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Today is the World Book Day! I just finished my book Lasso Rundt fra Luna of Agnar Mykle, which is a really great book. I have 5 large boxes of books in my house, but not enough book shelves to have them out. If I ever get a house I want a room where every wall is covered with books! Yes, I know that the word for that is library :p

I learned to read myself at the age of four, and have been reading lots ever since. I worked several years in a bookstore, which made me even more interested in literature. It’s really hard knowing what to tell people who come in and ask; can you recommend a good book? What I like is not necessarily what you like. When people are asked what their favourite book is they tend to answer something like the Great Gatsby, Kafka (seriously? You read the Process and thought “wow this rocks?” or anything of Paulo Coehlo. It’s like people think, “if I say I read Coelho I seem intellectual”. Although some of the  most top-selling books are Harry Potter, the Twilight Saga and the Da Vinci Code,  but no one rarely mentions these. Oh and the Bible. Apparently.

I think reading is good and you should never be embarrassed to tell anyone what your favourites are, doesn’t matter if they are shallow, pink and glossy or have deeper meanings in them.

I tried making a list of my favourites, which was hard, but I made a top 5 and will probably notice I forgot the most important ones right after posting this 🙂

Lars Saabye Christensen- Beatles. Read it first time when I was 10 and have been reading it about every other year since that. About four boys from Oslo and we follow them from the 60’s to the 70’s. It’s funny, smart, wonderful and sad.

Jack London – The call of the wild. ABout the sled dog Jack, everything is seen through his eyes.

Emily Brontë- Wuthering Heights. Well famous for its tragical love story. One of the first adult books I read, and I never get tired of it.

JRR Tolkien- Lord of the Rings. Not much to say really. Magical 🙂

Vladimir Nabokov- Lolita. A man’s obsession for young girls, especially his step-daughter Lolita. Might sound creepy, and of course it is, but… The book is so amazingly good. Movie is all right too 🙂

Do you have a favourite book? Happy Book Day!