2012, Hi!

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Just me
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A little 2011 Summary

Best purchase: Membership at gym

Worst purchase: Oooh, the shame, a “one piece”!

Stupid moment: Locked myself out and had to slide sideways into open bedroom window. In front of neighbors having giant bbq party.

Most embarrassing moment: Reaching for wallet in liquor shop and raining tampons all over counter and floor

One good night: 22nd of May, my birthday party

I will never go back to: Egypt

I will definitely go back to: Anywhere in France

Best memory: Flying to France only for one night to surprise my dad on his birthday

Worst movie seen: Sucker Punch. Never going to forgive my brother for that.

Best movie seen: Not that many “whoooaw” experiences. But one movie that made me think : Another Earth. And one that made me laugh: Brides Maids.

One sad day: Oslo after 22nd of July

What I need to work on: My rising fear of flying

Thing I regret doing: taking personal bad mood out on people who don’t deserve it

Made me happy in 2011: My family

Drove me crazy in 2011: My family

Thing I have learned the hard way: Think twice before lending friends money

Food I have eaten the most: Sushi

Food I have not had at all: Kebab

Scary moment: When my sister called me from a hotel room, heavily drugged down after accepting a drink from a stranger

Most addicted to: Pepsi Max

What people never understood in 2011: Pepsi tastes better than Coke

Said goodbye to: Mazda

Said hello to: Audi

Almost non-existing in 2011: My love life

Very too existing of 2011: Feeling lonely

I really love: My cat

Expression I used the most: Maybe Baby

Expression I should stop using: Maybe Baby

Worst imitation of 2011: Me as Arnold Schwatrzenegger “do it, do it NAOW!”

And to all the ones I know who were there for me in 2011, I love you so much. You know who you are 🙂

  1. marchr says:

    Happy new year, sweetie!

  2. .mute says:

    Wish I could make you less lonely Elise xxx.

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