First 25 man. Shiny BC times.

This was easy and hard at the same time. Easy because I knew exactly which moment it was, hard because I, as you know, like to add pictures to my blog posts, and in this case that meant digging into the screenshots on my old computer. It has been gathering dust in my storage room for the last nine months, but more important, last time I tried turning it on all I got was a disk crash followed by a blue screen and a loud noise. Made me so frightened that I unplugged the whole thing and ignored it. Untill now.

Determined to rescue my screenshot I managed to run a disk repair from safe mode and fixed everything, go me! Only took me 2 hours, 1 red bull,  7 sneezes (Dust. Loads of it) and 756 webpages googled (I now know what Chkdsk is! How amazing is that!).

I found my 440 Mb of WoW screenshots which are now nicely stored on my new computer. The picture above is taken from my very first 25 man raid. It was March 2008, I had a brand new appartement, computer and a guild, all in one week. My hunter skills were not really very developed, and I have to admit, I had no idea what rl meant when he kept telling me to md. Huh? Finally found it in my spell book and proudly cast it on the shadow priest. Wasn’t asked to do it much after that. I freaked out big-time when I was told to range tank one of the adds on Maulgar fight, luckily my fellow hunter, the lovely Solsikke guided me through it and together we ranged tanked as pros.

Gruul himself was also one-shotted, he even had t4 legs for me. I fell in love with the concept of 25 raiding after this night and have been ever since.

Speaking of memories, on old computer I found loads of things I forgot I had. Music, pictures, documents. Even a file with imported files from the computer I had even before that one, some of them went 10 years back. Was indeed a walk down memory lane, some good, some bad. But in either way they made me feel kinda good. Things might not have gone exactly the way I planned and I haven’t accomplished all the things I thought I would, but I am usually happy and laugh more than I cry. Way more!

Lost and found on old hard drives


  1. Saga says:

    Oh I remember good ol’ Maulgar.. Feels like ages ago *lol* I never had to do the range tanking thankfully (we used a mage) but I remember having to chain fear one of his other adds *sigh* The bane of being a Warlock.. or something..

    I miss fights where other people than tanks got to tank though. I remember tanking Leotheras in SSC as a Warlock – and it’s just fun with something other than the usual warrior/dk/druid/paladin.

    • Tribeca says:

      We also used a mage for one of the adds, but thus was for the shaman add I think.. Not sure, I didn’t know much back then. I also remember I had to run back and forth between boss and the orb thingies at maggys. That was so fun. Good times.

  2. Qrt says:

    Ohyesindeed!!! Do i remember us wiping in a magnificent and not quite so magnificent manner, hehe…. Well, the guild spirit was imba back in the day i remember. Even to this day as assistant guild leader and in charge of the recruitment, i try to go for the people that can help contributing to the “social aspect” in a manner that resembles the good old Night Watch. So if you should at some point find yourself looking for a social raiding guild, don’t hesitate to come have a chat with me hun 🙂

  3. Qrt says:

    Jeh, kinda new that the chances are small for me seeing your letters in green but it’s important for me to know that you know that the possibility is there if things should for some reason change, and that you know you’ll be welcomed with open arms 🙂

  4. alacranmex says:

    It was definitely worth it to rescue those old screenshots.

    What’s up with the skiing? I haven’t in years- not much skiing in Mexico!

  5. trey L says:

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