It’s that time again…

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Around Azeroth
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…the Halloween event! Even though I got the hallowed title yeaaaars ago, I’m still excited. Well at least a little bit. You see, the Headless Horseman’s mount happens to be on my Mount Wish List (#4, to be more exact), and I am 100 % certain I will be a genuinely happier person with this mount. World will seem brighter, sun will shine, I will stop spending money on stuff I don’t need and will go to bed earlier. For sure. /Nod.

Torje showing off

At least this year, just like recent events, you can use the dungeon finder for it and you get a goodie bag once a day. If there’s no mount there, good luck next day, no need to keep trying. Of course half of Bronzebeard don’t know this so they keep queuing and queuing for nothing but lousy rings and go bananas when they get the “you’ve entered too many instances” thing.

I didn’t even see it drop last year, or the year before that. The only time it dropped was when I declined an invite because I was busy eating noodles! Argh. Still blaming my brother who didn’t want to wait. I am glad it went to Torje though, he has used it well afterwards.

Last year the excitement quickly turned into pure annoyance, I did the damn thing at least 30 times. Each day. For two weeks. That’s 420 times, and we all know Scarlet Monastery graveyard is NOT 420- worthy. Actually went a bit loco at that time now that I think about it, cause I caught myself shouting “Heres my body fit and pure! Now your blackened souls I’ll cure!” while showering. To myself. Out load. That’s what he yells, the headless horseman. Or was is horseless headman? We have two weeks to find out, starting now. For those else who want it ( who doesn’t want a horse with flaming feet anyway??), good luck!

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