In the Old Days

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Just me
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I received this in my mail recently, and it made me very aware of how much time I spend in front on the computer, either it’s study, work or hobby related. I remember that the images on left side were the normal way to do things, not that long ago either, and now… well, I do all those things on the pc now. I came over a post on my friend Tom’s blog, and it made me smile. It’s pretty simple, you go outside when wind is strong, sit down (Tom used a chunk of ice, we used plastic bags), pull your jacket up behind you as a seal and let the wind take you forward, preferably down-hill, wiiiiiii! Great fun, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Tom’s version of ice surfing (more hardcore than ours)

I thought I was the only one playing the ice surfing game when I grew up, but maybe it’s a norwegian thing? Because my cousins, Guro and Mari (who has a blog, too!) and I, played this a lot when weather allowed it. I think I spent most of the days outdoor in general, there was not much to do inside, and we were sent out to play and make up our own games. I am actually pretty glad I didn’t have a pc while growing up, cause I was a very happy child.

So what to do, now that things have changed and I have to spend time at pc, whether I’d like to or not? Well, my last years new year’s resolution was to start going to gym, which I did. So this year it will be to continue going there. I think it’s a lot easier actually getting there in spring / summer than winter. Like today, I had to dig my car out of all the snow both before and after class. And it’s dark and cold and the sofa with the warm blanket seems sooo tempting.

Today it was spinning class, which is my absolute favourite of gym classes. The lights are off, the music is loud and even though there are 39 others in the room, it feels like it’s just you and the bike. We use pulse belts around waists, under t-shirt, and can watch our heart rate and percentage of max pulse on large monitors, and it’s all about pushing yourself to max. Sweat is dripping, legs are aching, you feel that you can’t go on, but then the trainer or even your own mind says something motivating that makes you gather all those thoughts about quitting, toss them out of the door, and just keep going! Until you exhausted notices class is ending and you can go home, wrap yourself in a robe and just feel great really. Until next time 😀

Anyone else than me spending way too much time sitting down nowadays?

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