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My shaman has collected a few full old school tier sets, but there are other sets to go for too.  Like green sets, green as in quality of armor, not the green colour itself. My favourite colours are red and black, and I really like the combination of them as well. There are 3 mail armor sets I am trying to get now, Ironhide, Engraved and Ebonhold.

All these armor sets are in itemlevel range  50-60, meaning they can drop from any mob in any level 55-60 zone. Now, you can of course run around in Silithus or Winterspring and kill everything you see, but chances are you’ll be far into Panda expansion before you have gathered all the pieces. Auction house would be your best chance of collecting these, it will take some time and luck, but not unbearable. Now, they will probably look very differently on male characters, but most of them play female toons anyway, right? 😀