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… I would have gone for something colourful and shiny. Isn’t that what plate is all about? Knight in shining armour and all? Anyway. While most people prefer transmogrifying their armor into tier pieces and other exclusive sets, the green items can look just as nice on. I have put down quite a few BoE plate armour sets for warrior, paladin and death knight transmogrification. Since you can’t wear plate before level 40, there are obviously none ower level armour to show. The green armour sets also get fewer and less exciting the higher level you reach, for the simple reason that you don’t enter end-game content with greens. At least you shouldn’t!

29 Green Armour BoE Sets (Click to enlarge):

Itemlevel 40-55:

Above: Warbringer’s Plate. Saltstone Plate. Symbolic Plate. Tyrant’s Plate. Bloodforged Plate

Above: Sunscale Plate. Ornate Mithril Battlegear. Overlord’s Plate. Jade Plate. Revenant Plate

Itemlevel 55-65:

Above: Templar Plate. Emerald Plate. Warleader’s Plate. Glorious Plate. Exalted Plate. Commander’s Plate.

Above: Lofty Plate. Vanguard Plate. Runic Battlegear. Imbued Plate. Thorium Battlegear. Hyperion Plate

Itemlevel 60-105:

Above: Bloodscale Plate. Fel iron Plate. Bogslayer plate. Darkcrest Plate.

Itemlevel 105-160:

Above: Conqueror’s Plate. Bloodfist Plate. Halgrind Plate.

How to get them:

All these armor sets are BoE that drops from random mobs in their respective zone. Meaning an item with an itemlevel of 45 would drop in zones where level 43-50 ish mobs are to be found. This could be a pretty endless project, considering there are several pieces to each set. Running instances would surely increase drop chances since the mobs are elite with better chance of loot, but still no guarantee that your item will drop.

Best way is  frequently looking out on Auction House, there are surprisingly many that sell their BoE’s rather than disenchanting them nowadays, after transmogrification was added to game. Also, there is no need to have a full set, a mix and match with colours and armour would make you more unique and stylish! Imagination is the keyword 😀