We got our first heroic kill (Morchoc) the other night, which felt good. We killed Deathwing a while ago, into the second or third week into Dragonsoul, but haven’t really started heroic modes until now. There is of course a lot of discussion of whether Blizzard made DS too easy, both in guild and in general. I try not to get into that discussion, because to me, it actually doesn’t matter what we do as long as we have fun together. When Cata was released, people complained that it was too hard to start with, now it’s too easy, it’s not possible to keep everyone happy anyway.

I have a friend on realm who is on a very casual guild where they try to raid during weekends, but without doing all the planning and organisation that a raiding guild needs to do. She told me they had heard so much about the level of easiness in DS that her guild thought they would give it a shot and maybe clear the first bosses. Well, they killed Morchoc (10 man, normal mode), but that was after 3,5 hours and with 2 people alive. And although they could not get pass trash on next boss, they were genuinely happy for their guild. We consider Morchoc on normal as an extension of boring trash mobs, so it’s hard to understand that, but that goes both ways. Our guild is not hardcore, but most of us were geared in Firelands Heroic gear, which made us rush through normal modes pretty fast. Gear helps, but it’s not everything, we have raid leaders that do their research (or pretend very well!) and lead us through the fights. My point is that for a casual guild without any real raid leaders, knowledge of tactics and low gear on top of that, Dragonsoul might not seem so faceroll.

The heroic modes aren’t, for sure. And I am ok with that, Dragonsoul is supposed to be the last raid before Pandarien, and we will need something to do before that. Farming for the sake of farming is fun the first weeks, then it gets repetitive and ends up in a bunch of Maelstrom Crystals.

Lootship taken using Far Sight spell

We sometimes still go back to Firelands to help last guildie get her legendary staff, and I can’t say I miss it. We ended on 5/7 heroic and although it would have been great to check off the two last, I never expected it. It’s usually like that in my guild, back in SSC Lady Vashj never died. In Ulduar, we banged our heads at Mimiron hard mode but never got to Algalon. In Wrath, we killed Sindarogosa on heroic, but not Lich King. And that’s ok. I know that if I really wanted that, I need to apply to a more hardcore guild. We have been in realm top 10 or right below most of the time, there was a time where we were crap and suffered at 27th or something like that, but we bounced back. At the end, to me, it’s more important enjoying the people you play with, have a laugh and be social rather than raiding 5 nights a week and always worry about not being good enough. I complete understand the ones who do, but I just wouldn’t have time. Or would want to have time 🙂

Thoughts on Dragonsoul? Heroic modes? Missing Firelands at all?

My Firelands “video” from our time there

  1. Erinys says:

    I think having done the whole progress is all thing that “it’s more important enjoying the people you play with, have a laugh and be social ” pretty much hits the nail on the head when it comes down to what guilds should be about.

    Love your lootship pic.

  2. Dennis says:

    Clearly it’s a fact that we killed DW normal much faster then Raggy normal. So normals are easier in Dragon Soul. After a few nights on heroic it seems they at least made heroics more challenging. If I remember correctly, top guilds even on our realm killed heroic bosses in Firelands the 2nd or 3th week up to Majordomo. Dragonsoul is about 6 weeks old and only 4 guilds have only downed 2 bosses on heroic.

    Dragon Soul as a raid instance… personally I liked Firelands much better.
    And although I agree with you that having a good bunch of people is most important, the progress and look ‘n feel is almost as important to me.

    Think I’ll take a break soon and see how they make panda’s work 😉
    Although I really think they killed the lore with MoP. I mean comman panda’s vs the old gods… what did I miss? This feels even more like a cataclysm to me 🙂


  3. Syrco says:

    I think normals in DS are easy, but heroics are hard enough. We’re currently working on Warlord Zon’ozz, but got Morchok and Yor’sahj down already. Might help with the 5% buff, cause it would be fun to see and maybe down all bosses on heroic.

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