and good luck 🙂

I was excited when Blizzard released their first Blizz store mount, the celestial steed. Bit of a Spectral Tiger look, which happens to be on list of most wanted mounts! However, I’ve never felt I could let my self spend$500 and more, which is what it sells for on e-bay and other wow items sites. No matter how  cool it looks like, I can’t say it would be worth half  a monthly rent. I have settled with the celestial steed which is shiny and sparkly, and since it binds to your account, I have been using it on my alt newly dinged 20 alts, since it looks a lot smoother than a bumpy elek, for example.

My list of most wanted mount. More or less up to date.

The new blizz store mount is the Winged Guardian, a flying lion with glowing paws and wings. It has been subject of a lot of qq in trade chat, just like last time. Ok, so you don’t want to spend real money on a mount, that’s fine. But why can’t people let the ones who actually do, just do it and enjoy their lion? It is really worse than buying anything else? Clothes, movies, books? The mount is (and I have now been looking for the Euro symbol for 10 minutes on keyboard, it’s gone!) 20 Euros, not enough reason to cause massive trade spam for imo.

Enough blah blah, how can I win?

I have bought it, and I think it looks really good. It is perhaps not the Ashes of Al’ar, which is my oh-oh-oh-want-so-badly-mount, but you can’t have it all, right? I think the lion love should be shared, and if you are a mount lover and want this one in your collection without paying for it, here’s your chance! Only requirement to win the Winged Guardian is that you are an active wow player and promise to take it out flying once in a while. Simply make a comment below and tell me which mount is your favourite one, either one you already have or the one you (so far) never got. *sniff, Al’ar*. At the end of the week I’ll draw one name and it might be yours 😀