20 days of wow- yes, again!

Posted: March 9, 2011 in 20 Days Challenge
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I read blogs for the person writing, rather than for the information (though of course information is nice too). But for example, I read several druid blogs despite the fact that I don’t play a druid – I just really enjoy the writing and the person behind the blog


Some time ago I decided to do this “20 days of wow” Challenge, which was a really good idea and initiative I think. However, I kinda failed on following up on that, and now everyone else is done with it and, well… I feel a bit too behind to keep it up. That’s why I was happy when sweet Saga made a new blog challenge. This one is also called 20 days of WoW, how about that! I can just sneak into that one and pretend that was the one I was doing in the first place /nod. Saga’s is a slightly different, though, cause it’s more personal and not only about the game itself, more about the person behind the blog, which I thought was very nice.

The first day of the challenge is called “Introduction“, which I will keep rather short since I, in an outburst of narcissism managed to write half a novel on the “about me” page. Guess I can add, (maybe just to remind myself that I do have some more knowledge than shaman healing), I have a strange mix of education behind me, I have graduated from both a French and a Norwegian college, so my exams papers are a nice mess in two different languages which is always fun explaining when I need to use those papers for anything. I have a university degree in film history where I wrote a big essay on the Coen brothers movies (if I need to watch “Barton Fink” one more time my head will explode), I also have a degree in history where I focused on prostitution in Norway during the 1800’s. Some years of veterinairy studies on top of that with random classes of French, Russian and philosophy makes me…uhm? Not much? For the time being I have a job where I do absolutely none of the above. But I am very happy about it!

I am from Norway, born in Oslo, but  have moved around a lot around, some with family and some alone, some in Norway and some abroad in a few different countries. Which have made me, at least I think so, quite flexible and adaptable. Got the brilliant idea of moving to Sweden some years ago, and for the first time I really missed my country, so feels good to be back. I love the place I am living at now, sort of like a green, lush oasis separated from the center of Oslo, but only 10 minutes away.

I consider myself and my life pretty boring, so when people say they think I am fun to be with, I always feel like turning around to see who the hell they are talking to. Of course I play too much WoW, I guess my own wow blog is one of the few places it’s actually ok to admit that. I still enjoy the content, the raids and all the little random things you can do, but of course the main reason I still play is the social one. I really love my guild and  have met many great people through this game, some have come and gone, some have come and gone and come back, some I have met in real life. I was happy when Blizz added Real-Id, and if for some reasons all my contacts should leave wow the same day, that would be the day I quit playing. Hopefully that wont be the case anytime soon, so looking forward to more play time, not to mention creatingmore or less interesting blog posts about it 😉

Ps. All you different people saying I look weird / tired / different in the picture- ARGH! I’m not wearing make-up, dammit! :p

  1. Saga says:

    That’s an impressive list of credentials!

    I take it you speak French as well then? 🙂 My sister did her final year of High School in France and she says it was the worst year of her life *lol* She was alone, with no family and the French students weren’t really interested in making friends with her. But at the same time she wouldn’t undo it because she really found it an experience.

    For me, I lived 7 years in The Netherlands, never did manage to learn to speak the language fluently though. I guess I’ll stick to English for my second language 😛

  2. Tribeca says:

    Hello Saga,

    Thank you 🙂
    And yes, that’s EXACTLY how my time was too, really the worst year lol. I cried every day I think. Every morning on my way to school I passed this famous bridge where romantic couples were kissing and cuddling, or families lining up in front of the camera and I felt soooo lonely.

    Was a good experience though, and at least I learned French 😀

    • Ruri says:

      im pressing kbndiyes on my main account.. but the spells are not being casted at the other account too.. only auto attack does.. ( i need also to click on the one account sceen before pressing any keybind or something like that ) how can i fix this?

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